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Something disturbing that I just realized...

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  • Something disturbing that I just realized...

    I don't know if anyone here cares about BTD lore (insofar as BTD has lore), but there's something I've noticed:

    BTD4 introduced the "Sun Gods", who in truth are avatars of the true Sun God. It also introduced the Sun Temple AKA the "Temple of the Monkey God", which is much more powerful than the Sun Avatars.

    When BTD5 rolled around, Sun Temples could be built much more easily. However, we also got to see Dark Sun Temples as well, which are labeled "Temples of the Vengeful Monkey". (I got the last part from BTD5 Mobile and BMC.)

    And now, BTD6 allows us to summon the Monkey God himself... but under the right conditions, he can be turned into an "Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey".

    The implications of all this are horrifying, to say the least. Upon harnessing and weaponizing the power of the Vengeful Monkey, the seemingly benevolent Sun God takes on a demonic form whose power exceeds his normal state, all in the hope of winning the seemingly never-ending war against Bloonkind.

    If the monkeys cannot placate the Vengeful Monkey's manifestation/s and satisfy their need for Bloon destruction... well, I think you can use your imagination.

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    P.S. If anyone needs proof that the True Sun God is in fact the Monkey God: the Sun Temple, as noted in the OP, was named "Temple of the Monkey God" in BTD4 and 5.

    Furthermore, when you attempt to buy the upgrade, the game says: "Do you wish to summon the TRUE SUN GOD?!" If you go through with the transaction, you see the head of the Sun Temple you upgraded cracking open, and the Sun God appearing. This would be the Monkey God answering your call and appearing on the battlefield in order to destroy the Bloons.


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      The Monkey God keeps the Vengeful True Sun God in check, don't worry.
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