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Are Levels higher than medium disabled on Cell networks?

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  • Are Levels higher than medium disabled on Cell networks?

    Anytime I try to play a game higher than Medium on my Galaxy S7) I get disconnected. Is this a per phone/mobile device thing? My friend had his IPhone 10 and his connected to our game over Verizon LTE without issues. Mine took a lot longer then just says disconnected during our attempt at a impoppable coop game.

    Both of us ran a speedtest prior to co-op and got about 50 mbps up/down.

    On wifi networks it's fine.

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    It's no secret that Multiplayer has some connection issues, but be assured that Ninja Kiwi is constantly working on improvements!

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      I'm able to play any map on my phone in co-op. I'm using a Nokia 6 (the first version they came out with) so it doesn't seem to require too much power but then I usually leave after level 100 if we do any freeplay so I don't know anything beyond that.