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Couple of questions and suggestions

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  • Couple of questions and suggestions

    1. Re about the monkey knowledge "all MOABs spawn with less health", how much less health do they spawn with? Is it worth spending all my knowledge points on military to get this upgrade?

    2. An achievement is for beating maps "on CHIMP mode". What is this?

    3. I'm a little unsure by what the notifications are in co-op mode, is it others requesting cash?


    1- Add an achievement for when you max XP for all towers.

    2- I like how you can click the mushrooms and make them puff, so how about more interaction with the environment? Could be little things like the water splashing if you click it, if you click a lizard it will be squashed, if you click and drag you can draw in the sand etc. Little things that players could amuse themselves with

    3- I don't know if this can already be done, but if not perhaps make a way for you to check if a user-created challenge you have submitted in the past has ever been featured?

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    I absolutely LOVE having clickables in the maps, like the poofing mushrooms, or the chopping axe, the bubbling cauldron. I'd love to see more of the like.


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      1. Big Bloon Sabotage will cause MOAB-class bloons to spawn with 10% less health. I wouldn't say it's worth going all-in for, but if you're already spending a lot of knowledge in military it can be worth getting.
      2. CHIMPS mode is (ostensibly) the hardest mode in the game. It's like Impoppable (though with Hard-level prices), but "continue"s, farming (including Monkey Town cash boost, though the discounts still work), monkey knowledge, powers, and selling are all disabled.
      3. Yes. The exclamation marks on the player list indicate players that have requested cash.