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  • Custom challenge addition ideas

    1. Tier lock:
    Looks just like when you look at the information of a monkey but when you click on a upgrade it will lock it so it won't let the player use it in game.

    2. Custom rounds:
    Allows the creator to put any balloons in any rounds. When you open it up there will be an add button in the top and a list that shows all your balloons. When you hit add it will pop up a control area where you can put a balloon type, number of that balloon type , and space in between. You can continue to put more balloons into your list and chose the round that it will normally be at.

    3. Custom balloons:
    Allows you to select any of the balloons and change the health, speed, what comes out of it when it pops, special properties (lead, purple, frozen, black, ect.).

    4. Sell Price %:
    Percentage of money returned to the player after selling the monkey.

    5. Money per pop:
    Money the player gets per pop

    6. Co-op custom challenges:
    Custom challenges but you can make a challenges for the Co-op community

    7. Lose to win mode:
    If you die in the challenge you win the challenge. (used in very specific challenges).

    There's probably more that should be added but this is me R.N.---> ⊙__⊙
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    These are definitely good ideas, but at the same time a ton to work on all at once. Perhaps someday we can see this stuff, but I wouldn't say anytime soon.

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    • Dwamp4
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      Editing a comment
      Agreed, I've tried programming and it takes forever. I'm not expecting it to happen all at once and anytime soon

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    Honestly, I’d just love to see some sort of public challenge list. Like a steam workshop sort of thing. So we don’t have to join a bunch of discord’s and spend minutes scrolling through random reddit threads and forums. I’m sure many people would agree with this and it would make the challenges area a lot more fun and give the game a lot of replay ability. You wouldn’t have to remove the daily challenges for this, maybe just make it the “featured challenge”. My point is, once you’ve gotten a bunch of medals and played all the maps and used all the monkeys. It gets boring, if you look at a lot of BTD content on YouTube, it’s all challenges, for good reason. Those are the unique things that make this game fun and unique from all the other BTD games. For 14.0 in my opinion, we don’t need a new hero, or a new map, or whatever. This one feature would help the community and the replay ability so much and add so much more interaction that I could play this game and never get bored. Instead of just black badging logs for the 40th time, I could look and challenge myself with new things. And so could any beginner. The extra modes for the editor sound nice but I feel like this is so much more important and I would love to see this in one of my favorite games.