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  • AgentCucco
    I like these ideas a lot, I honestly forget MOAB shredder exists because of how worthless it is. When I go for the third path I always just get spike storm instantly instead of playing with shredder for a while. Giving this upgrade even faster spike production would be a really good buff that actually makes it worth while (because realistically, while the moab damage is good, it doesn't do much aside from that, because when it pops the moab, the pile of spikes you had just dies to cerams and is not able to damage other moabs).

    Also really like the idea of smart spikes doing extra damage to special class bloons, maybe piercing through the fortified property? (though this may be overkill). Eitherway I agree that the second and third path can be super underwhelming, specially now with the spike ball buff. There's no real reason to go for shredder unless you're getting spike storm; and there's never been a reason to go for the third path unless you were going for perma spike. These two paths (specially the third path) are in desperate need of a buff if they want to keep up with the first path.

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  • Kookeekwisp
    started a topic Spactory rant(ory)

    Spactory rant(ory)

    Basically the patch notes are <redacted>
    Ok so apparently it doesn't just deal +1 MOAB damage, it's supposed to deal +1 damage overall, but it doesn't work if you get any crosspath. to which i say WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!? Not only does that invalidate an entire path's best upgrade, but it's so ridiculously powerful with it's pierce buff & increased MOAB damage that it doesn't deserve to exist! Seriously, stop chucking random damage buffs at towers whenever you feel like it's too weak, or in this case for no reason at all because it was fine as it was! None of this invalidates what i said anyway, so that's good.

    Before, when compared to MOAB shredr's 5 damage to it's 1 damage, that's not entirely true because Spiked balls have almost double the pierce (+7), making it equivalent to 1.7 damage to shredr's 5. So doubling it's MOAB damage makes it about 3.4 to 5, which is well over half. And with Alch buff, it's so comparable it may as well be the same tower with benefits. But against fortified MOABs, it does Literally the same amount of damage, and even more than shredr with both towers alch buffed. Alch buffed spiked balls are easily better than MOAB shredr, especially since it's +1 MOAB damage just exists to overshadow shredr in every way. Why add something that's available on another path? (funnily enough, this is still true) It makes no sense. Spiked balls were good enough as it is. If you're gonna give it a buff, give it something that doesn't clash with the other paths, or just don't touch it at all because it's good enough as it is.

    Instead, how about buffing shredr? It needs it a lot more than spiked balls, because it already has higher pierce on top of ceramic & fortified damage. Shredr used to have increased attack speed, what happened to that? if only it wasn't removed, it would be much better balanced from top path.
    Those 2 paths used to be the Dynamic Duo. One's good for MOABs, one's good for bloons. Fire & ice. Pierce & attack speed. It was so good! But now there's no reason to get shredr aside from spike storm.

    But this is BTD6, and BTD6 has a third path. It does complicate things, but i DO think it can still work this way. Now it can be the dynamic trio.
    If it follows the same theme as the duo, the third path should have an extra damage buff to certain bloon types, like for instance Camo & regen. Having a stockpile of spikes in the back specifically for leaks your towers can't catch (especially early round with smart spikes buff) makes a lot of sense, as well as a more reliable net to catch regens as they get more aggressive. (and also maybe kinda sorta letting them able to save between retries because one-and-done is just terrible terrible design)
    Now all 3 paths share the same traits without messing up the flow of things. Top has pierce, Middle attack speed, and Bottom lifespan. Top tough bloons, Middle big bloons, Bottom special bloons, but all 3 generally good for bloons. It's a perfect synergy!

    (also side-note, "far" is useless as crap, so please make it shoot furthest down each track in range so it's not 100% made of pure jank)
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