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  • Changes i think need to be made

    First let's talk about the first point: FAILING!
    When you use Esc to pause before you fail but time it wrong, you go to the MAIN MENU instead of pausing. Using escape to save you from death one moment & erase your chances the next is just completely unfair, and could prevent you from replaying previous daily/advanced challenges.

    There's also the issue with Sandbox mode & typing numbers into the bloon menu forcing bloons to be sent, which could crash the game if you're not careful. (more of a bug than a change)

    Now for a little path fixing:
    TACK SHOOTER: The 2/0/2 paths are very mismatched. Overdrive is on the path that "more tacks" is on, even though all it does is make it shoot faster. Combined with Faster shooting & tack sprayer, it's almost too good against MOABs at times. On top of that, Ring of Fire has NO CROSSPATH WITH MORE TACKS! The Hot Shots benefit heavily with more tacks, but there's no excuse for making Faster shooting not shoot faster, and More tacks do more damage.
    1: More tacks x2 > Hot shots > Ring of Fire
    2: Faster shooting x2 > Nail shooter? (3x MOAB+ceramic damage) > Overdrive

    ICE TOWER:Cryo cannon sucks a whole bunch of dongles. That being said, it's path (bottom) is 100% linear, and fits the upgrades they lead up to.
    Though the other paths kinda trail off when it comes to theming. I think Permafrost applies more to temperature, not brittleness. The paths i think should be:
    1: Enhanced freeze > Metal freeze
    2: Permafrost > Deep freeze
    (Either this, or this with deep & enhanced freezes swapped)

    MONKEY ACE: just... pineapples
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    Err, fixed the Tack Shooter one. Didn't give a clear picture on how it would work. Pulled the upgrade out of my ass, but Idk what else to put there.
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    Favorite Tower: SPIKE FACTORY!