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Dartling Monkey 2.0 : The Revival (Dartling Monkey Concept Ideas)

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  • Dartling Monkey 2.0 : The Revival (Dartling Monkey Concept Ideas)

    We all miss our fallen friend, no not friend... family! We need him back but he needs our help send your credit car- No but really, Dartling was a pretty simple Idea. Point and shoot. Nothing more, nothing less. The hardest decision you had to make was whether you wanted high pierce or high area of damage, and lets be honest the area denial system covered everything you needed (Literally and Metaphorically). Not to say the Ray of Death wasn't anything to sneeze at but lets try to balance it out a bit and make him even cooler while doing it.

    To start out is his base stats. Military tower of course. Dartling would fire continuously wherever the mouse is pointed just like he used to work in BTD5. I would suggest making his firing speed slightly faster than the base firing speed of the ninja monkey and to balance that out that high attack speed (from any distance mind you) the base pierce would be 1. Disappointing but we don't want all towers to be worthless in the face of this god. The price I can see somewhere around 940 - 1060 range. I'm not gonna be good with prices considering just the price of a single upgrade can make or break the tower, ninja kiwi can obviously handle it if they like my ideas. Anyways lets get started and dive into the upgrades.

    1/0/0: Sharper Ammo (Pretty obvious right? +1 pierce.)
    2/0/0: Stronger Alloys (Even more pierce! + 2 Pierce)
    3/0/0: Bloontonium Infusion (Darts are infused with the great power of Bloontonium like the name implies. Allows darts to pop Lead)
    4/0/0: Plasma Bolts ( Increases pierce even further by +2 and does and extra +1 damage to fortified bloons)
    5/0/0: Infinity Laser (Plasma laser that never stops firing. Infinite pierce.)

    0/1/0: Faster Firing (Increases firing speed by about 15%)
    0/2/0: Greased Up Barrels (Increases firing by a further 15% but causes bullet spread to spread further by an additional 9 degrees)
    0/3/0: Explosive Darts (Darts explode in a very small area. At this time the dart can still pop black and zebra bloons but the explosion can not)
    0/4/0: Portable Missile Silo (Grants to ability to fire 100 bloon seeking mini missiles. Transforms darts into mini missiles. Larger Blast radius. No longer pops black and zebra bloons on contact.)
    0/5/0: Area Denial System (Ability now fires 200 bloon seeking missiles and shoots 3 streams of missiles at once.)

    0/0/1: Precise Targeting (Reduces bullet spread and makes firing more accurate.)
    0/0/2: Turret Mount (Set a target, and the turret mounted dartling gun will continuously fire in said direction.
    0/0/3: Hyper Goggles (See camo bloons and gain the ability to fire through walls. +2 Pierce)
    0/0/4: Railgun (Firing speed is cut in half and damage is tripled. Gains the ability to damage lead bloons. +8 Pierce)
    0/0/5: BFR (Big Freaking Railgun. Triple damage again and shots now slightly stun MOAB class bloons. +10 Pierce)

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    I wholeheartedly agree with your first paragraph, and almost exclusively use the dartling tower in BTD5 (I won't be purchasing BTD6 until it has the dartling tower.) I am unfamiliar with the monkey knowledge system as such, so this may be nonsensical- but can we have a monkey knowledge upgrade that allows locking of attacks, similar to the specialist building? I say this because I have a different idea for the upgrade set up, as follows...

    You may recognize the setup of the first 2 upgrade paths... It's the same as BTD5. I think those paths are great, and thus want to keep them. Thus, I shall not add a description to them. I will also not assign any price to the myriad of upgrades, as I have no idea what those should be...

    (Barrel upgrades)
    1/0/0- Focused Firing
    2- Faster Barrel Spin
    3- Laser Cannon
    4- Ray of Doom
    5- Ray of Oblivion, acts like a Ray of Doom for the most part BUT has a special ability with a 30 second cool down... which turns the beam green for half a second. During this time, the beam will instantly pop any bloon in the beam, even a ZOMG. Good thing you can have only one of these deadly weapons.

    (Dart upgrades)
    0/1/0- Powerful Darts (once purchased darts will fly through walls as well.)
    2- Depleted Bloontonium
    3- Hydra Rocket Pods
    4- Bloon Area Denial System
    5- Mini Maulers, rockets deal 10x damage to MOAB-class bloons.

    (Volume upgrades)
    0/0/1- Sharpened Tuning Forks, each dart pops two layers.
    2- Dual Barrels, adds a second, lockable barrel (even without some sort of monkey knowledge upgrade)
    3- Flying Tridents, each dart pops three layers.
    4- Bloothie maker, will pop a layer every tenth of a second since firing.
    5- Truck-mounted assembly, the twin barrels are mounted in a parallel assembly on top of a freely moving truck that has the options Lock in place (if said monkey knowledge is purchased, two points must be clicked, one to target and one to stay at), Patrol (2 points that will be moved back and forth from, will have a third target point if said monkey knowledge is purchased), follow finger (will automatically target bloons whilst the truck will follow finger), and Pursuit (will automatically follow bloons and target them). If the truck is self-targeting, it will attempt to line up as many bloons as possible in a line. Has an extremely large range, and a small, raised green platform will be left in place.

    I also had an idea for the update notes... "this monkey was busy fighting off a secret camo invasion! He's here now, but who knew you could camo a MOAB..."


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      Thanks! The reason I wanted the half-second of firing is so that once a large bloon pops, the bloons inside of it also get popped. Another solution is the instantaneous thing which you recommended, but that would require that if a bloon is hit with the ray it pops and leaves nothing behind, no matter the type.

      Also, do you remember the heli pilot in BTD5? The controls of the truck are pretty much the same except for the locking of shooting target.

    • The Dragons Tale
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      I love the idea you have, especially because I always used it on BTD5 and was saddened by its loss in BTD 6, but the Ability of the Ray of Oblivion is just a little too overpowered. While a half a second may not seem like a lot, properly aimed on a good map and you could obliterate up to 10 ZOMGs, which, when compared to another Tier 5 Tower from the Monkey Buccaneer the Monkey Lord, it has an ability that allows it to grab 3 MOAB class bloons below ZOMG tier, and while I know that not all tier 5 towers are equal, that's a huge change in two-tier 5's for almost no reason, or at least no factual reason.
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    • Ravenpuff920
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      That's an amazing idea! I am confused if the Mini-Maulers are like BADS and MOAB Mauler or a new character all together?

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    I love the idea but I have my own set of upgrades that would be a little bit different then yours(no names for upgrades because I can't think of any):
    Top path:
    1:+1 pierce
    2:+2 pierce
    3: Shoots lasers darts that can pop leads but not purples. Does 2 damage per laser but slower attack speed by 10%
    4: Shoots 3 laser darts in one shoot but shoots 40% slower.
    5: Shoots a split shoot of 3 hit scan lasers that deal 10 damage per second
    Middle path:
    1:10% greater attack speed
    2:20% greater attack speed
    3:Shoots exploding bullets that hits balloons in a small radius that can pop leads but not blacks
    4:Ability:shoots 10 shoots that deal 50 damage each. Cannot hit the same target twice and will continue until all 10 shoots hit a target.
    5:Primary fire: pops blacks and deals 3 extra damage per explosion
    Ability:stuns balloons effect for shot time
    Bottom path:
    1: Detects Camo
    2:15% less spread
    3:40% less spread , 15% slower attack speed
    4: Automatically targets close to the balloons ( is a targeting feature so can be turned off)
    5: Perfect aim, does 5 times damage to all balloons, always perfectly targets, 15% greater attack speed
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      Shouldn’t it automatically be able to hit Camo?

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    You all have great ideas i just hope to see the dartling monkey in the game with an awesome tier 5 ability after the death ray.....

    RAY OF DOOM: Destroys Bloons.

    Ninja Kiwi description: Bloons wish they never were inflated.


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      What is this birthing? I'm not in asking of this verb! TAKE BACK THE IT!plznow

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    Uhh, lead popping power for third tier?
    You gotta realize how normal third tiers work, and it needs to have more than just that. Explosive darts is also third tier, and it... well, Explodes.
    Favorite Tower: SPIKE FACTORY!


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      I've got my own version of a proposed BTD6 Dartling Gun, which I have on a Google Doc. I tried moving it into a post in another thread here, but the differences in formatting made an absolute mess of it, so I'll just leave the link to the Doc this time. It's View Only, but I have comments enabled on it:

      Edit: I took the time to edit the first post I mentioned, so I'm going to do the same for here and basically add what I did to that post:

      Dartling Gun (1275/1500/1725) - A long-ranged tower with fast firing, poor accuracy (20-degree spread or 10 degrees to either side), versatile targeting, and powerful upgrades. Beware that it has a short minimum range, as it cannot target anything within immediate proximity (should extend so that the edge is just ahead of the end of the barrels).

      -Targeting Priorities:
      -Locked (Works similarly to Mortar and the unlocked ability in BTD5.)
      -Follow Mouse (The normal Dartling targeting)
      -Auto (Aims like a normal tower with First priority, but instead has a slow, fixed rotation speed of 30 degrees per second.)

      Path 1-
      1-0-0: Powerful Darts - Darts have higher velocity and have double the pierce. (765/900/1035)
      2-0-0: Faster Rotation - Increases firing and rotation speeds by 25% (1020/1200/1380)
      3-0-0: Laser Blaster - Fires laser blasts instead of darts, allowing the tower to pop frozen bloons and shatter Fortified properties. Increased firing rate, pierce, and projectile speed by 50%. (6425/7560/8690)
      4-0-0: Ray of Doom - “Unyielding beam of bloon-disintegrating energy.” Fires a large beam of energy instead of laser blasts. Infinite pierce, damages all bloon types for 10 layers per hit, 10 hits per second. (59160/69600/80000)
      5-0-0: Pulsar Cannon - “The power of the Sun God, in the palms of our hands.” Unleashes powerful arcing waves of ultra-dense energy that vaporizes 20 layers of bloon per hit, each wave having 100 pierce, firing waves 5 times per second and pushing back MOAB-class bloons much like MOAB Shove. (177480/208800/240120)

      Path 2-
      0-1-0: Smart Targeting* - Faster turret rotation speed (Similar boost to Faster Rotation, but without the firing speed bonus) and improved Auto Targeting Priority allows the Dartling Gun to utilize the Elite Targeting Priority. (680/800/920)
      0-2-0: Depleted Bloontonium Darts - Each dart deals +1 damage to all bloon types, including Frozen, Fortified, Lead, and MOAB-class. Damage bonus has a 50% chance to stack per trait for each trait the bloon has.** (1225/1440/1650)
      0-3-0: Hydra Rocket Pods - Fires rockets instead of darts, fitted with sharp tips that can also pop black bloons. Remember that these rockets also retain the damage bonus. (5610/6600/7590)
      0-4-0: B.A.D.S. - Bloons Aerial Denial System ability unleashes a powerful spray of rockets for 20 seconds and additionally affects the nearest 100 bloons. 1 minute cooldown. (24480/28800/33120)
      0-5-0: N.S.N.A.T.I. - “No Such Thing, None, As Too Insane.” Spray is a constant shower of 5 rockets per shot and ability affects all bloons on the screen 20 times in 10 seconds (Much like Pop And Awe but without the stun bonus), though with a long 90 second cooldown. (79560/93600/107640)

      Path 3-
      0-0-1: Focused Firing - Greatly increases accuracy to half the spread. (305/360/415)
      0-0-2: Heavy Darts - Fires heavy darts that can each pop and slightly knock back 8 bloons at once (About half the effect of the Knockback upgrade of the Super Monkey). (1430/1680/1930)
      0-0-3: Radar Scope - Allows for near-perfect accuracy (reduces spread to one degree in either direction) and the ability to pop Camo bloons. Grants Camo detection to towers in the immediate vicinity (Increases range indicator, which should initially be to show the minimum range of the Dartling Gun, by half to show the range of influence). Knockback is increased by half. (4895/5760/6620)
      0-0-4: Auto-Cannon - Dual rotating cannons fire heavy shells that deal 4 damage per shot to all bloon types (retains the pierce), double this against Lead, Fortified, Ceramic, and MOAB-class bloons. Extends Camo detection support and minimum range by 20%. (27540/32400/37260)
      0-0-5: The Perforator -
      “Ever wonder if the bloons would rather be popped or wither into a shriveled husk?” Large turret sports four spinning cannons on a rotating axis, each having double the firing rate, damage, and pierce. Camo detection support and minimum range are increased by 50%.

      Monkey Knowledge:
      -Dartling Gunner: Removes the external targeting module and adds the Gunner monkey to operate the weapon, enabling the Follow Mouse Targeting Priority.***
      - Razor Bindings: Adds small blades to the ends of the barrels, allowing for the Dartling Gun to cut up bloons that are slightly within minimum range. (Slightly reduces minimum range, but does not affect Bottom Path exclusive upgrades)
      - Expert Mechanics: Reduces the cost of upgrades by 5%.

      * Open to suggestions.
      ** For example, Frozen Fortified DDTs would have the highest damage potential of +5, but a 1/16 chance of this happening. Bear in mind, however, that this also means that +4 has a 1/8 chance with at least three type prerequisites, +3 has a 1/4 chance with at least two type prerequisites, +2 has a 1/2 chance with at least one type prerequisite, and +1 is a guaranteed to all types.
      *** Displays the Gunner and the module, which interchange positions according to the selected Targeting Priority. Module is normally displayed as being either attached to the back of the Dartling Gun or behind and to the side, and the Gunner follows suit with this, both being to either side in the case of Locked Targeting Priority.

      Note 1: Prices are listed in terms of Easy / Normal / Hard respectively, but are liable for change as needed, as these prices are simply what I feel fits based on how prices work in the game, but this - of course - could potentially be inaccurate as well as the price ranging.

      Note 2: Parenthesized text is excluded from in-game descriptions. In addition, quoted text is displayed as the in-game description in place of other information given for the description.
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        I also had it written down on paper. Maybe the tergeting thing should be part of an upgrade (can you rate mine?)

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      Third upgrade path could have projectiles that hover towards your cursor (tier 3+). The projectile amount will of course be capped so it won't become overpowered.

      And higher tier could enable a new targetting priority for towers ("Target Cursor/Touch"), which lets the towers aim wherever you want. Those are my suggestions for the Dartling Gun.


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        I just want the tower in the game


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          I had my notes on this
          100: hot darts can pop lead and frozen Bloons
          200: bloontonium darts do double damage
          300: rockets offer explosion
          400: MOAB maulers do bonus damage to MOABs
          500: MOAB assassins do even more damage to MOABs

          010: attack speed increased
          020: shoots two darts at a time.
          030: shoots even faster
          040: now shoots 3 bullets at a time and gets dartstorm ability
          050: shoots 4 bullets per shot and offers better attack speed for all darting guns

          001: sharp darts get better pierce.
          002: unlocks ability to auto-target Bloons.
          003 lasers get infinite pierce
          004 lasers have a chance to trigger lightning upon impact
          005: laser shoots constantly and removes lightning effect.


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            It's a bit vague, but I suppose it gets the point across.