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How to play Bloons TD 6, no Bluestacks or Casting.

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  • How to play Bloons TD 6, no Bluestacks or Casting.

    This is by far the most awesomeness solution out there. Don't have the patience to wait for Steam version? Frustrated with an emulators slow performance? Casting too much of a hassle? Worry no more. This does not use casting nor slow emulators such as Bluestacks. This works with RAM of any variety, however, this may only work on computers 5 years old or newer as I tried it on my 10 year old laptop and both options froze. On my 2015 HP, it worked. The best part is, this won't replace Windows or whatever you're using at all unless you are comfortable using Android as your day to day OS. Anyways, let's get started.

    What you need

    The Operating System I am introducing you to is called Phoenix OS. This can be installed to Hard drive like a windows installation or you can boot from USB. For this, we'll be booting from USB, so make sure you have 8gb or higher. I'm using 64gb and the result is much faster than windows emulators.

    1. Download Phoenix OS ISO from here

    2. Download Rufus from here. For convenience, select portable version.

    3. Load up Rufus and insert your USB. Choose the Phoenix OS ISO and Rufus should fill everything needed automatically. Make sure one of the boxes shows MBR instead of what may be there. Make sure quick format is checked and then click ok. Click ok again on the warning and let it go.

    4. Once done, restart and load up your BIOS. Disable UEFI boot and enable legacy boot. Make sure USB is at the top so that, not windows or whatever boots. Disable secure boot as well. F10, enter, and then Phoenix OS should load.

    5. Choose Boot from USB and the initializing screen will appear. Wait and OS should load.

    6. Once in, click the gear on the windows like super bar at the bottom. Find the mouse settings and lower it or raise it to your liking.

    7. In the spot where Start button would be at in Windows, press it and Google play should appear. Click it. Sign in with Google. If you get weird '-esk symbols in Email, use the left arrow key and hit backspace. Do not use show password otherwise, you'll get random Chinese in it.

    8. Search Bloons TD6 and download it.

    9. Load it up and click I've played before. Try to login and then update Google play games when prompted. Once done, go back to game, exit login and hit play,

    9. You are now Rocking and Rolling. Congratz!

    I hope this solution will hold you over until a steam release.

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    Disabling secure boot on your computer is very dangerous and could expose you to viruses.
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      I know, but Linux doesn't use that, which is what this is based off of.


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        This can now be closed please.


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          While this is a bit old and BTD6 being released on Steam, disabling secure boot is only as dangerous as you are prone to installing a virus. Don't be stupid and you should be fine. Those running Linux distros such as Ubuntu probably already keep it off because of the many other annoyances which come with it being enabled in the first place