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PLEASE - Give us back our Fast-Track option!

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  • PLEASE - Give us back our Fast-Track option!

    [I don't know if the devs read this forum or if there is somewhere else I'm to post official requests?]

    At a certain player level (50+), or for a certain amount of Monkey Money ($5000), I think we should be able to unlock the "Fast-Track" option like existed in BTD5. You can elect to start the match at round 20, with the equivalent amount of cash earned.

    When playing 2 player co-op with my friend we mostly just played through all the maps on Hard difficulty. But for completionist sake, we decided to start going through on easy, and presumably we will do medium later. But my goodness, going through map after map after map and just being able to browse Reddit while our 4 sniper monkeys take everything out, it's very boring and tedious. We pretty much don't even have to play it, seeing as we're both well past level 50 and know how to set things up.

    Can we please have Fast-Track back, so we can complete the co-up medals without falling asleep? <3

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    So what do you think, other Bloons players?
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    ^This so much. |t's so tedious having to the same thing over and over again for the first few rounds of every map, being able to start at a later round would make it much less dull


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      Another option that would help the issue - allow starting the next round early just like you do in race mode. Maybe in the form of a toggle in the options menu (just like there is an option to auto-start the next round or not). So, you could send out wave 1, 2, and 3's bloons all at once when you begin, for example, by clicking next round twice right away.


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        I like the idea, but the only problem I see with this is with the Heroes. If you start at round 20 the hero will already have missed a bunch of XP and be underleveled.

        But that's the only reason I can find against it, I still think it's a neat idea.


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          There might be some balancing issues but since the only place people compete is CHIMPS it could affect every other game-mode, just not CHIMPS.