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Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 19.2

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  • Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 19.2

    19.2 Update Notes:
    • Badges should again display & award correctly on Race leaderboards
    • Co-op cash earnings after round 80 should be correct again
    • Robo-Quincy performance issues with Fireworks placement animation resolved
    • Spike Factory 3xx Spiked balls can now be correctly buffed by Alchemist
    • Spike Factory 4xx & 5xx crosspaths should no longer reduce their bonus damage values
    • Boomerang 5xx and xx5 both use their correct DoT animations again
    • MK point ‘Very Shreddy’ should work as intended again
    • MK pre-game prep once again works with ‘just 1 more’ MK

    19.1 Update Notes that are included in 19.2
    • Little Kiwi Bird has migrated back to Bloody Puddles!
    • Updated Odyssey rewards screen to support more than 2 rewards at a time
    • Tapping an empty hero slot in Odyssey crew selection now swaps to the hero page
    • During tutorial Quincy no longer shows Hero Booster as it cannot be purchased yet
    • Resolved some visual issues with viewing an Odyssey as internet disconnects
    • Reworked some Odyssey handling when receiving rewards after event has ended
    • Resolved a possible crash that occurs upon selling Engineers
    • Resolved a crash for low-end devices when purchasing a trophy store item then selecting a different item before the purchase finishes processing
    • Odyssey Monkey was sent back to boot camp and now correctly lifts his sword when the boat is in motion
    • In Odyssey after clearing at least 1 island losing lives then returning to menu without winning or losing your next will no longer set the current lives in that save game to your new ‘max lives’ if you lose or restart that game
    • Improved performance of setting a new name for a monkey
    • Resolved some issues with ranking display & top 50 medal in races
    • Resolved a bug with application of the freeplay scale that begins on round 81, this was causing a number of weird issues to occur after round 80 & in sandbox (including reduced cash)
    • Resolved purchases of Red Hot Spikes only giving 1 pile (Should give 5 per 50mm)
    • Fixed Wizard's xx2 Monkey Sense upgrade translation for Portuguese
    • Fixed Druid's xx5 Avatar of Wrath upgrade translation for Portuguese

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    Finally we can enjoy coop freeplay again, niice!


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      Next update when you probably add more trophe rewards, or whatever they're called, can you add the Bloons Adventure Time TD track (or just main theme) please. Maybe as an easter egg, when you name a dart monkey Max, with the name a monkey feature, it can change skin to the Max in BATTD and the same for all the other monkeys in that game. I really like AT and I would like a part of it in BTD6.