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Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 8.1

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  • Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 8.1

    BTD6 v8.1 Patch Notes

    Bug Fixes
    • A common lag/crash related to specific Android types has been fixed
    • A graphics issue with many Android versions has been fixed
    Boomerang Monkey:
    • Boomerang Monkey’s x3x +1 damage to MOABs now applies to ALL MOAB Class bloons
    Glue Gunner:
    • Glue Gunner’s 025 Splash has been corrected
    Monkey Sub:
    • Monkey Sub’s x4x First Strike Capability now destroys up to a ZOMG completely, with an additional 350 damage AoE
    Heli Pilot:
    • Heli Pilot’s xx4+ Comanches interact correctly with Permabrew
    Monkey Wizard:
    • Monkey Wizard’s x2+x Wall of Fire & Dragon’s Breath will now gain range increases to the Wizard
    • Monkey Wizard’s x2x Wall of Fire can no longer pop purple bloons
    • Bloons that are transformed by a xx5 Alchemist while being knocked back will no longer cause the game to freeze
    Obyn Greenfoot:
    • Obyn Greenfoot’s level 2 pierce buff should now work correctly at all levels
    Stiker Jones:
    • Striker Jones will no longer cause numerous unrelated towers to function in unintended ways
    Steam Version Changes
    • Hotkeys can now be remapped to your liking
    • Mortar will now allow you to pick a new target location with the ‘change targeting’ hotkey (TAB by default)
    • The ‘ESC’ hotkey will no longer exit back to the main menu from a ‘Defeat’ screen
    • Some changes to default hotkeys;
    • Number keys by default now activate abilities
    • <>? Keys now all upgrade your hero when it is selected
    • Bloon spawns in sandbox now use SHIFT + Number
    • CTRL + ~ (Tilde) key now spawns the Ghost bloon in sandbox
    • Powers outside of sandbox now use CTRL + Number
    • You can now send the next round in Races with SHIFT + Space
    • Double Cash can be correctly purchased
    • Language translation issues have been resolved, steam now has access to all languages
    • Comanche should no longer cause dialogs to appear randomly
    • ‘Click and Hold’ detail options in the UI have been changed to also appear on ‘Hover’
    • All achievements should correctly count progress and complete

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    Much love for the patch, as I can now play the new 8.0 on my Android. <3


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      Question: How do i use the hotkeys?

      None of the keys i use work whatsoever
      Favorite Tower: SPIKE FACTORY!