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Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 18.0

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  • Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 18.0

    Awesome New Features
    • New water based Hero, Admiral Brickell
    • 2 Awesome New Maps
      • Expert - Flooded Valley
      • Intermediate - Bazaar
    • 2 New Monkey Knowledges
      • Bank Deposits - Invest money into your banks to kickstart them
      • Ambidextrous Rangs - Allow Boomerangs to swap their throwing hand
    Key Features
    • Added codeless ‘Local’ Matchmaking to co-op for users connected over the same wifi
    • Added Player Profiles, with lifetime records of your accomplishments.
      • Players can view their own profiles, by interacting with a new avatar on the main menu, and pick up to 7 unique stats to share for anyone viewing the profile
      • Other players will be able to view these shared stats on player profile popups found on leaderboards & in co-op lobbies.
    • Added Player Stats recording to profiles & victory callouts to singleplayer games
    • Insta Monkey collection pages now list your total collected # out of all 64 for each tower
    Bug Fixes & General Changes
    • Updated the text on the pre-game ‘update’ prompt
    • Resolved some update messages not linking back to the correct store page
    • Increased resolution for some victory callouts that were too small
    • Resolved issues with some towers clipping their projectiles over their heads
    • Resolved some localization issues with Jukebox
    • Swapping hero skin then loading save should no longer desync the portrait and model
    • Resolved some UI panels displaying at incorrect times
    • Hero upgrade pages should display the correct level when viewed in game now
    • Resolved some issues with viewing challenge rules
    • Monkey Star Portrait in victory callout should display correctly
    • Achievement images on low-resolution devices should appear slightly less compressed now.
    • Resolved an issue with UI panels appearing when they should not
    • Optimized some code in the jukebox
    • It should not be possible anymore to ‘miss’ an unlock if the game crashes on an unlock screen
    • Resolved some placement issues on Candy Falls
    • Default music for the map Logs has been set to Sunset Samba
    • Square towers place correctly on Frozen Over again

    Boomerang Monkey
    • 400 Boomerang Monkey’s X is back on the hood

    Bomb Shooter
    • 3xx and 4xx Descriptions updated to reflect range and frag changes

    Sniper Monkey
    • x5x Elite Targeting has had an issue resolved where it was measuring track distance off-screen and thus triggering much later than intended on most maps

    Monkey Sub
    • 2xx Advanced Intel no longer permanently breaks after being placed back down from a Door Gunner. Note that intel itself still can not apply when used as a Door Gunner

    Monkey Buccaneer
    • x4x Monkey Pirates description updated & translated

    Heli Pilot
    • x4x Towers in-transit from one location to another will no longer be sold when a platform that was supporting them is moved or destroyed
    • x4x Redeploy should always drop onto the correct layer now
    • x4x Selling a Support Chinook will no longer occasional randomly sell other towers
    • x4x Support Chinook will no longer crash the game attempting to redeploy an Arctic Wind monkey onto its own frozen platform

    Wizard Monkey
    • 040 Phoenix can no longer be sacrificed to a temple if it flies over the top

    Super Monkey
    • xx4 Dark Champion’s drop-down prompt for Darkshift updated to read ‘any valid location’

    • 5xx Permabrew’s buff will no longer be removed from all buffed towers when the alchemist is crosspathed
    • Berserker Brew, Stronger Stimulant and Permanent Brew now have different buff icons
    • x3x Unstable Concoction now works correctly

    • x5x Spirit of the Forest description updated

    Banana Farm
    • x3x Banks ‘collect’ buttons are now correctly translated

    Monkey Village
    • Primary Training, Mentoring and Expertise now all have different buff icons
    • Primary Mentoring/Expertise should no longer fail to apply their buffs sometimes when towers in range are on lower heights

    • Some descriptions updated to match current values

    Striker Jones
    • Some descriptions updated to match current values

    Captain Churchill
    • MOAB Barrage will no longer target ‘Last’ with the majority of projectiles.

    Pat Fusty
    • Some descriptions updated to match current values

    • Vengeful Joan of Arc Adora should use her Vengeful voice correctly at all times

    Monkey Knowledge
    • Mana Shield description updated
    • A number of ‘first time’ knowledge points that were being lost if unused before loading a save should now correctly save
    Balance Changes

    Dart Monkey
    • Crossbow Master reworked so that 205 is roughly equal in power to the old 025
    • The 025 variation will now offer even faster attack speed but with much less pierce
    • xx5 Crossbow Master fire rate increased from 0.2375s to 0.16
    • xx5 Crossbow Master pierce reduced from 23 to 10
    • 105 Crossbow Master pierce increased by +6 to 16
    • 205 Crossbow Master pierce increased by +7 to 23

    Boomerang Monkey
    • 204 Boomerang now increases the Knockback power of MOAB Press by 50%

    Bomb Shooter
    • x1x Bomb Shooter fire rate buff Increased from +20% to +25%
    • x2x Bomb Shooter fire rate buff from +15% to +20%
    • 302 Bomb Shooter increases radius of Frags from 2 -> 3
    • 302 Bomb Shooter increases pierce of Frags from 1 -> 2
    • 302 Bomb Shooter increases lifespan of Frags from 0.191‬ -> 0.257
    • 402 Bomb Shooter increases damage of Frags from 1 -> 2
    • 402 Bomb Shooter increases lifespan of Frags from 0.191‬ -> 0.322

    Tack Shooter
    • x2x Super Range Tacks now increases pierce by +1
    • x3x Blade Shooter does not benefit from this increased pierce

    Monkey Sub
    • 410 Submerged Reactor Sub gains 20% increased pierce from 70 -> 84
    • 420 Submerged Reactor Sub gains increased damage to Lead +1
    • 301 Submerge and Support Sub gains increased pulse rate 1.5s -> 1.275
    • 302 Submerge and Support Sub gains increased pulse rate 1.5s -> 0.95625
    • 401 Submerged Reactor Sub gains increased damage pulse rate 0.3s -> 0.255
    • 402 Submerged Reactor Sub gains increased damage pulse rate 0.3s -> 0.19125
    • 1xx Monkey Sub range increase increased from 8 -> 10
    • 1xx Monkey Sub increases the range of Ballistic Missile
    • x3x Ballistic Missile price reduced from $1,500 -> 1,400
    • x3x Ballistic Missile Ceramic+ damage increased from 5 -> 6
    • x3x Monkey Sub range increased from 42 to 60
    • x3x Ballistic Missile range reduced to 60, matching the regular sub attack
    • 230 Ballistic Missile attack gains full map coverage
    • 031 Ballistic Missile attack rate increased from 1.5s -> 1.275
    • 032 Ballistic Missile attack rate increased from 1.5s -> 0.75
    • xx5 Sub Commander now applies 2x damage to Energizer & Ballistic Missiles
    • xx5 Sub Commander increases Lead bonus of 420 Reactor Sub from 1 to 2
    • xx5 Sub Commander increases Energizer damage by 2x
    • xx5 Sub Commander increases Ballistic Missile Multi-HP Bloon damage from 6 to 12
    • xx5 Sub Commander increases damage of Pre-Emptive Strike from 750 to 1500

    Monkey Buccaneer
    • 4xx Aircraft Carrier planes each gain a homing MOAB missile with an attack rate of 3s, Radius 30, Pierce 3, Damage 15.
    • 5xx Carrier Flagship projectile speed for all plane attacks increased +100%
    • 5xx Carrier Flagship darts from planes deal increased ceramic damage +3
    • 5xx Carrier Flagship homing MOAB missiles upgraded to Rate 1.5s, Pierce 4, Damage 30
    • 5xx Carrier Flagship’s 15% attack rate buff expanded to now also benefit Monkey Ace in addition to Water Towers.

    Heli Pilot
    • xx4 Comanche Defense will now instead spawn 1 Comanche the first time any Bloon crosses 25% of the track each round.
    • xx4 Will also spawn 2 additional Comanche at 50% of the track. If the first Comanche is still on screen it’s duration will be refreshed and only 1 extra will spawn
    • xx4 Will also spawn 3 additional Comanche at 75% of the track. If the 2nd set of Comanche are still on screen their duration will be refreshed and only 1 extra will spawn
    • Comanche will now spawn from the side of the map closest to where the triggering Bloon is located
    • Comanche spawn movespeed now increased to always be 30 more than the speed of the main Comanche Defense tower (45 + 30 for 75).
    • 024 Comanche Defense will also apply increased flight speed to spawned Comanche
    • xx5 Mini Comanche will load in under the main Commander when loading a save instead of at the edge of the screen
    • The tiers for the xx1 Faster Darts and xx2 Faster Firing upgrades have been swapped

    Mortar Monkey
    • xx5 Blooncineration’s Walls of Fire can now detect Camo Bloons

    Wizard Monkey
    • 120 Wizard now uses tower targeting priority to guide the Wall of Fire
    • x2x Wall of Fire pierce reduced from 20 -> 15
    • 021 Wall of Fire pierce increased from 15 -> 20
    • xx4 Necromancer Wizards now each have their own personal ‘graveyard’ of 500 capacity rather than 1 shared pool of 2000
    • xx4 Necromancer Wizards will display their current graveyard size above their portrait next to their pop count. Any Bloons popped within the Shimmer radius of a Necromancer can be absorbed into that graveyard, but 1 pop will not fill more than 1 graveyard.
    • xx4 Necromancer Wizards will now be able to retain any Bloons in their graveyard for 1 extra round before expiring
    • xx4 Necromancer Wizard’s Zombie lifespan increased from 8 -> 10
    • xx4 Necromancer Wizard’s Zombie spawn rate is increased by a flat 10% for every 100 Bloons in the grave reaching a maximum of double attack speed at 500 capacity.
    • xx5 Prince of Darkness Graveyard Capacity increased to 2000

    Banana Farm
    • xx3 Marketplace now produces an additional 4 bananas
    • xx4 Central Market banana value increased from 20 -> 70
    • xx4 Central Market no longer produces an additional $900 chunk at end of round

    • 4xx Sentry Expert’s Boom Sentry blast radius increased 12 -> 18
    • 4xx Sentry Expert’s Boom Sentry attack rate increased 1.4 -> 1.3

    Obyn Greenfoot
    • Obyn’s level 2 buff of +1 pierce now only applies to Druids
    • Obyn’s level 11 added bonus of +2 pierce to this buff still applies to all magic towers
    • These bonuses will both stack together on Druids at level 11

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    With the addition of a new hero that specifically requires water, now would be a good time to add the ability to change your hero after you join a Co-op game. Just a thought


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      Reading over the balance patches, there's so much stuff that I didn't even know was needed, but is SO greatly appreciated. Especially the balancing of the Necromancer upgrade to Wizards. Maybe now they won't be so overrated. I definitely like the balancing of the Crossbow Master as well. Definitely more intuitive to the upgrades. Loving the balance notes on the Naval towers as well, making more sense, buffing the top route to the Buccaneer tower, which is usually underappreciated, I think the buffs to it will definitely give it a little more shine. ALSO! The next time you guys add a new tower, here's to hoping it's the iconic Dartling Gunner! I already have a few posts on a couple threads regarding it that I think could really be worth checking out for some input that I think would do it some decent justice.


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        We need to be able to add players as friends in game and not threw facebook, People still use facebook ? I played with a guy yesterday and he was really good. I wish I could've added him so we can p lm ay in the future.