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Question about money earned per level

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  • Question about money earned per level

    I sometimes follow walkthroughs for advanced challenges and the like, and I've noticed several times now that the amount I earn in a level will sometimes be different than what the walkthrough earned for the same level, even if we're in CHIMPS mode and have no collectible towers or anything of that nature. By all rights, we should be at the same amount, as far as I know, but we're not. It's usually only by a couple of dollars, but as long as we're killing all the same bloons on the same level with no leaks, I would expect the dollar amounts to be exactly the same and they're not.

    Anybody know why not?

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    I think that’s just always been a feature of Bloons Tower Defence. For some reason the money you earn at the end of the round is always randomised between around 105-110ish. I’ve no idea why, perhaps to make following a walkthrough a little bit harder?


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      There used to be inconsistencies with the cash from popping superceramics but that was fixed last year.
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        It's 100 + the round you're on.
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