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  • btd6 account transferal

    Hi, I bought btd6 on android and would like to know if it were possible to transfer the purchase to steam in some way; or if I have to repurchase the game in order to play it on linux.
    Part of the reasoning for this is that my phone is not powerful enough to run the game. The game is slow and keeps crashing.

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    You have to rebuy it and idk if they released it on Linux yet.
    I saw a button that said edit post signature so I did.

    I forgot I have a Youtube channel:


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      My mom let me use her iPad for BTD6. I was extremely disappointed in the experience, with all the required passwords, that I continued with my old tablet for everything else, whether reading books on quantum field theory or watching channels like Kevin's Corner and Adeola Fayehun, not to mention Serpentza and Wode Maya. Apple wants to build that wall, but they went way too far. It was alphanumeric soup with the passwords, and I was getting tired of it. And like some leaders who need to be retired, my tablet was getting old. Old apps were getting buggy, and new ones would not run.

      So I got a new Samsung tablet that is quad core, and gave the iPad back to mom. I downloaded BTD6, and the account transfer went smoothly.
      The game says: the bloons have taken over your town
      Green and white Take It Back button appears
      But only in the tutorial
      I tweeted my silly fanfic @jasonc65

      Monkeys are real
      Bombs are real
      #takeitback is real