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  • In-Game Road Items

    Since BTD2, road items are purchasable with in-game cash. The two items in BTD2 are road spikes and monkey glues. The later games also have road items as well. Since BTD3, the exploding pineapples are introduced and monkey glue is absent in BTD5. (BTD Battles don't have road items.) However, when BTD6 and BATTD is released, no road items available with in-game cash. In BTD6, road spikes are available in Power, but pineapples and glue is absent. I think road items should be back to make the game more interesting. They should be all back and I suggest the additional item: Watermelon.

    Watermelon is the mixture of Pineapple, Frag Bomb, and Monkey Glue. It can be dropped anywhere on the map and explode when it reaches the floor. The explosion is the same size of pineapple, destroying two layers of bloons, but the melon frag can spread nearby. Water can slow down nearby bloons as well. Cost $50 on Easy, 60 on Medium, and 65 on Hard.

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    I never used pineapples or glue, but I think we really need road spikes back.
    I needed a new signature and profile picture because the bloonchipper is not in the game anymore. The new tower:

    It’s a corrosive glue gunning layer stripping road spiking buff giving MOAB exploding transforming bloon shrinking tower dependent fairly cheap banana farm. It's... The Alchemist!

    RIP Bloonchipper. You were a good tower


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      I felt weird about that decision too... I mean, they would probably be banned in CHIMPS, since chimps is practically NAPSFRILLS from btd5, but it still feels weird to not be able to pop that one last bloon without placing a whole tower.


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        Probably in the same boat with some of the other features they changed/kept away from initial release because they didn't want it to seem to much like the previous ones.