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  • Gwmad2006
    commented on 's reply
    I like that idea

  • IAmJarvisTM
    commented on 's reply
    Perhaps the Garden Monkey could be a fusion of concepts of Spike Factory and Druid? Like it utilizes track placements top pop bloons and this can have synergy with the Druid in some way, like boosting thorn damage or something?

  • LotusMoonveil
    I want the druid to have a good friend in tune with nature. Garden Monkey that grows venus flytraps that HATE balloons. Make it so that if one is in range of the other they both do slightly better. A synergy tower combo would be fun to have and if both are 050s they unlock an ability called Natures Poppage. Basically the spikes become flytraps and launch off doing damage. Not really good at prices or upgrades but if I do post a better version I'll try my best.

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  • IAmJarvisTM
    commented on 's reply
    We ARE yet to see a FLYING Hero, so it COULD be a possibility as an application to fit said role...

  • Dumbledad
    NEW HERO TYPE: Astrochimp (or Space Monkey)

    What I'd like to see is a new chimp type based on the idea that the first Chimpanzees sent into space were exposed to gamma radiation and became hyper-intelligent, possibly living amongst the stars beyond a black hole for hundreds of years before returning to our space-time.

    Appearance: cute, plump NASA white spacesuit with the usual adorable monkey face peering out, as he levels up he could attach improvised spacey tech to his suit, example a scanning device at Level 5 (see image example attached - actually nevermind, massively restrictive forums, can't create new posts or attach images .. but you probably get the concept anyways)

    Alternate Skin: Full anomaly - glowing eyes, eerie radiance, lose the helmet, hair flying weightlessly, make him levitate ideally

    Name Possibilities: Astrochimp (my preference), Anomaly, Ham, Ham the Astrochimp, Space Monkey

    Game Play: let him detect camo (scanning device) at Level 5, balance him generally against the other heroes, maybe *dont* make him a buffer or moneymaker, but give him powerful laser attacks so he can be a choice as a direct damage and utility hero

    Personal Comment: I'd be my kid's greatest hero of all time if you went with this concept, so please do it. I surrender all rights, IP and whatnot to the owners of Bloons TD6 and seek no current or future remuneration if you did deploy a completely awesome space monkey ‚Äč

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  • Kookeekwisp
    commented on 's reply
    you also don't say what the base tower does... at all.
    Also the 4th tier top path sounds extremely weak

  • IAmJarvisTM
    commented on 's reply
    This SOUNDS a tad... niche, though that may be the word usage.

  • IAmJarvisTM
    commented on 's reply
    Very interesting! I especially like the use of color text, though I'm curious about the fact that ALL paths for this idea have Activated Abilities, since that's normally a thing dedicated to whatever is used for the middle path of the tower in-game.

  • RodeoClown
    Monkey Power Grid (whatever fancy name someone can think of)
    Either Primary or Support

    100 : Plug In - [Electrical Discharge] Monkeys near by get speed boost of 2%, Slows Bloons x1.5
    200 : Broken Wire - [Electrical Discharge] Slows Bloons +x1.5 + Pops Layer +1 (Includes Camo & Steel)
    300 : Generator - Slows Bloons +x2, Stuns Bloons 1s every 8s, Pops Layer +2, (Increase cash per pop x2)
    400 : Power Co - Increase Stun -3s, Pops Layer +2, Monkeys near by get speed boost of 2% (Increase cash per pop +x3)
    500 : Monkey Coil - Increase Stun -2s, Pops Layer +2, Monkeys near by get speed boost of 6%
    Ability - Overload - On screen Bloons Stuns for 5s, Pops Layer +10 (recharge timer 30s) Tower Off Line for 10s
    010 : More - Increase Range & Speed (x2)
    020 : Even More - Increase Range & Speed (+x4)
    030 : It's a Fan - (Increase cash per pop x2) Monkeys Near by Gain Frost**
    Abilities - Targeting (Forward) Blows bloons away (Slows Bloons x1.5, Pops Layer +2)
    (Reverse) Sucks them in & Shreds (Speeds up bloons x2 + Pops +5 Layer)
    040 : Monkey Fan - (Increase cash per pop +x3)
    Abilities - Targeting (Forward) Blows bloons away (Slows Bloons +x1.5, Pops Layer +3)
    (Reverse) Sucks them in & Shreds (Speeds up bloons +x2 + Pops +5 Layer)
    050 : Monkeyerbine - (Turns into Wind Turbine)
    Abilities - Targeting (Forward) Blows bloons away (Slows Bloons +x2, Pops Layer +5)
    (Reverse) Sucks them in & Shreds (Speeds up bloons +x6 + Pops +10 Layer)
    001 : Fire it up - Track heats up - Speeds up Bloons x1, Burns Layer +1 (includes Camo)
    002 : Turn it up - Adds Popping Power to near by Monkeys +1 & Flame
    003 : Churn the Coals - Track heats up more - Speeds up Bloons +x2, Burns Layer +4 (Increase cash per pop x2)
    004 : Furnace - Track is on fire (Radius) Speeds up Bloons +x7, Burns layer +5 (Increase cash per pop +x3)
    Ability - FIRE! - [Increased Flame] Burns Layer +10 (recharge timer 20s)
    005 : Mega Furnace - Burns Layer +5, Speeds up Bloons +x5 (Radius)
    Ability - Scortched Earth - Sets whole track on fire (duration 5s - recharge timer 30s) Tower shuts down for 10s

    ** Frost: Gives Tower ability slow Bloon x1.5

    All Prices, Times, Pluses & Additions subject to anyone with a better understanding to how its all done, cause i'm just shooting from the hip.
    You should get what i'm aiming for.

    Side Note: i like how they added Flame. i'd like to see other elements be added in the future.

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  • Wolfer G
    Basic idea. A fusion gimmick tower with 2 paths, life and death, that should still be good even without the gimmick part. Once you get maybe a monkey knowledge or something you can get both paths to a debuffed tier 3, 4 and 5 and then it can fuse the two paths into one to make a yin yang prototype tier 6 sort of thing and to compensate for the overpowered-ness of it, it can only get an ability at the "tier 6" + it will cost more than maybe 150,000 making it the most expensive upgrade.

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  • Wolfer G
    Sorry if I'm doing this wrong. I'm new

    Painter Monkey

    Description: Magic monkey who knows how to use magic paint.

    1xx Transfiguration Paint: has a chance to turn balloons a layer down

    2xx Yellow Paint: Splatters yellow colour on balloons making pink balloons pop for 2 layers.

    3xx Green Paint: Splatters green colour on balloons making yellow balloons pop for 2 layers.

    4xx Blue Paint: Splatters blue colour on balloons making green balloons pop for 2 layers.

    5xx Red Paint: Turns any balloons into red balloons except for MOAB class balloons.

    x1x Leak: Leaks paint onto the track.

    x2x Spill: Leaks more often.

    x3x Bigger Mess: Makes puddles of colour that last longer.

    x4x Rainbow Rain: (Ability) Rains all coloured paint, but red, down that colour balloons except MOAB class balloons.

    x5x Red Rain: (Ability) Rains only red which changes all balloons but MOAB class balloons.

    xx1 Bigger Brush: Can splatter paint on 2 balloons at a time.

    xx2 Even Bigger Brush: Can cover whole balloons turning them the colour of the paint.

    xx3 Flat Head Brush: Paints up to 5 balloons at a time.

    xx4 B.F.B. (Big Friendly Brush): A brush so big it can splatter paint passed it's use by date on MOABs and BFBs. (Could be renamed for less confusion + past it's used by date basically means like acidic paint)

    xx5 Ultimate Brush: This monkey keeps it in his back pocket just in case. (Very large range + can paint maybe 15 bloons, give or take some.)
    That's my idea
    Last edited by Wolfer G; 07-08-20, 01:22 PM.

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  • jammyfish
    Athlete monkey: each upgrade branch is for a different sport.

    Music monkey: support tower, 3 different instruments

    Swordsman monkey: Spartan branch with phalanx, Samurai branch with fast attack speed, William Wallace branch with claymore?

    Chef monkey: has a knife, throws broth and ingredients

    Policeman monkey: speed traps, revenue from tickets

    Mafia monkey: tommy gun, stronger in numbers, makes money from lives lost?

    Racecar monkey: drives around the track popping as he passes bloons. Smoke cloud could slow?

    Office monkey: shoots staples and splashes coffee

    Cowboy monkey: revolver and lasso

    Alien monkey: ray gun and lasers. UFO abilities

    Zombie monkey: turns the bloons it hits into the zombie bloons

    Nerd monkey: "Star wars" fan branch, "start trek" fan branch, or "marvel" comic branch

    Cheerleader monkey: support. Mascot, megaphone, and different signs to hold up. "Speed" sign, "offense", "defense" knock back

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  • IAmJarvisTM
    commented on 's reply
    I like this! Though I need to point one thing out, the "Ability" path is always in the middle, that is, whatever upgrade path unlocks an ability for the tower. Also, it'd be a good idea to, maybe, think of what the estimated priced for these upgrades would be? Just a suggestion, though frankly a tad hypocritical of me, since I don't even have that much for my "Lab Monkey" idea... Though I DO have that down for the Dartling Gun one...

  • AgentCucco
    I feel like the game could greatly benefit from a water Primary tower, so here goes:

    Snorkel Monkey
    Weakness: Lead & Camo.
    Cost: $250
    - Doesn't really show his face on the game, it just looks like a snorkel and blowgun coming out of the water.

    Shoots an air propelled dart with a blowgun.
    - These darts travel faster than Dart Monkey's.
    - Darts deal 1 damage.
    - Darts have 3 pierce.
    - Tower has small range (Smaller than Dart Monkey).
    - Tower has medium Attack speed (Faster than Dart Monkey).

    Upgrade path 1. (Z/x/x)
    Quick Shots: Snorkel Monkey will shoot 20% faster.

    Quicker Shots: Snorkel Monkey will shoot 40% faster.

    Poison Tipped Darts: Darts are now covered in deadly poison which will deal DoT to bloons.

    Toxic Mixture: Darts will be covered in toxins, dealing even more DoT to bloons hit; toxins last for less time but deal way more DoT. If a bloon is popped by a toxin dart (initial hit, not DoT), it will release a toxic explosion capable of poisoning nearby bloons.

    Liquid Death: Toxins are now replaced with a liquid death mixture that can pierce through lead, and deal even more damage to bloons in even less time. Liquid Death also hijacks bloons' central nervous system, paralyzing them for some time, or slowing them in case of MOAB class bloons. Slight range increase. (Budget tier 5).

    Upgrade path 2. (x/Z/x)
    Clear Snorkel: Snorkel Monkey range increased by 33%.

    Extra Barrel: Snorkel Monkey will attach a second barrel to their blowgun, to gain twice as much popping power.

    Weakspot Target: Snorkel Monkey can pop through 3 extra layers of bloons.

    Monkey Supplier: Snorkel Monkeys nearby will gain +2 extra pierce, +1 extra damage and +5% attack speed. Stacks up to 8 times. (Buffs self).

    Leader of the Bunch: [ Ability ] When used, all nearby Snorkel Monkeys will get +20% range, +5 extra pierce, +5 damage and +50% attack speed for 20 seconds. || When purchased, Leader of the Bunch also gains permanent +4 pierce, +2 damage and +10% attack speed for himself (Cheap tier 5)

    Upgrade path 3: (x/x/Z)
    Enhanced Lungs: Darts will now pierce through 2 more bloons.

    Bionic Lungs: Darts will now pierce through 3 more bloons.

    Gunpowder Filling: Every 4 darts shot, Snorkel Monkey will shoot an explosive dart which will deal AoE damage to all bloons near the explosion (explosion doesn't affect black bloons).

    Cannon Pellets: Snorkel Monkey is now armed with only explosive pellets, which have a bigger blast radius and deal extra damage to bloons. All pierce is now transformed into raw explosion damage (1 pierce = 2 damage).

    Magma Titan: Snorkel Monkey will become a bloon popping machine, by filling his pellets with magma. These new pellets, upon exploding will release a flurry of magma near the source of the explosion, lighting bloons on fire and dealing high DoT. Explosion range and damage is increased significantly. Base range for Snorkel Monkey is also increased. Magma shot from the explosion can pop black bloons. (Expensive tier 5).

    ------= Notes =------
    + I'm really bad with balancing prices, so I just came up with the upgrade trees, even if a bit OP on paper.
    + I know the idea kinda devolved from a water monkey into just a solid blowgun monkey. But I just want a water primary, even if it means super nerfing a lot of my ideas (though I'm sure they'd need to get nerfed either way, lol).
    Last edited by AgentCucco; 11-07-20, 04:32 AM.

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  • IAmJarvisTM
    commented on 's reply
    This doesn't really tell me much in terms of the mechanics except for loose implications. Could you, perhaps, explain this in a little more detail, please?