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BTD 6 New Tower Idea: The Marine Monkey

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  • BTD 6 New Tower Idea: The Marine Monkey

    The Military Monkey(Tell if you have a better name). I thought it was time for a new water tower, there are only 2 right now. But this tower is different, it can be placed on water or land, on water it will be on a small boat.
    Well, here's my idea, hope you enjoy!

    xxx(no upgrades)$300
    has a slingshot that shoots wooden balls as fast an xxx dart monkey, each ball has 2 pierce and 1 damage. it has the range of an xxx supermonkey
    used mid and early game
    Stretchier Sling $350
    longer range and +1 pierce

    Whittled Ammunition $500
    ammunition is now in the shape of a bullet, 4 pierce, infinite projectile speed, and 1.2x attack speed

    Pvt. Monkey $1500
    Switches to an assault rifle that has 2x attack speed and fires lead bullets that have 2 damage

    Advanced Armoury $4000
    Uses a machine gun with 2x the attack speed of the assault rifle and 7 pierce

    One Monkey Army $40,000
    I want the description to be "The point in war isn't to die for your country, it's to make the other guy die for his country."
    The military monkey now fires at incredible speed, 5x the speed of a 4xx and deals 4 damage

    Bigger Bullets $500
    Wooden balls now have x2 damage

    Heavy Materials $350
    Projectile speed is reduced by 50%, but pierce is increased by 2

    Anti Airship Cannon $1000
    Now uses an anti-air cannon that deals 25 damage per hit to moab-class bloons

    Airstrike $6500
    An ability that sends 100 Sky-Shredders across the screen

    Aerial Domination $20,000
    The ability now sends 100 Sky-Shredders from each direction of directions as well as a massive bombardment of 5xx mortar shots

    Radar $400
    Grants a massive range increase

    Homing Bullets $400
    Bullets seek out bloons in range and pop them

    Radio Communication
    *Must be on water for this upgrade
    Every other shot is explosive and the tower is granted range of the entire map

    Marine $6000
    Can board 4xx buccaneers and 4xx submarines
    For buccaneers, the tower is granted +4 pierce and double attack speed
    For submarines, the tower is granted +2 damage and double attack speed

    Fleet Admiral
    All water towers in its effective range(xx1 range) are granted an x3 boost to their own boosts. For example, an energizer sub, which grants +50% hero exp gain, would now grant +150% hero exp gain.

    Thanks for reading my ideas, especially if you got this far. I'll take any criticism as advice, and be sure to suggest you ideas in the comments, no bad ideas!!! Have a great day. (Sorry for the bad grammar by the way).

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    "Marine" was taken by x/5/x heli ability
    Favorite Tower: SPIKE FACTORY!


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      Very good idea. I hope they add it since I love water monkeys.
      I see all.