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Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 5.0

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  • Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 5.0

    BTD6 v5.0 Patch Notes

    Awesome new features!

    Three New Amazing Maps:
    • Frozen Over- A new easy map that will send a chill down your spine
    • Haunted - We don’t mean to have flHaunted our new intermediate map but we think it’s pretty spooky!
    • Dark Castle - Defend the castle from the waves of Bloons in this new expert map
    Two New Powers:
    • Tech Bot - Tech Bot automatically triggers activated abilities for you as soon as they are ready
    • Energizing Totem - This totem will increase the attack speed of all Monkeys in range by 25% for 5 rounds, and can be recharged for just a few more MM
    Halloween Theme:
    • Halloween has taken over the world of BTD6 and everything has a spooky theme now!
    Trick or Treat Event:
    • Collect the candy treats and when the pumpkin basket is full, tap for a surprise activated ability. Use it whenever you need, as you won’t collect new candy when the pumpkin basket is full.
    Cyber Quincy Skin:
    • Quincy has gotten a new sense of style and a need for revenge against the DDT that took him down. This is a skin, so no new combat stats or abilities - all powers are intact, we just couldn’t rebuild that larynx.
    General Bug Fixes
    • A rare issue with prices in the store occasionally not displaying has been resolved
    • General language translations fixes
    • Many UI and Resolution issues resolved across different devices
    • Memory issues with fullscreen effects resolved
    • Water on #ouch can now be correctly drained even when land towers are overlapping the edge
    • Having 10 or more of a single type of insta monkey will no longer prevent you from using the one at the bottom
    • Previous Daily Challenge saves should no longer crash
    • Perfect Week achievement now works correctly
    • Drop & Lock no longer crashes the game when double-tapping to place tower
    • Continues now display the correct round in apopalypse
    • Daily Challenges will now display the allowed towers in the correct order
    • Towers should now be a little easier to pull out of the tower select and place
    • A memory leak with spamming the Time Stop power has been resolved
    Tower and Hero Bug Fixes

    Ice Monkey
    • Ice Monkey #/#/3 Cryo Cannon’s targeting priority is no longer a button
    Monkey Sub
    • Monkey Sub #/5/# Pre-Emptive Strike can now always hit targets that have been glued
    Monkey Buccaneer
    • Buccaneer 5/#/# Carrier Flagship when sold will no longer make any towers placed on top of it unusable
    • Buccaneer #/5/# Pirate Lord has had a miscount resolved on its number of targets when some are fortified
    Heli Pilot
    • Heli Pilot’s model corrected for some upgrades
    Ninja Monkey
    • Ninja Monkey #/5/# Grand Saboteur now adds damage dealt from its ability to its damage counter
    • Alchemist 2/#/# Acidic Mixture Dip should no longer buff Villages before their 5/#/# upgrade
    • Alchemist 3+/#/# Brews no longer apply their range buff twice
    • Alchemist #/5/# Total Transformation no longer changes the footprint size of towers transformed
    • Alchemist #/#/5 Bloon Master Alchemist no longer gives too much cash when it converts bloons
    Monkey Village
    • Monkey Village #/#/3 Monkey Commerce no longer occasionally makes itself cheaper
    • Benjamin’s Syphon Funding will no longer make ceramics turn sideways
    Obyn Greenfoot
    • Obyn Greenfoot’s footprint is now medium instead of large
    Tower and Hero Balance & Changes
    • Many changes made to the placement and platforms system to improve stacking and map height issues, so there will be some changes in tower placement
    • Powers and Heroes will no longer prevent progress on single tower class achievements
    • The in-game powers menu now have a button to jump down to your insta monkeys
    • There can be only one, but there might be a new portrait
    • Buying a Monkey Knowledge respec now saves the game
    • Some cash production towers now have a new symbol for Cash Count rather than Damage Count
    Glue Gunner
    • Glue Gunner #/5/# Glue Storm description updated to reflect the new duration
    Ninja Monkey
    • Ninja Monkey #/2/# Counter Espionage description updated to “All attacks” rather than just “Shurikens”
    • Alchemist #/3/# Unstable Concoction will now take more pierce to hit MOABs of higher tiers, 2 pierce for MOAB/BFB, 4 pierce for ZOMG/DDT and 10 pierce for BADs
    Super Monkey
    • Super Monkey 4/#/# Sun Temple’s Sun Avatar spawn placement has been changed to hopefully make them less annoying
    Obyn Greenfoot
    • Obyn Greenfoot’s totems will now place on the track to reduce totem trolling

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    *insert 10 characters*


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      Fun Fact, with the addition of the Promotiobal Trick or Treat event, it is now possible to beat a track with nothing but Hero and Banana Farms.


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        Dark castle should be an advanced map. It is by far the easiest expert map in the game. I beat it on easy and medium without any trouble at all (whereas the other ones I could barely beat on easy). The fact that it quadruples bloon send isn't enough. Those other maps are hard because entrances/exits are spaced so that you cannot have 1 tower defending all paths. So you have to have more towers. This map could be beat exactly as I beat any other map because the entrances are not spaced very far and the bloons all merge into one exit.
        I needed a new signature and profile picture because the bloonchipper is not in the game anymore. The new tower:

        It’s a corrosive glue gunning layer stripping road spiking buff giving MOAB exploding transforming bloon shrinking tower dependent fairly cheap banana farm. It's... The Alchemist!

        RIP Bloonchipper. You were a good tower


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          I might have trouble on dark castle on reverse cause the path would split not come together
          *super monkey memes*