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What towers do you have the most XP in?

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  • What towers do you have the most XP in?

    Here's the list of my towers with the XP from least to greatest.

    20. Mortar Monkey (126,793)
    19. Ice Monkey (253,257)
    18. Boomerang Monkey (488,483)
    17. Spike Factory (488,854)
    16. Glue Gunner (491,392)
    15. Bomb Shooter (661,616)
    14. Druid (879,775)
    13. Tack Shooter (974,483)
    12. Banana Farm (1,093,005)
    11. Sniper Monkey (1,146,869)
    10. Heli Pilot (1,233,614)
    9. Monkey Village (1,234,642)
    8. Dart Monkey (1,425,090)
    7. Alchemist (1,539,180)
    6. Monkey Ace (1,563,110)
    5. Monkey Buccaneer (1,735,752)
    4. Super Monkey (1,861,577)
    3. Ninja Monkey (1,885,019)
    2. Monkey Sub (1,935,514)
    1. Wizard Monkey (2,051,485)

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    I haven't checked, but it's gotta be Tack shooter or something. I just love tacks (and easy maps)
    Favorite Tower: SPIKE FACTORY!


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      20. Mortar (10,568) - I absolutely hate the mortar and never use it. I haven't even unlocked all upgrades for it, which I made it a point to do for all other towers.
      19. Ice (25,452) - Ice towers really have no place in my strategies. I only get them really late in the game (usually after beating the BAD).
      18. Ace (38,083) - This tower has inaccurate aim and attacks in a way I don't like. It was the third worst tower in BTD5, but now I place it as second worst.
      17. Glue Gunner (52,151) - I use them a little more than ice towers (they help my spike machines out), but again, they really don't have a place in my strategies.
      16. Tack Shooter (92,570) - Same case with glue and ice, but I have been using them more due to their bottom path with fast attack speed and many projectiles.
      15. Boomerang (102,709) - This should probably be below the tack shooter. I only use it occasionally for turbo charge and even less for MOAB domination.
      14. Bomb Shooter (145,705) - I use this almost exclusively for MOAB mauler, which I use about as much as I use glue. I've used this for a lot of missions, though.
      13. Druid (226,735) - I never used this at first, but now I use it quite a lot. Also, there was a mission where I could only use these guys. I played that many times.
      12. Sniper (245,499) - I use these as early lead protection (mostly on alternate bloons), and MOAB crippling.
      11. Sub (321, 828) - I use these on water maps or on maps where I need constant MOAB protection, and snipers won't do, I use bloontonium reactor for stripping camo, Ballistic missile for basic defense, and Armor piercing darts for my MOAB protection. This is probably the tower I use most well-roundedly.
      10. Buccaneer (365,729) - I use this almost exclusively on water maps. It gives good, reliable defense and brings in extra money. I almost never use this tower without the middle path.
      9. Wizard (399,323) - I use these when I need some extra protection of any type. I like using the bottom with the top path.
      8. Monkey village (852,833) - Starting here are the towers I use a lot more. Monkey villages I use to help perma-spikes and alchemists. I used to use MIB, but now I use monkey town. I have also experimented with monkey city.
      7. Super Monkey (897,733) - I use these usually when playing on harder modes. I almost exclusively use Batman.
      6. Heli-Pilot (1,045,109) - I use these usually right before beating the BAD and right after getting Perma-spike. I usually use all three types, but I prefer the bottom path.
      5. Dart Monkey (1,544,613) - This is almost always my first tower. It is cheap and gives a good defense. I also get a lot of dart monkeys free. I almost always use triple darts, maybe juggernaut if I have no other choice.
      4. Spike factory (1,996,309) - I use these a ton. Perma-spike is my main late game defense. I use it in almost every game, but it has a lower ranking because I use it in conjunction with other towers, and I only use one.
      3. Banana farm (2,082,730) - I use these a lot just to get money in harder rounds. With the addition of Benjamin, I use 5 or 6 every game.
      2. Alchemist (2,299,509) - This is my favorite tower. I use these as support for ninjas and spike machines. They also work on their own grounds, acting like really effective glue gunners. I used to use them like a banana farm.
      1. Ninja (3,226,723) - I really have no idea why this has so much XP. I use it about 2 or three times per game, and I always get up to bloonjitsu. There was a time when I got all three types every game. Really, this tower has never left my strategies.

      If I could count how much XP I cumulatively got for each tower (all time), things would be very different, and I could almost guarantee you that super monkey would be number 1 (the upgrades are really expensive for them).
      I needed a new signature and profile picture because the bloonchipper is not in the game anymore. The new tower:

      It’s a corrosive glue gunning layer stripping road spiking buff giving MOAB exploding transforming bloon shrinking tower dependent fairly cheap banana farm. It's... The Alchemist!

      RIP Bloonchipper. You were a good tower


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        It seems it's"

        1. Super Monkey (16M+)
        2. Heli (5,7M)
        3. Ninja (4M)
        4. Village (3,6M)
        5. Dart (3,3M)