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  • New Tower Idea

    This is my first Monkey, so I need some help. Feel free to reply changes that will make this tower more balanced, or any info you need. I'm glad to have your feedback.

    (N.A.N) Need a Name: I couldn't think of a good name for this upgrade

    Ray-gunner Monkey (450$)
    Placed on land
    Base Popping Power: 1
    Base Reload Speed: 1 second
    Base Range: 0-0-0 Bomb Tower
    Infinite Bloon Pierce
    Cannot pop: Purple Bloon, Lead Bloon.
    "This Monkey has got his hands on a powerful weapon, but does he know how to use it? Yes. Yes he does. In fact, he pops many bloons with this high tech Thingamajig."

    Ray Reload (1-x-x) (350$)
    Reload Upgrade: 0.8 seconds
    "Increased Shoot Speed"

    Bloon Sense (2-x-x) (600$)
    Rays within the range of the Ray-gunner Monkey drift toward bloons.
    "Rays near the Ray-Gunner Monkey will drift toward bloons"

    Double Shot (3-x-x) (1000$)
    Two Rays fire at once
    "Two Rays are fired at once"

    N.A.N (4-x-x) (7000$)
    Rays move much slower
    Every 2 seconds, the Ray creates two more mini rays, with the same stats besides Pierce is 3
    "The Rays create tinier versions of themselves"

    N.A.N (5-x-x) (36000$)
    Every second, the Ray creates a exact duplicate along with 4 Mini rays
    Duplicate can also split
    "Only a select few top notch ray-gunners can handle the power of (Name)"

    Long Range Rays (x-1-x) (225$)
    Range Upgrade: 0-0-1 Bomb Tower
    "Increased Range"

    Super Range Rays (x-2-x) (400$)
    Range Upgrade: Level 13 Quincy
    "Increased Range"

    Tesla Cannon (x-3-x) (1600$)
    Fires a beam of lightning along with the rays (Like BTD5 Wizard (2-x)
    Reload: 4 Seconds (3.2 Seconds if (1-x-x) Purchased)
    Popping Power: 2
    "Fires Lightning along with the usual Rays"

    N.A.N (x-4-x) (6500$)
    Lightning Reload Speed: 3.5 seconds (2.7 seconds if 1-x-x purchased)
    N.A.N Ability: Halves Lightning Reload Speed while active, and doubles Lightning Popping Power.
    "NAN A: Increases Lightning Popping Power by 2x while making it shoot faster"

    N.A.N (x-5-x) (31000$)
    Lightning Reload speed: 1 Second (0.5 seconds if 1-x-x Purchased)
    N.A.N Ability: Same as x-4-x but Lightning Popping power is 5x normal
    "NAN A: Increases Lightning Popping Power by 5x while making it shoot faster"

    Hot Ray (x-x-1) (300$)
    Can Pop Lead Bloons
    Projectile is slightly bigger
    Popping Power: 3
    "Can pop Leads"

    Ice Ray (x-x-2) (400$)
    Swaps every other Hot Ray with an Ice Ray.
    Only Hot Ray can pop Leads
    Ice Ray can Freeze types beside White, Purple and Zebra for 3 seconds
    Both Projectiles are bigger
    "An Ice ray can freeze bloons while the Heat ray takes them out."

    Elemental Aura (x-x-3) (1500$)
    Both Projectiles are slightly bigger.
    Both Projectiles have an aura the size of a 0-0-0 tack
    Ice Rays aura slows down bloons for 5 seconds after they come out of the aura
    Hot Rays aura burns Bloons for 3 seconds, doing 1 damage each second.
    Popping Power: 4
    "Each Ray has an aura that burns and slows bloons

    Elemental Merge (x-x-4) (4000$)
    Projectile is 2x Bigger
    One side is Ice, which freezes for 6 seconds now
    Other side is heat, which can now pop any type of Bloon
    Popping Power: 5
    "The two rays are now one, and their sizes doubles."

    Elemental Master (x-x-5) (20000$)
    One Elemental Ray Spins Around the Monkey. Any Bloon who touches the Ray gets Obliterated. Rays fired from the gun do double dmg.

    Hope you guys like it. :P
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  • #2
    "This Monkey has got his hands on a powerful weapon ... In fact, he pops many bloons with this high tech Thingamajig."

    Base Popping Power: 1

    You realize "popping power" means "Pierce", right?
    You might be thinking of "damage" and "layers"

    Also 50PP MAXIMUM without upgrades! No tower costing under $8000 should pop infinite bloons (as i've complained elsewhere)

    And really up the price if it's supposed to be a megapiercing tower.
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