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  • Specialty Building ideas?

    I think it would be cool to bring back specialty buildings to BTD6. I personally loved the idea of having a building for your favourite tower in BTD5 and how it gave you buffs. It could also be another thing to spend monkey money on. I understand there is monkey knowledge in this game instead which provides similar benefits to certain towers, but I still think specialty buildings could have purpose.

    What NK could do to make them more exciting is to split the buildings into pathways similar to the towers. Of course, you would only be allowed to select one path. To give an example, here could be the dart monkey specialty building:

    Path 1:

    1st Upgrade: Sharp Shots and Razor Sharp Shots each pop two extra Bloons per upgrade, not one

    2nd upgrade: Spike O Pult can pop Lead Bloons

    3rd upgrade: Juggernaut and Ultra Juggernaut now have a fire effect on them, burning bloons and MOAB class over time

    Path 2:

    1st upgrade: Quick Shots and Very Quick Shots increase attack speed slightly more

    2nd upgrade: Triple Shot fires four darts every two volleys (instead of four like the Monkey Knowledge)

    3rd upgrade: Super Monkey Fan Club spawns one random plasma monkey when used in place of a super monkey, and Plasma Monkey Fan Club spawns a random Sun God in place of a plasma super monkey

    Path 3:

    1st upgrade: Enhanced Eyesight also slightly increases the range of other dart monkeys within its range (doesn’t stack)

    2nd upgrade: Crossbow bolts are explosive every 5th shot

    3rd upgrade: Sharp Shooter and Crossbow Master shots now home in on bloons for maximum pierce

    Of course, these are merely suggestions, I have no idea how balanced they would be in practice, but I would love to see specialty buildings return.