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Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 12.0

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  • Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 12.0

    Key Features
    • How excited are we to bring you the Monkey Engineer to BTD6?! Very very!!
    • Informative Co-op emotes - be social or share tactics
    • Dedicated tower buff icons when placing or selecting towers
    • Developer inspired Ezili Skin - Smudge Catt
    • Excellent new maps Spillway (Advanced) & Workshop (Expert)
    • New co-op challenges.
      • Co-op challenges will replace the Daily Challenge twice per week.
    • ^ Achievements added
    Notes on Emotes
    • Safe and casual way to be social and cooperative, with an emphasis on terms and icons that can indicate what you intend to do or what you would like your team to do
    • Many are self explanatory but noting the thinking behind some of them
      • Slow = warning that something wicked this way comes, usually with a shift from fast forward to normal speed or to let others know slowing towers are needed
      • Piggybank icon = player is saving up for something or others should save
      • Cash Generators icon = player is planning to farm or suggesting others should
      • Ability icon = player will use an ability, or all players should be ready with abilities
      • Hero icon = intent to place hero, suggestion to place heroes, or use ability (especially when used back to back with Ability Icon emote)
    • Use them however makes sense of course, come up with fun uses, and give us feedback on other family friendly emotes you’d like to see
    • If any player ever annoys you with emotes, use the mute (speaker icon) next to their player number
    Bug Fixes & General Changes
    • Monkey Money first time completion reward balance
      • The first time completion MM bonus will no longer apply separately for both Single Player and Co-op. Now it will only apply for the very first time regardless of Play Mode.
    • More victory callouts in co-op and reworked requirements for callouts
    • Many road items will now save, including: Obyn & Ezili’s Totems, Heli Positions, Heli’s Marine, Temple’s Mini Avatar & Engineer’s Sentries will be included in this list.
    • Sending Cash amounts below $100 in co-op will now “Send All” instead
    • Resolved an issue where helis could redeploy into invalid locations sometimes
    • Sub-towers spawned by other towers should no longer double-up on buffs applied to the main tower.
    • Map Art updated for cargo on selection screen
    • Resolved some co-op resync issues
    • Resolved some issues with projectile height on some maps
    • Round 100 achievements will work in co-op now
    • Resolved a co-op crash that could occur occasionally when sending money on round 1
    • Cargo MOAB-lane now functions correctly in races
    • MOAB Mines now count towards your MOABs-popped in Co-op
    • Techbot, Farmer & Totem will no longer be sacrificed to Temples
    • Code and asset optimization to lower memory, especially for lower spec devices

    Boomerang Monkey
    • x52 Red Hot Rangs now correctly increases damage

    Ice Monkey
    • xx4 Ice Monkey Icicles now count towards pops counter correctly
    • xx5 Icicle Impale can now pop leads while buffed by Acidic Mixture Dip

    Monkey Buccaneer
    • 025 Trade Empire no longer uses a flaming grape projectile for the main dart
    • xx5 Resolved some funky stuff going on in co-op games that was confusing
    • Buffed tower range should dynamically update while the tower is selected
    • A visual issue where the "Restart" option in co-op didn’t show MK Dart Monkey as ‘free’ has been resolved
    • Resolved an issue that could cause your ability bar to not appear when placing heroes

    Monkey Ace
    • Flight paths should no longer double up

    Heli Pilot
    • x5x Redeploy crash issue with arctic wind has been resolved
    • Redeploy can no longer move Sun Temples in some cases

    Wizard Monkey
    • x1x Wizard’s explosion can no longer hit camo bloons

    Super Monkey
    • 5xx Temple persistent desync issues resolved in co-op

    • 2xx Acidic Mixture Dip no longer allows signal flare mortars to remove camo from DDTs
    • x3x Alchemist’s explosion can no longer hit camo bloons

    Banana Farm
    • 1/0/2 Banana Farm Increased Production and Banana Salvage 3D art corrected

    Spike Factory
    • x5x Carpet of Spikes passive storm no longer counts as an ‘ability cast’ for co-op summary.

    • Quincy’s Storm of Arrows now actually hits more as it levels up, rather than less hits of higher damage.

    Obyn Greenfoot
    • Obyn’s level 11 Nature’s Clarity no longer applies range to all tower types
    • Multiple Obyn’s in co-op can now all use Wall of Trees

    Captain Churchill
    • Selling Churchill during his MOAB Barrage will no longer crash the game

    • Splash will now correctly land on the target at all times instead of sometimes centering on Ezili herself

    Pat Fusty
    • Rallying Roar works correctly at level 14
    Balance Changes

    Dart Monkey
    • 3xx Spike o Pult’s ball now bounces the same as juggernaut
    • xx4 Sharpshooter damage increased from 5 to 6
    • x4x Super Monkey Fan Club no longer stacks with Total Transformation
    • x5x PMFC max count reduced from 40 to 20
    • x5x PMFC damage per shot of the plasma monkeys increased by 1
    • xx5 Crossbow Master attack speed bonus increased to 75%
    • xx5 Crossbow Master crit rate increased from every 6-10 shots to every 4-8 shots

    Boomerang Monkey
    • x4x Turbo Charge ability speed multiplier increased from x5 to x7 while charged
    • x5x Perma Charge also gains this bonus
    • x5x Perma Charge base damage increased from 2 to 4
    • xx4 MOAB Press special MOAB attack will now crosspath

    Bomb Shooter
    • x2x Missile Launcher increases attack speed by 15%
    • xx4 Recursive Cluster price increased from 2400 to 2800
    • x3x MOAB Mauler gains damage bonus to ceramic +5

    Tack Shooter
    • 5xx Inferno Ring lava bomb cooldown reduced 7s -> 4s
    • xx4 Overdrive attack speed bonus increased to 66%

    Ice Monkey
    • x3x Arctic Wind cost reduced from 5k to 3.2k
    • x4x Snow Storm cost increased from 1800 to 3k

    Sniper Monkey
    • 4xx Maim MOAB price reduced from 7k to 5k
    • 3xx Deadly precision damage increased from 18 to 20
    • 3xx Deadly precision gains an extra +15 damage to ceramics

    Monkey Sub
    • 5xx Energizer price reduced from 40k to 32k
    • xx2 Airburst darts pierce of each burst projectile reduced from 3 to 2
    • x4x First Strike Capability ability damage reduced from 16700 to 10000

    Monkey Buccaneer
    • 4xx Aircraft Carrier price reduced from 9000 to 7500

    Mortar Monkey
    • x4x Artillery Battery speed buff improved from 3x to 4x
    • x5x Pop and Awe damage per second during ability increased from 10 to 20
    • x5x Pop and Awe cost reduced to 30k
    • 5xx The Biggest One bonus ceramic damage decreased from +20 to +10

    Wizard Monkey
    • x4x Summon Phoenix ability damage increased from 2 to 3
    • x4x Summon Phoenix projectile speed increased from 200 to 300

    Super Monkey
    • x5x The Anti-Bloon damage increased from 4 to 5
    • x5x The Anti-Bloon ability damage increased from 3000 to 3500
    • xx1 Knockback effect on lead, fort and ceramic reduced from -100% to -60%
    • xx3 Dark Knight restores full knockback against these types (-100%)

    Ninja Monkey
    • xx2 Caltrops attack rate reduced by 50%
    • xx2 Caltrops pierce increased by 100%

    • x5x Spirit of the Forest no longer generates lives per round, but will generate lives on every ability use instead. This is to better synergize with the bottom path by not automatically reducing the bonus from Heart Of Vengeance every round.

    Banana Farm
    • x3x Bank bonus cash produced per round reduced from $160 to $150

    Spike Factory
    • 4xx Spiked Mines damage increased from 5 to 10
    • 5xx Super Mines damage increased from 350 to 1000
    • xx5 Perma Spike duration decreased from 350s-> 300s
    • xx5 Perma Spike price increased from 25k to 30k
    • xx5 Perma Spike max rounds reduced from 4 -> 3

    Obyn Greenfoot
    • Obyn’s totems now have 0 footprint and will not interfere with placement of towers near them

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    Three New Monkey Knowledge skills added!
    • Vigilant Sentries - Sentry Turrets last longer than normal.
    • Thicker Foams - Cleansing Foam can hit 3 more Bloons before expiring.
    • Big Traps - Bloon Trap can hold up to 280 RBE.

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      First strike can no longer one shot zomgs which is why it had 16700 damage why wasn’t the price reverted back to $20k instead?

      snowstorm barely had any stalling power to MOABs and arctic wind slowed down the ceramics and below anyway so I don’t get this one. Overall it’s a buff so I like it xd

      MOAB mauler is now ceramic mauler? Wasn’t the point of the top path to be better vs ceramics?

      no face palm or thumbs down emotes? 0/10 update kappa
      I saw a button that said edit post signature so I did.

      I forgot I have a Youtube channel:


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        Great tower