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  • Couple ideas

    1. Add a new knowledge to the heroes section. Every single category has a knowledge that helps in every single game, except for heroes, which are all about the heroes & not about the people, which is pretty un-heroic if you ask me.
    Support efforts: All tier 1 and 2 upgrades are 10% (or 5%) cheaper.

    2. Have 3 toggles in the challenge editor to enable EVERY bloon to become Camo, Regrow, or Fortified, and on the same note, it can also DISABLE those 3 bloon attributes.
    Would add more diversity in advanced challenges without giving any tier restrictions, which i assume there's a reason it was taken out. (probably to eliminate challenges that require placing a billion towers, which is very not fun)
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    How about... move the "Sell" button to the top of the pop-up panel, instead of right under the button for the track three upgrade? I can't count how many times I've fat-fingered the upgrade button and hit Sell by mistake. Boom. Bye Bye tower. (iOS)


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      I support the sell button move idea, for the additional reason that it is at the same place the abilities are, so if you accidentally select a monkey while trying to use an ability, you can accidentally sell the monkey…

      Also, on the game over screen, add a « Retry level » option that is NOT « Continue », as Continue 1) costs a bunch, and 2) gives you much more cash (+5000 I think ?), so it feels like cheating, and I hate using it. The Retry level option could just allow you to restart the level for free (or for a very little fee, like 10 bucks), and would not give you any additional game money.

      Also another suggestion : add following target priorities :
      • first blimp (targets the first blimp visible if there is one, else targets the strongest bloon. Useful for sniper)
      • first non-blimp
      • strongest non-blimp (targets the strongest bloon that is not a blimp.)