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Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 14.0

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  • Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 14.0

    Awesome New Features
    • Powerful new Hero, Adora the High Priestess!
    • New Hero Skin for the holidays, a boomer classic - Fusty the Snowman
    • Winter Park (Beginner difficulty) - Take a stroll on this cozy, cool map!
    • Adora’s Temple (Intermediate difficulty) - This adorable new map will reveal secrets you never thought possible.
    Key Features
    • Christmas theme returns with a Collection Event. The collection event will be starting on the 20th.
    • Lots of brand new Achievements
    Systems Changes & Performance
    • Complete refactor and optimization of all UI Systems
    • Substantial refactor of co-op lobbying, connections, and player to player messages, for efficiency and stability
    • Additional performance improvements assets, rendering, and packing
    • Updated save system (please report any save game issues to support)
    • Updated widescreen display handling (please report any device display issues with screenshots and device info to support)
    Bug Fixes & General Changes
    • Insta Monkeys should no longer come only in 032 and 042 variations
    • Insta Monkeys button on the powers screen changed location
    • Fixed translations on the Bloody Puddles map
    • Reduced upper footprint size of the Truck on Bloody Puddles
    • Resolved an issue with the ability bar sometimes not working
    • The powers menu has been changed to toggle on/off on widescreen devices
    • Restarting a save game with a different hero to your current selected hero will no longer lock any hero from being placed
    • Resolved many issues related to using the ‘restart’ option, including for races, daily challenge & freeplay
    • Sent money in co-op should now round off decimal places
    • Resolved a crash in co-op with players leaving in the lobby
    • Co-op non-host desync when backgrounding the app has been resolved
    • Co-op ‘separate game’ desync has been resolved
    • Co-op ‘Guests’ will now be given names
    • Co-op ‘Thanos Snap’ bug has had a lot of preventative work done, but we’d appreciate any reports if user still find their towers randomly deleted in co-op.
    • Co-op using a cash drop before everyone has loaded in will no longer desync
    • Placing Insta Monkeys should correctly play all sounds & animations again
    • Resolved a rare crash when double tapping the Events Monkey
    • Resolved an issue with high speed buffs causing abilities to trigger many times
    • Temple’s will no longer ‘de-place’ your hero
    • Tech Bots will now warn the player if there is no valid target

    Monkey Sub
    • 3xx and higher Monkey Subs can now be overclocked by Engineers
    • Placing a Sub Commander within range of a Village will no longer cause the Sub Admiral Monkey Knowledge to fail

    Monkey Ace
    • xx3 Neva-Miss Targeting Global Range tracking no longer stutters unreasonably

    Heli Pilot
    • xx4 Heli’s Comanche now correctly gain camo detection from Monkey Villages

    Mortar Monkey
    • Mortars should no longer display line of sight as they can ignore all blockers

    Wizard Monkey
    • 4xx Wizard’s description has been updated
    • x4x Wizard’s Phoenix can no longer be targeted for overclock without doing anything

    Super Monkey
    • Sun Temple’s ‘Mini Avatar’ names have been fixed
    • 3xx Sun Avatar no longer ignores blockers on High Finance

    Captain Churchill
    • Churchill’s level 10 MOAB Barrage should now always correctly deal its full damage
    Desktop Version
    • ESC will no longer open the options menu if a tower is mid-placement, instead the placement will cancel and ESC will need to be pressed once more to pause.
    • We are aware there is a texture issue with the 010 Bomb Shooter on Steam, we will have a fix for this later but did not want to delay the release
    Balance Changes

    Dart Monkey
    • 5xx Ultra-Juggernaut projectiles can hit the same targets multiple times

    Super Monkey

    Sun Temple sacrifice powers have been reworked.
    • There Can Be Only One hidden effect to no longer grants +50 damage to mini avatars
    • There Can Be Only One hidden effect now increases the damage of sub-powers by 3x
    • Blade burst stage 1 damage increased from 1 to 15 pierce reduced from 100 to 10
    • Blade burst stage 2 damage increased from 2 to 25 pierce reduced from 100 to 20
    • Golden Glaives pierce reduced from 100 to 50 at all levels
    • Golden Glaives stage 1 damage increased from 2 to 10
    • Golden Glaives stage 2 damage increased from 2 to 20
    • Golden Glaives stage 3 damage increased from 3 to 30
    • Homing MOAB Missile pierce reduced from 100 to 50 at all levels
    • Homing MOAB Missile damage increased from 50 to 75
    • Golden Spectre planes attack rate reduced from 0.04 to 0.15 at all levels
    • Golden Spectre dart pierce reduced from 50 to 10
    • Golden Spectre bomb pierce reduced from 100 to 30
    • Golden Spectre stage 1 dart damage increased from 2 to10
    • Golden Spectre stage 2 dart damage increased from 3 to 15
    • Golden Spectre stage 1 bomb damage increased from 2 to 6
    • Golden Spectre stage 2 bomb damage increased from 3 to 10
    • Arcane Blasts stage 1 damage increased from 1 to 20
    • Arcane Blasts stage 2 damage increased from 2 to 30
    • Arcane Blasts stage 3 damage increased from 4 to 35
    • Sun Temple Mini Avatar damage from 1 to 4

    Spike Factory
    • xx2 Directed Spikes changed to ‘Smart Spikes’. At the start of every new round the Spike Factory will gain 4x attack rate for 2.5 seconds

    • 4xx Sentry Expert Energy Sentry damage increased from 1 to 2
    • 4xx Sentry Expert Bomb Sentry damage increased from 1 to 2
    • 4xx Sentry Expert Bomb Sentry attack rate increased from 1.5 to 1.4
    • 4xx Sentry Expert Spiked Ball attack rate increased from 1.25 to 1
    • 5xx Sentry Paragon explosion damage increased from 70 to 85
    • 5xx Sentry Paragon manually sold sentries will now explode with no animation delay
    • x4x Overclock attack speed buff reduced from +100% to +80% (farms remain 100)
    • x5x Ultraboost permanent boost reduced to +8% for a maximum of +80%

    • Level 17 Heat it Up will now give an additional +1 damage to Lead Bloons

    Striker Jones
    • Level 5 and 9 upgrades swapped, allowing obtaining Black Bloon vulnerability earlier on
    • Level 19 now also completely nullifies Black Bloon Immunity, including for DDTs

    Obyn Greenfoot
    • Nature’s Ward totem slow amount is half on all MOAB Class Bloons

    Note: If you upgrade to 14.0 and then open that account on a device with a previous version, there is a chance you can corrupt your data. If this happens, update your game to 14.0 and the data should restore itself. If it doesn’t, please get in touch with us via with your userID and let us know when the last time you had your data was.
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    “Substantial refactor of co-op lobbying, connections, and player to player messages, for efficiency and stability.”

    So we cant lag out co op partners by BMing them anymore?

    “x4x overclock attack speed buff reduced from +100% to +80%.”

    Didnt this already happen in a previous update? Or am I mixing this up with something else that decreased from +50% to +40%?

    Does smart spikes early attack speed buff carry over to all upgrades and cross paths for spac?
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      Ah, this looks amazing, thanks for the great update!


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        Compared to the new Hero, Captain Churchill looks like a waste of cash


        • Salmon
          Salmon commented
          Editing a comment
          Captain who?

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        Crazy update, love that!!