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BTD 6 New Tower Idea, post your ideas below! Pt. 1

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  • BTD 6 New Tower Idea, post your ideas below! Pt. 1

    The Melee Monkey (Tell me if you have a better name)

    - Used mid-game and late game

    - Unique from other towers because it doesn't use ranged weapons as it's primary popping power (there is an upgrade for it)

    - Limited range

    - Can be sacrificed for sun temples or true sun gods, will add a passive ability that spawns in 5th tier top path melee monkeys

    - Can miss on some attacks

    Okay, time to start talking about the upgrades

    If this was put in the game, I would request that only the most important changes would be listed in the description of the upgrade

    I'll remind about the 000 tower stats every time I switch to a new path

    Also, remember that the insane pierce on this tower is suppressed by the tiny range

    000(no upgrades) $600

    3 pierce

    1 damage

    attacks once every .5 seconds

    20% chance to miss on every attack

    very small range

    uses a sword


    Improved technique $300

    - now attacks once every .4 seconds

    - missing chance reduced to 15%


    Higher quality gear $400

    - pierce increased to 5

    - small range increase


    Self-Discipline $1200

    - attacks once every .35 seconds

    - pierce increased to 7

    - only misses 9% of the time

    - small range increase

    - damage increased to 2


    Way of the Samurai $4000

    - pierce increased to 10

    - does not miss anymore

    - small range increase

    - damage increased to 3

    - has a chance to light bloons on fire when hit, this attack needs .5 seconds to recharge, this fire does not stop burning and burns through one layer every .5 seconds. A blue bloon has a 5% chance to be lit on fire, every rank beyond that is +5%. This fire deals 20 damage every second to moab-class bloons, it cannot burn the BAD.

    - a new stabbing attack that activates every 7 attacks and pierces through 50bloons and does one layer of damage to each one, takes 5 layers off of full-health ceramics. If the ceramic is not full health, it will do the normal 1 damage.

    - If the tower is in range of a ninja, it will attack once every .3 seconds. If it is in range of a ninja with the shinobi tactics upgrade, it will have a bonus boost of 3pierce.

    - has a new "assassain's arrow" ability that activates once every round, it deals 8,000 to the first moab on the screen, it cannot activate on rounds where there is only 1-5 moab-class bloons. There can only be up to 5 assassian's arrows each round