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    Just started on BTD6 (played BTD5 for years), and I love it.

    When I get an upgrade (such as Perma Charge for a boomer) an avatar / icon appears at the bottom of the screen so that I can activate it during play. Hovering over it DOESN'T tell what it is like in BTD5 (an oversight?)

    Today I got a new icon, looking like a pair or bullets forming a cross, like a capital X, and I have no idea what it is. Can somebody please point me to a location where the avatars / icons are explained so I know for future


    Sorry if that has been asked before, but not sure of keywords to search for

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    I'm not sure that there is a legend for the icons. You've just got to pay attention to what upgrades you are purchasing for your towers. When a new icon appears, just go back to the tower you upgraded and read the description for it there. (If I'm understanding what you are talking about).