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Dartling Guns for BTD 6?

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  • Dartling Guns for BTD 6?

    These are my ideas for the dartling gun if it were to come to BTD 6. Hope you enjoy!

    xxx(no upgrades) $800
    very inaccurate, pierce of 1, damage of 1, shoots half as fast an xxx supermonkey, controlled by cursor or tap obviously

    Longer Barrels $600
    Decreases bloom by 30%, +1 pierce

    Advanced Rotary Equipment $1500
    Rate of fire increases by 60%, as well as an additional decrease of bloom of 60%

    Heavy Darts $6500
    heavy darts have 15 pierce each

    Laser Cannon $30,000
    Substitutes darts for laser blasts which have 35 pierce, 2 damage and bounce off of the wall, juggernaut style. This does not add lead popping power. Cannot pop purple bloons

    Ray of Doom $150,000
    a solid beam of doom with an insane rate of fire of one hit every 0.01 as well as 5 damage per hit. It also reflects off the wall 3 times. This does not add lead popping power. Cannot pop purple bloons.

    Sharpened Darts $800
    +2 pierce if equipped on a laser cannon, +10 pierce

    Acid-Dipped Darts
    The only upgrade in the game that allows this tower to pop leads and for the laser cannon, purples, aside from a village or alchemist of course.

    Hydra Rocket Pods $7500
    Fires rockets instead of darts, each rocket has a potential pierce of 30

    Bloon Area Denial $25,000
    Fires three lines of rockets, each rocket has a potential pierce of 70. A new active ability: fires a thick spray of rockets onto the bloons, each rocket has infinite pierce and creates an explosion on every bloon it hits.

    Bloon Zero $100,000
    Each rocket now splits into 3 rockets when closing in on a bloon. Now has 6 lines of rockets. The new ability: All dart-firing towers on screen now throw thick sprays of rockets for 15 seconds, the higher rate of fire of the tower, the faster it throws

    Powerful Darts $650
    +2 damage

    Permanent Injury $800
    Has a 40% chance to inflict a "deflation" ability on the bloons it hits. Affected bloons will lose one layer per second after hit.

    Moab Takedown $3000
    Darts deal 3x damage to moab-class bloons, darts that hit moabs have a 20% to stick and take off 10% of its health every 3 seconds, this can only bring the moab down 50% health, there can only be one of these per moab, and this doesn't work on BFBs, ZOMGs, or BADs.

    Moab Destruction $8000
    Darts now deal 15x damage to moabs. darts can now stick to BFBs. Depending on which part of a moab or BFB you hit, it will inflict different things. These things can only happen once per moab. If it hits the propellers, it will it down 30%, If it hits the fins, primary and military towers will deal 1.2x damage to it. If it hits the nose, it will deal 30x damage one time. If it hits anywhere else, it will stick. These darts can no longer do anything to bloons, only moabs.

    Moab SHAMED (Super Hellish And Massive Entangling Destruction) $120,000
    Darts now deal an additional 10x damage to moabs. darts can stick and affect ZOMG, and darts can inflict BADs with everything except the percentage of health ability. Slowed Moabs are now slowed 60%, moabs that take extra damage from military and primary now take 10x instead of 1.2x. Darts to the nose now deal 100x damage one time. Each dart has a chance to insta-kill the moab-class bloons up to ZOMGs that it hits, 15%, this ability can be activated 10 times per round.

    Thanks for listening to my ideas, especially if you got this far. Be sure to comment your ideas below. Also, I take all criticism as advice, so feel free to tell me what you want. Have a great day!!!

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    Dartling gun upgrades have already been leaked, the upgrades are somewhere on a reddit post.


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      in BTD 5, 4x has "infinit" bloon popping power, but is too bad vs moab. In BTD6, I would like to see this old upgrade and another path good vs moab


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        I heard that they aren't bringing back bloonchipper though. I mean we only seen the beta and first 2 days of the release, so we can't say it is dead. I hope NK adds new stuff in updates like in BTD4 and 5
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          I really hope this gets added, especially since bloon chipper likely won't be.


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            Excuse me, what the heck? 4xx and 5xx can't pop lead? Are you serious?
            When it becomes the ray of doom, it should definitely be able to pop purples.
            And no, the upgrades should remain the same price, I have no idea how you thought of these unreasonable ridiculously hilarious but infuriating prices.
            No, just no.


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              They should add new bloons…. getting boring. Add BOSS-Bloons!


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                @[URL=""]kingbill[/URL] Of course they will still add new content, but for as long as BTD6 gets a lot of success, there will be updates that can bring in new content and new towers.


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                  Dartling gunner idea is dope. Kind of confused about the third skill tree and I feel like the ray of doom should pop leads but I can understand it still not popping purples. Could make that a monkey knowledge skill?