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    I got a couple new ideas for powers and I wanted to see what other people thought. Please leave you comments of what you think below. I have some hero ideas and tower ideas I might post later.

    1. Construction Permit (50 MM) : In times like these, drastic times come to drastic measures. Receive a Construction Permit from the Monkey Bureaucracy to build in areas no monkey has gone before. (Use on a removable/build-able obstacle in-game to automatically remove/build said object on the map. exp. Forest Line in Dark Mansion, Statue on Rake, Sky scrapers on High Finance.)

    2. BFB (50 MM) : Sometimes you just want to relax and thats where the BFB comes in play. No not a "BFB", a "BFB". Otherwise known as a "Big Frozen Banana". Something this refreshing should be illegal. ( The Big Frozen Banana has multiple effects. If given to a tower without freezing or slowing effects it will receive the "cold breath" effect for 5 rounds where bloons hit by said tower will move at 50% speed including MOABs up to BFBs. If given to an Ice monkey however it will double the tower's attack speed for 5 rounds.)

    3. Spare Bloon Trap (25 MM) : The Engineer is having a day off but we couldn't help but notice they had some spare equipment lying around. Nobody would notice if just one or two of their gadgets went missing right? ( Place an enhanced Bloon Trap on the track without the use of an Engineer. This trap can hold exactly twice as much as the normal trap and has the same return rates for cash. Place it at the beginning of the track to start farming early or at the end if you are having difficulty.)

    4. Dr. Monkey's Signature Hot Sauce (40 MM) : This hot sauce was made in the labs of Dr.Monkey during an experiment with bloontonium. They called him crazy, edible bloontonium isn't safe. While Dr.Monkey understand his tongue might not grow back he still sees it as a striking success. (Place a glob of hot sauce on the track starting a fire. Any bloons that pass through will be damaged heavily and lit on fire with the burny effect. Lasts 2 rounds.)

    5. Mail Order X-Ray Goggles (100 MM) : Typically the Monkeys don't fall for these kinds of things, but in episodes of extreme boredom you have to do something to save yourself. Ironically the only item that wasn't a scam from that catalog was the only one they wanted. These could be useful. ( Equip the goggles onto a tower to allow them to shoot through any obstacle with ease.)

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    I'm loving the backstory and creativity of your ideas!

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      Thanks, I have an idea for a hero that I think would be cool but its a bit difficult thinking of 20 upgrades for a tower. lol.

    • Salmon
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      Go ahead and do it, I'm sure everyone would love to read about it!

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    Helicopter Monkey: Pick up and move a tower!


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      Nice ideas, would love to see one of these in game!


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        The construction permit seems okay, though I wonder, could it be used to activate the track extensions and reverse motor on Workshop?

        Big frozen banana seems to collide somewhat with the existing glue trap power. Also, keep in mind MOAB-class bloons are immune to most things that slow down regular bloons, and when they're not (e.g. MOAB glue, super monkey knockback) they're usually much less effective. Having it slow down MOABs just as much could be overpowered.

        The spare bloon trap also seems to be duplicated by road spikes and cash drop, and 25 monkey money is far too cheap for what the bloon trap would do; it's the equivalent of several stacks of permanent road spikes plus part of a cash drop.

        For the hot sauce, I think a wall of fire effect would make a good power. It doesn't even need the burny stuff. 40 monkey money is probably too cheap for it though.

        X-ray goggles: you don't need to make it so fancy. Here's a better idea:

        Elevated Platform (50 MM, reducible to 40 MM via Monkey Knowledge): Is there a huge rock in your way? Put your towers on this elevated platform to allow them to see over all obstacles!

        Originally posted by allMadhere View Post
        Helicopter Monkey: Pick up and move a tower!
        This is what the support chinook does. It's even a helicopter.