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Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 19.0

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  • Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 19.0

    New Awesomer
    • Odyssey Mode is here! Join Modysseus on an epic adventure each week!
      • Earn Trophies by completing Easy, Medium, or Hard Odysseys
      • Choose the Hero, Monkeys, and Powers that will allow you to win each map in that Odyssey
      • Uniquely themed Odyssey challenges each week
      • Odyssey badge to show off total Odyssey stars collected (find it in your Main Menu Profile)
    • Trophy Store with a ton of monkeytastic cosmetic items including:
      • Hero Pets & special Hero placement animations
      • Crazy Bloon Skins and decals
      • Awesome new Co-op Emotes of all varieties, even audio (apologies in advance!)
      • Brand new Jukebox remix tracks never heard before!
      • Signature Profile Avatars, with their own unique styles
      • Named Monkeys for Custom Tower Names & stat tracking
    • New Octojones skin for Striker Jones
    • In keeping with Odyssey, the Lotus Island beginner map, sporting some new interactive tech
    Key Notes and Other New Features
    • Double Cash mode will now apply in co-op mode for players who own it!
    • Odyssey Notes:
      • Odyssey has been a long time coming - we wanted to make it as variable and customizable as possible at launch, with extensible systems that allow it to evolve update to update; thanks, awesomer community, for your requests and patience!
      • Trophy rewards do not stack from difficulty to difficulty - the 50 Trophies from Hard difficulty is the maximum, so if you play Easy and win 15, then play Medium which has a 25 Trophy base reward, you will only get the 10 Trophy delta between those two reward levels
      • Badge stars also do not stack - the 5 stars from Hard is the maximum per Odyssey; we made both of these design calls so players do not feel compelled to play all 3 Odysseys to maximize rewards or bragging rights - play all 3 only if you’ll have fun doing that!
      • Powers can be purchased in-game up to the value that you put into your Crew loadout; for instance, you don’t have to have 5 Supermonkey Storms to allocate 5 to your Crew loadout and doing that gives you the option to buy up to that Crew allocated number if you find that you need them
      • A few things that work differently for Odyssey - no freeplay, no replays of completed maps or difficulties, and no co-op; our goal was to keep Odyssey purely focused on challenging, multi-map, single-player adventures - then evolve from there
    • Trophy Store Notes:
      • Trophy Store has also been a long time coming, ever since we introduced Trophies in Races - some of you knew they’d be good for something!
      • Races and Odysseys are the only way to obtain Trophies in the game
      • We started with a wide range of Store items so that any stockpiled Trophies could be put to good use, but for all but the top Racers there should be plenty of items to go after
      • Intent is to offer a smaller set of new Trophy Store items with most Updates
      • We look forward to your feedback about which items you’d like to see more of!
      • Remember you can mute co-op emotes if you are tired of seeing (and hearing!) them
      • The Bloon skins currently only apply to the base blimps and don't affect any fortified versions
    • Named Monkeys Notes:
      • This Trophy Store item allows players to name the first monkey of each tower type
      • Once named you can see certain related stats for that particular monkey
      • The named monkey is always the first monkey of that tower type placed in a game and will continue to track lifetime stats even if you change the name
      • Heroes cannot be named and subsequent monkeys of a given tower type cannot be named
    • In relation to both Odyssey reward values and player feedback on Race rewards, we have increased the top Race Trophy rewards and included a new Top 50 category for more granularity between the Top 1% and the Top 3
    • The Hero Booster IAP has been removed, and instead has been replaced with an option to boost your current hero up to level 10 for a Monkey Money cost. The price of this item will be reduced if you already have levels on your hero, and is not available after level 10
    • Towers should now record separate Damage and Cash counters & many will display both of these values in the UI now and we’ll look into adding trickier cash counting cases in future updates
    Bug Fixes & General Changes
    • Lifetime Trophies stat now records in player stats
    • Resolved an issue where users could create a bugged co-op lobby
    • Resolved a co-op issue where interactable objects would cause a desync
    • Various localization fixes including rules button on pause menu
    • Resolved some issues with Hero placement animations when starting at level 3 from monkey knowledge
    • Reworked starting and loading saves in apopalypse with some new UI
    • Some general spell-checking of our descriptions...
    • In player stats Co-op Pops & Cash Gifted should no longer have the same display value
    • Resolved an issue where selling towers could cause their pops to be displayed on another tower
    • Events time rounding will no longer cause them to sometimes display ‘ending 2 day’
    • Achievements related to completing games with one monkey type are fixed
    • Single player stats should no longer be reset between loading saves
    • Local co-op lobbies will no longer disappear from your list while players are still in the lobby if the host leaves
    • DDT Camo now applies correctly in all game modes
    • Spillway track will no longer crash upon loading

    Tack Shooter
    • 5xx Inferno Ring no longer has ‘close’ targeting

    Monkey Sub
    • x3x Ballistic Missile’s splash should no longer hit Camo without Camo Detection

    Monkey Buccaneer
    • 420 Buccaneer no longer gains camo detection after loading from a save
    • x4x MOAB Takedown abilities from 2 seperate buccaneer should no longer sometimes target the same target when activated at the same time

    Monkey Ace
    • Monkey Ace shouldn’t cause as many desyncs on Geared

    Sniper Monkey
    • Should no longer have extended range when brew buffed and transformed by alchemist

    Heli Pilot
    • Heli will no longer lock rotation sometimes when locked in place

    Super Monkey
    • 1xx Laser Blasts no longer shoots through some obstacles
    • xx4 and xx5 Super Monkey should no longer link with a techbot

    Spike Factory
    • x40 Spike Storm no longer gains a pointless targeting option

    Monkey Farmer
    • Once again has a ‘banana’ symbol instead of damage.
    • Non-functional ‘i’ button was removed

    Pre-Game Prep
    • Road spikes should correctly gain +1 spike from the ‘Just One More’ knowledge
    Balance Changes

    Boomerang Monkey
    • xx4 MOAB Press price increased from $1,800 -> $2,000
    • xx5 MOAB Domination can now target but not Stun or Knockback BADs
    • xx5 MOAB Domination’s secondary boomerang will now explode instead of returning
      • Impact damage of 100
      • Radius of 50 increased to 75 with 205 Glaives
      • Pierce of 20 increased to 30 with 205 Glaives
      • Burn application of 50 damage per second for 4 seconds

    Sniper Monkey
    • 220 Large Calibre increases Shrapnel Shot fragment damage from 1 -> 2
    • 320 Deadly Precision increases Shrapnel Shot fragment damage from 2 -> 4
    • 420 Maim MOAB increases Shrapnel Shot fragment damage from 3 -> 6
    • 520 Cripple MOAB increases Shrapnel Shot fragment damage from 5 -> 12

    Monkey Sub
    • x3x Ballistic Missile range reduced from 60 -> 50
    • 031 Ballistic Missile crosspath's fire rate reduced from 1.275 -> 1.3125
    • 032 Ballistic Missile crosspath's fire rate reduced from 0.75 -> 0.984375

    Heli Pilot
    • xx4 Comanche Defense price reduced from $10,000 -> $8,500

    Wizard Monkey
    • 4xx Arcane Spike price increased from $10,000 -> $10,900

    Druid - (Missing from last Patch Notes)
    • x2x Heart of Oak now allows the Lightning, Whirlwind & Ball Lightning attacks to remove the regrow property from any Bloons they hit

    Spike Factory
    • 3xx Spiked Balls damage increased from 1 -> 2

    Pat Fusty
    • Lv 3 Rallying Roar buff duration reduced from 7s -> 5s
    • Lv 14 Rallying Roar buff duration reduced from 12s -> 10s
    • Lv 3 Rallying Roar cooldown increased from 40s -> 45s

    • Level 10 Mega Mine now properly has a lifespan
    • Level 10 Mega Mine can now be supported by a Techbot

    Monkey Knowledge
    • Bank Deposits: Deposits do not gain income until 1 round after being deposited
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    But we can't see the bonus cash earned by the Monkey Town's upgrade, the druid's jungle bounty and for the Alchemist lead/rubber to gold incomes
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      This is the second time they directly messed with 20x boomerang and didn't fix the glaring issue with the main attack
      Favorite Tower: SPIKE FACTORY!


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        Amazon app store release date?


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          Thought i'd post here too, the patch notes are wrong and doesn't specify spiked balls deal MOAB damage
          Favorite Tower: SPIKE FACTORY!


          • Salmon
            Salmon commented
            Editing a comment
            I'll get in contact with Tarn and have him fix anything that might be wrong. Anything else you want to point out that might be off?

          • TarnNK
            TarnNK commented
            Editing a comment
            Thanks! It looks like the Very Shreddy MK is making all paths do +1 to moab and not just the middle path.

          • Kookeekwisp
            Kookeekwisp commented
            Editing a comment
            I don't actually have that MK yet, and it definitely isn't bloon dmage because i tested specifically that

            -HOLD ON! Upon further testing, it does do +1 bloon damage, but only without any crosspathing, and it still does +1 MOAB damage without knowledge.
            It also seems to deal only 2 MOAB damage no matter the crosspath

            I'd like to make sure i say this though, i am VERY much against giving spiked balls more damage. There's an upgrade on another path that does exactly that, but costs way more, and has no extra pierce or other damage. Adding that to spiked balls would just be way too powerful with that and more.
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