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Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 15.0

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  • Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 15.0

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    Happy New Year!

    Bloons TD 6 had a fantastic 2019 and we’ll be working our tails off to make sure that 2020 is even bigger and better! Pretty high bar because 2019 saw 11 Maps, 3D MOABs, updated Collection Events, Challenge Editor, Co-Op, Co-Op Stats and Callouts, Emotes, Pat Fusty, Adora, 5 hero skins, Engineer Monkey, and a whole bunch of secrets and specials like hidden achievements, big Bloon and tiny Bloon modes, and dark Adora. Whew, we’ve got our work cut out for us. Hmm, what could we do? Maybe... Odyssey Mode, Trophy Store with customization for visuals and music, Boss Bloons, Power Pros, more Challenge Editor functions, new Knowledge, new Heroes, new Monkey Towers, some top secret surprises, and at every step making the game run better, look better, and be more fun and challenging to play solo and with friends. Hope that sounds like a good 2020 ahead!

    Awesome New Stuff
    • New expert map Infernal, a lavaish and truly magmananimous map that makes gameplay flow easily.
    • New Quincy ‘Wolfpack’ skin joins pack Quincy
    • New ‘Collection View’ toggle in the Insta Monkeys
      • Once you've unlocked a new Insta Monkey, it will remain unlocked to view in your collection even after using it in-game.
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    Unknown -> Collected but used -> Available to use

    Monkey Knowledge Changes
    • Maximum player rank cap increased to 155
    • Knowledge tree has been reworked along with 5 new Knowledge types
      • Come On Everybody! - Co-ordinated boosts to all Primary towers
      • Wingmonkey - Monkey Aces group together for advanced strikes
      • Tiny Tornadoes - Druids are even Blowier Awayier
      • Healthy Bananas - Marketplaces stock fresher bananas with no added DDT
      • Weak Point - Heroes make more vital strikes against stronger targets
    • Addition of Monkey Money thresholds - rows 4 and below on any of the trees will now have Monkey Money requirements alongside the Knowledge Point required, and that kind of change deserves some explanation and context
      • How it works: if you’ve already spent your points, there is no change; you don’t have to pay “back” any Monkey Money. Any unspent points applied to rows 4 and below will have a Monkey Money requirement, so by all means get the Knowledge on update 14 before updating to 15. If you’ve spent Monkey Money on a Knowledge and respec, you get the point back but the Monkey Money remains invested - you don’t have to pay Monkey Money for that particular knowledge again.
      • Why we changed it: we’ve always intended Monkey Knowledge to grow, so that means more cumulative power, and some strong new Knowledges. The current one point per Knowledge with light sequential requirements and nothing else to do with Knowledge Points doesn’t do a good enough job of governing or guiding the varying strength of the Knowledge trees. The Monkey Money requirement provides both, asking players to make a considered choice by using a resource that has value in many other places in the game. As we add tougher modes and Bloons, we can add more and better Knowledge, and this gives the team a better way to indicate and to govern that power according to that value.
    Bug Fixes & General Changes
    • Resolved an issue when loading save or co-op resync that would not save any cash gains from the very last attack in each round
    • Round hints should display again if enabled
    • Resolved some minor Localization issues
    • Added a download confirmation to the game launch when an update needs to apply, for player clarity and for platform requirements
    • Stylus should work correctly again for all mobile versions, hope Note players are happy again!
    • The top of the Windmill on Town Center should no longer block placement under it
    • Tapping too quickly on losing in a race should no longer pay twice for one ‘Try again’
    • Empowered Heroes Knowledge should no longer make that level 3 ability disappear in that incredibly frustrating way that it did
    • All For One And One For One achievement should be awarded correctly again
    • Added sound to Monkey Knowledge arrow buttons
    • Added sound to Insta Monkey tower screen
    • Resolved a co-op desync that could cause some players to never see the defeat screen or be able to continue playing
    • Resolved a co-op desync that could kick every other player from the match
    • Resolved a co-op issue causing some lower end devices to crash when viewing options
    • Player zones in non-FFA co-op should no longer shuffle when a desync occurs

    Boomerang Monkey
    • 250 Perma Charge should no longer lose its bonus +1 damage to MOABs

    Monkey Sub
    • Optimized art for all submerged versions

    Mortar Monkey
    • The mortar’s projectiles should no longer visually drop back down the barrel

    Wizard Monkey
    • xx5 Prince of Darkness should now only show buff icons to other Necromancers
    • xx5 Prince of Darkness description has been updated to include its buff

    Super Monkey
    • 5xx Temple has had some fixes to issues incorrectly displaying its buff icon

    • 2xx Acidic Mixture Dip will now only show a buff icon when dip is applied

    • x5x Spirit of the Forest description updated to reflect previous changes to life generation

    Banana Farm
    • x3x Bank description has had a minor update to clarify confusion in functionality
    • xx2 Description has had a minor update to mention 032 crosspath changes

    Pat Fusty
    • Pat Fusty at level 1 was unintentionally worse than the level 2
      • Main hit damage increased 2 -> 3
      • AoE hit damage increased 1 -> 2
    • Pat Fusty’s main hit at level 11 was unintentionally dealing too little damage
      • Main hit damage increased 4 -> 5

    • Resolved issues with Monkey Knowledge not applying correctly
    Desktop Version
    • Changing the resolution should no longer require a game restart every time
    • In-game UI & Buttons should be more user-friendly on larger game resolutions
    Balance Changes

    Boomerang Monkey
    • 052 Red Hot Rangs bonus to Permacharge increased from 1 to 4
      • Increasing the base 052 Boomerang damage from 5 to 8

    Bomb Shooter
    • x3x MOAB Mauler range increased from 44 to 49
    • x4x MOAB Assassin range increased from 44 to 54

    Monkey Sub
    • x5x Pre-emptive Strike price reduced from $35,000 to $32,000
    • x5x Pre-emptive Strike ability cooldown reduced from 60sec to 45

    Monkey Buccaneer
    • x4x Monkey Pirates cooldown reduced from 60 to 50
    • x4x Monkey Pirates bomb attack damage increased from 1 to 2

    Heli Pilot
    • xx4 Comanche Defense maximum activations per round increased 1 -> 2
      • Still has an internal cooldown of 25sec

    • 1xx Standard Sentry pierce increased from 1 to 2
    • 4xx Sentry Expert price reduced from $2800 to $2500
    • 5xx Paragon Sentry pierce increased from 3 to 5

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    Is there any way to enable the old interface in descop version? Because the new one is not the best.


    • Salmon
      Salmon commented
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      Do you mean screen resolution? Click on the gear [option] menu and toggle the resolution.

    • MMax
      MMax commented
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      No, I mean the new interface layout from this update (smaller icons, stripes on the screen etc.)
      Last edited by MMax; 25-01-20, 11:05 AM.