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    A tower that's $575 on Medium would cost $490 on Easy and $620 on Hard.


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      How about a:
      Guitarist Monkey
      Plays a guitar, which buffs nearby towers and pops 2 layers of Bloons. Each path has references a famous guitarist (Eric Clapton, Ozzy Osbourne, Jason Aldean) T3 Path 2 references AC/DCs Highway to Hell, and the T4 is a direct reference of Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train.
      0-0-0: 740
      1-x-x: Fingerpicking
      Blasts 3 layers off instead of 2.
      2-x-x: Basic Blues.Plays Blues, which slows Bloons and makes all nearby Monkeys 1.5x faster.
      3-x-x: Blues Band
      A Blues Band plays instead of one. There are 3 Monkeys, a Guitarist, a Saxiphone, and a Singer
      4-x-x: Slow Blues
      Plays a melody that slows Bloons to 25% speed.
      5-x-x: Clapton
      Plays an epic tune that spreads to full map coverage.

      x-1-x: Shredding
      Using the guitar's tune, it shreds bloons like BTD5 Bloonchipper's upgrades 1-x.
      x-2-x: Rock!!
      Plays Rock and Roll on a MonkeyzSpeaker, which increases range by 30%
      x-3-x: Rocking to HecK Band
      Gets together a band, which consists of a Drummer, Guitarist, and Singer (??)
      x-4-x: Crazy Train (Activated Ability)
      A high speed train zooms on the track, popping Bloons until it reaches the Entrance of the Bloons.
      x-5-x: Osbourne Tech
      Chips at bloons so fast, that not even BFBs could possibly get to the exit alive!! Lasts 30 seconds. 180 second cooldown

      x-x-1: Chords
      Plays a simple chord that makes Monkeys attack 80% faster.
      x-x-2: Country Love
      Regen Bloons become NoRegen Bloons.
      x-x-3: Solo Jobs and Hard Work
      Monkeys in the radius of this tower are moved backwards for the T5's monkey knowledge.
      x-x-4: Dirt Roads and Pops
      The path around the Guitarist becomes rugged, and it pops Bloons by itself, and the Guitarist does more damage.
      x-x-5: Aldean's Music Station
      All Guitarists on the map have a 2x everything buff, and the reason why all the monkeys are moved back is

      Monkey Knowledge Points:

      Country Slam: Every time it attacks, a wave moves out and pops all Bloons.

      Double A Train: T4 Path 2's ability goes twice!!


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        Based on old tower i sugested, i think it looks pretty neat.
        Tower name: Age of Monkeys (org. Age Of Empires)
        Range:like dart monkey
        Can place only on ground
        Cost : 500
        Info : when you place this tower it will create camp made of wood with monkey standing in front of camp, this Monkey will throw the rocks and pop 3 bloons at once
        Upgrades :

        (Military path )
        Tier 1
        1 : Iron Age
        Monkey gain iron spear that can pop 6 baloons

        2 : Steel Age
        Cost: 1000
        Reinforces iron spear so they can and pop 10 baloons and frozen

        3 : Steam Century
        Cost : 1800
        Replaces iron spear with steam powered "balista" that shoot hot iron spike
        Reduces shoot speed but increases range
        One projectile can pop 20 baloons lead and frozen

        4 : Industrial BLOOON
        Cost 10000
        Replaces "balista" with mounted artilery cannon
        One projectile explodes at inpact, shoots out shrapnel and pops up to 30 baloons, can pop lead and frozen(extra damage to ceramic)

        5 : Bloons Wars
        Replaces mounted artilery gun with twin AB(Anty bloons) cannon
        Now turret shoots two projectiles, increases speed of shooting and increases range of projectile, add extra damage to MOABS
        there is a chance that projectile will leave flaming pool on ground,
        if it hits MOAB when it happens set it on fire that wont stop untill layer is popped (in case of DDT it will stop after his camo burns away) (BAD is immune).

        (Inteligence/Support path)
        1.Keen eye
        Cost 300
        Range of tower increases a bit

        Cost 500
        This tower can now spot and shoot cammo baloons

        3.Bloon's among us
        cost 2000
        Monkey have spies in bloons HQ and can predict their moves
        (Random chance That MOAB will get targeted with red X on when tower hit them,
        that MOABs will take more damage from all sources(like 10% more)
        (spies marked their weak spots)

        4.Brother Monkey(org.Big Brother)
        (Adds old antnna on top of building, if it is upgraded to tower adds small old broadcast tower)
        (Projectiles look now like radio waves)
        Cost 10000
        "Order" all bloons on map to random efect like. confusion,stun,push back(like a tornado) etc.

        5.The Monkey Show (org. The Truman Show)
        (changes to big anteena near main building, if it is upgraded to tower,
        changes to newer radio broadcast tower instead of antenna)
        Cost 50000
        Upgrade of abiility, adds ability to order baloons to attack other bloon (pops one layer(if attacks ceramic destroys whole "ceramic layer" and go back to track).
        All MOABs are stunned, DDT is stunned and loses it's cammo(for duration of ability).
        After abiility end's all affected baloons and MOABs take extra damage from all sources.

        (Industrial Path)
        Tier 3
        1 : IQ boost
        Cost : 300
        Smarter monkies managed to improve their weapons (+ 2 to pierce and +1 more layer poped)

        2 : Shared Knowlege
        Cost : 1000
        Monkies now share their knowlege on how to improve weapons (All military towers in range get's that buff)

        3 : Factory
        Cost: 3000
        Factory allow for better weapon creation ( +4 pierce instead of +2 and +3 layer more popped instead of +1)

        4 : Shippping
        Cost : 18000
        Generates money based on amount of monkeys(Customers) in range

        5 : Drones
        Cost 35000
        Mini Ability(Can choose up to 2 tower beyond range to gain buff)
        Drones damage bloons on their way
        increase also generated money (more money gain per "customer")


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          I've got one, of my own, that involves integrating the Dartling Gun from BTD5 into BTD6... I've made a Google Doc on it, which I THINK I can post, in which case, here it is:
          The document is View Only, with comments enabled. That being said, in the event that you do not wish to open that new tab or generally just avoid using links like this altogether, I'll also provide the details... Keep in mind that this is with trying my best to stick to what it originally had in BTD5, but also made a few modifications here and there to accommodate for the additions made to the tower that, in my opinion, would work as a pretty solid Military tower for BTD6.

          Dartling Gun (1275 / 1500 / 1725) - A long-ranged tower with fast firing, poor accuracy, versatile targeting, and powerful upgrades. Be wary of the minimum range!

          Listed Attributes (Specified):
          - 2 shots per second.
          - Unlimited range.
          - Minimum range extends to just beyond the gun barrels. Tower cannot target or hit anything within this minimum range.
          - Large hitbox (similar to Super Monkey).
          - Spread has a range of 10° to either side.
          - Fixed rotation speed of 30 degrees per second

          Targeting Priorities:
          -Locked (Works similarly to Mortar and the unlocked ability in BTD5.)
          -Follow Mouse (The normal Dartling targeting)
          -Auto (Aims like a normal tower with First priority)

          Path 1-
          1-0-0: Powerful Darts - Darts have higher velocity and have double the pierce. (765/900/1035)
          2-0-0: Faster Rotation - Increases firing and rotation speeds by 25% (1020/1200/1380)
          3-0-0: Laser Blaster - Fires laser blasts instead of darts, allowing the tower to pop frozen bloons and shatter Fortified properties. Increased firing rate, pierce, and projectile speed by 50%. (6425/7560/8690)
          4-0-0: Ray of Doom - “Unyielding beam of bloon-disintegrating energy.” Fires a large beam of energy instead of laser blasts. Infinite pierce, damages all bloon types for 10 layers per hit, 10 hits per second. (59160/69600/80000)
          5-0-0: Pulsar Cannon - “The power of the Sun God, in the palms of our hands.” Unleashes powerful arcing waves of ultra-dense energy that vaporizes 20 layers of bloon per hit, each wave having 100 pierce, firing waves 5 times per second and pushing back MOAB-class bloons much like MOAB Shove. (177480/208800/240120)

          Path 2-
          0-1-0: Smart Targeting - Faster turret rotation speed (Similar boost to Faster Rotation, but without the firing speed bonus) and improved Auto Targeting Priority allows the Dartling Gun to utilize the Elite Targeting Priority. (680/800/920)
          0-2-0: Depleted Bloontonium Darts - Each dart deals +1 damage to all bloon types, including Frozen, Fortified, Lead, and MOAB-class. Damage bonus has a 50% chance to stack per trait for each trait the bloon has.* (1225/1440/1650)
          0-3-0: Hydra Rocket Pods - Fires rockets instead of darts, fitted with sharp tips that can also pop black bloons. Remember that these rockets also retain the damage bonus. (5610/6600/7590)
          0-4-0: B.A.D.S. - Bloons Aerial Denial System ability unleashes a powerful spray of rockets for 20 seconds and additionally affects the nearest 100 bloons. 1 minute cooldown. (24480/28800/33120)
          0-5-0: N.S.N.A.T.I. - “No Such Thing, None, As Too Insane.” Spray is a constant shower of 5 rockets per shot and ability affects all bloons on the screen 20 times in 10 seconds (Much like Pop And Awe but without the stun bonus), though with a long 90 second cooldown. (79560/93600/107640)

          Path 3-
          0-0-1: Focused Firing - Greatly increases accuracy to half the spread. (305/360/415)
          0-0-2: Heavy Darts - Fires heavy darts that can each pop and slightly knock back 8 bloons at once (About half the effect of the Knockback upgrade of the Super Monkey). (1430/1680/1930)
          0-0-3: Radar Scope - Allows for near-perfect accuracy (reduces spread to one degree in either direction) and the ability to pop Camo bloons. Grants Camo detection to towers in the immediate vicinity (Increases range indicator, which should initially be to show the minimum range of the Dartling Gun, by half to show the range of influence). Knockback is increased by half. (4895/5760/6620)
          0-0-4: Auto-Cannon - Dual rotating cannons fire heavy shells that deal 4 damage per shot to all bloon types (retains the pierce), double this against Lead, Fortified, Ceramic, and MOAB-class bloons. Extends Camo detection support and minimum range by 20%. (27540/32400/37260)
          0-0-5: The Perforator - “Ever wonder if the bloons would rather be popped or wither into a shriveled husk?” Large turret sports four spinning cannons on a rotating axis, each having double the firing rate, damage, and pierce. Camo detection support and minimum range are increased by 50%.

          Monkey Knowledge:
          - Expert Mechanics: Reduces the cost of upgrades by 5%.
          -Dartling Gunner: Detaches the external targeting module and adds the Gunner monkey to operate the weapon, enabling the Follow Mouse Targeting Priority.**
          - Razor Bindings: Adds small blades to the ends of the barrels, allowing for the Dartling Gun to cut up bloons that are slightly within minimum range. (Slightly reduces minimum range, but does not affect Bottom Path exclusive upgrades)***

          * For example, Frozen Fortified DDTs would have the highest damage potential of +5, but a 1/16 chance of this happening and would require the Dartling Gun being able to target them. Bear in mind, however, that this also means that +4 has a 1/8 chance with at least three type prerequisites, +3 has a 1/4 chance with at least two type prerequisites, +2 has a 1/2 chance with at least one type prerequisite, and +1 is a guaranteed to all types.
          ** Displays the Gunner and the module, which interchange positions according to the selected Targeting Priority. Module is normally displayed as being either attached to the back of the Dartling Gun or behind and to the side, and the Gunner follows suit with this, both being to either side in the case of Locked Targeting Priority.
          *** Slightly reduces minimum range, but does not affect Bottom Path exclusive upgrades. In fact, the bottom route upgrades extend these blades backwards to counteract the increases of the minimum range from these upgrades. Essentially, this Monkey Knowledge is intended to mitigate minimum range increases of the bottom route as well as reduce the base minimum range.

          Note 1: Prices are listed in terms of Easy / Normal / Hard respectively, but are liable for change as needed, as these prices are simply what I feel fits based on how prices work in the game, but this - of course - could potentially be inaccurate as well as the price ranging.
          Note 2: Parenthesized text is excluded from in-game descriptions. In addition, quoted text is displayed as the in-game description in place of other information given for the description.

          Also, this is my first post on the forums and I just do not understand why the post preview looks nothing like the post itself, with not having the table follow the parameters I specified (such as text centering and modifying spacing for space efficiency), nor there any bold text showing... The preview is an absolute mess and I don't know what to do about it...

          Edit: I've transferred the data on the table over to just listing the attributes and made a few last-minute tweaks for the sake of clarification. I also added a few Monkey Knowledge attributes and specifications for a minimum range on top of this.
          Edit: Slight alterations have been made upon careful consideration in some regards.
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            Grenadier : Military Tower
            0-0-0 throws grenades that have a 2-second fuse, cross obstacles and explode, slightly smaller than the Bomb Cannon
            Cheap to place, more specialised upgrades are more expensive. Unreliable without 2-x-x

            1-x-x Bigger Explosions (50%)
            2-x-x Impact Grenade - Grenadier now targets Bloons directly, grenades explode on contact and stun the hit bloon for 0.5 second, they also explode when they hit the ground.
            3-x-x Fragmentation (5 shards)
            4-x-x Triple Throw (like the Dart Monkey's Triple shot)
            5-x-x Cluster Grenade - each grenade explodes 5 times

            x-1-x Long Throw - increases range by 45%
            x-2-x Streamlined - throws grenades 25% faster, they travel 20% faster aswell.
            x-3-x Flash Grenade - occasionally throws a grenade that stuns all Bloons in range for 2 seconds.
            x-4-x Trench Warfare - builds a trench underneath that increases all ground-based monkeys' range by 2 and projectile speed by 25%. Also increases Grenadier's firerate by 20%.
            x-5-x The Flashiest One - Active Ability, stuns ALL bloons on the map for 6 seconds, including MOAB-class bloons. Strips Camo paint from all Bloons.

            x-x-1 Flame Grenades - all grenades set Bloons on fire for 3 seconds, damage frozen Bloons aswell
            x-x-2 Smokescreen - sometimes throws a grenade that bursts into smoke, which slows down Bloons (similar to Obyn's totem)
            x-x-3 Hot Smoke - smoke deals damage to Bloons passing through it, strips Camo paint
            x-x-4 Firebombs - each fire grenade leaves a burning spot, similar to Gwendolyn's lvl 3 ability. Short duration, less damage than its counterparts, but sets Bloons on fire for 6 seconds.
            x-x-5 Thermite Mixture - fire grenades deal extreme damage to MOAB-class bloons, fire spots deal much more damage and set on fire for 12 seconds.


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              Lab Monkey - A special helper that normally aids in the Monkey Knowledge Department, this scientist has a special place on the battlefield to aid your towers.

              Listed Attributes (Specified):
              - Support Tower
              - Medium range
              - Very large hitbox (Similar to Banana Farm, but circular)
              - Applies various passive AND active effects to the towers around it
              - Active effects have a moderate duration and activation rate, only able to affect two towers at any given time (Affected by upgrades and other towers that are able to)
              - Each Lab Monkey cannot affect other Lab Monkeys (Much like the Alchemist)
              - Allows otherwise inaccessible upgrades to towers in the highest Tier upgrades of the Top upgrade path.

              Path 1- (Passive)
              1-0-0: Field Researcher - Slightly increases the range and fire rate of nearby towers (+2 range, +10% fire rate)
              2-0-0: Field Developer - Reduces the cost of nearby towers and their upgrades by 5% (Stacks with Villages)
              3-0-0: Lab Station - Sets up a small station that doubles the effects towards nearby towers
              4-0-0: Experimental Physics - Larger station allows nearby towers to have Tier 2 upgrades in all three paths, but at a higher price. (Ranges from non-upgraded towers having a 25% higher upgrade cost to towers that already have two upgrades in the other two paths to have the upgrades of the third path doubled.*)
              5-0-0: Mad-Monkey Laboratory - "Only the craziest of monkeys to produce the craziest of inventions!" Allows towers within influence to access a second Tier 3 upgrade, cannot be applied to towers that already have upgrades in all three paths. The price for this additional Tier 3 upgrade is not affected, unlike with the Tier 4 upgrade before this.

              Path 2- (Active)
              0-1-0: Monkey Supplier - Temporarily gives nearby towers +1 pierce (Lasts ten seconds, applies to a random tower within range every five seconds, but cannot renew when already active)
              0-2-0: Improved Supply - Boost additionally allows affected towers to pop one additional layer. (Does not enable towers to pop bloons that they can't normally pop)
              0-3-0: Supply and Demand - Boosted towers gain double the effect, but their attack speed is reduced by 10% (Allows the affected towers to pop all bloon types)
              0-4-0: Supply Chain - Boost rate is doubled. Ability doubles the attack speed of all nearby towers for 20 seconds, but then reduces it by 25% for 10 seconds. (60 second cooldown)
              0-5-0: Monkey Cartel - "Everything has a price... Well... ALMOST everything." Range of influence and active boosts are doubled and all attack speed debuffs are no longer applied. Supply Chain ability is extended to 30 seconds.

              Path 3- (Self)
              0-0-1: Self-Critic - Reduces own upgrade costs by 10% for a different route path (Does not apply to Bottom Route, can only affect Top and Middle routes)
              0-0-2: Increased Influence - Increases range by 20%
              0-0-3: Self Defense - Gives the Lab Monkey an automated turret to aid your towers in battle (Turret appears similar to an Engineer's turret, but with a longer barrel and laser sights, behaving similarly to a 1-0-2 Sniper Monkey with camo detection)
              0-0-4: Radio Tower - Adds a radio tower that allows global influence. (Active boosts are indicated as small supply drops and are activated every second instead of every five seconds. Application limitations still apply.)
              0-0-5: Monkey Fortress - "Global support and global influence, this is our cause." Adds three more automated turrets, all four now being upgrades to behave similarly to 2-0-3 Sniper Monkeys with granted camo detection. Additionally, all boost effects are doubled.

              Monkey Knowledge:
              - Sphere of Influence: Increases Lab Monkey range by 5%
              - Self-Employed: Reduces Lab Monkey base cost by 10%

              *This 25% increase is applied to the third path upgrades for each upgrade the tower has already received, up to and including Tier 2 upgrades.

              Just so you guys are aware... I have no idea what the heck I'd list for the prices... I just don't, considering how absurd the applications for this can potentially be... Not to mention the fact that the level of development that would be necessary for this to even be possible would be HUGE... Probably enough to be a major update to the game all on it's own. Also, in regards to the name of the 0-5-0 upgrade, I would have tried to find a better name, but Banana Farms already took the better ones that came to mind... Suggestions would certainly help if an alternative name is deemed necessary.


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                I do have an idea that can be useful to the battle field.
                Support Tower
                cost is 560

                base hp: 100

                Tower name:
                Monkey Jeep
                The basic idea for this is a truck base on the spare space (doesn't allow the base to be on the track)

                Path 1 and tiers:
                1-x-x: 3 watt engine: Increases car speed by 12 percent.
                2-x-x: 12 watt engine: Increases speed by 4 percent (adds up to the 12 percent speed boost)
                3-x-x: Monkey Truck: Increased speed and more hp to last longer
                4-x-x: Gunner seat: Shoots down bloons with its heavy machine gun
                5-x-x: Ram Head: 1200 hp with 20 percent speed boost, allows for ramming 300 bloons.

                Path 2 and tiers:
                x-1-x: Thicker Metal: allows 20 more hp
                x-2-x: Bulletproof glass: 10 hp increase
                x-3-x: Military Truck: Ability lets you spawn 3 snipers with semi auto riles anywhere on the map
                x-4-x Snow Plow: utilizing this snow plow can shove bloons over the truck and be shot by the snipers in the truck
                x-5-x Walking Fortress: ability brings 4 more snipers and grants them full auto

                Path 3 and tiers:
                x-x-1: Night light: allows camo detection.
                x-x-2: Dark paint: hides the truck from bloon eyesight to allow ambush.
                x-x-3: Gunner support: controls nearby trucks to follow orders and gun down bloons
                x-x-4: Sgt. Monkey: sgt. monkey enters the battle field and commands all trucks mapwide for a full attack.
                x-x-5: Truck Expert: Summons a battalion of 3 truck every 15 rounds


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                  This doesn't really tell me much in terms of the mechanics except for loose implications. Could you, perhaps, explain this in a little more detail, please?

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                I feel like the game could greatly benefit from a water Primary tower, so here goes:

                Snorkel Monkey
                Weakness: Lead & Camo.
                Cost: $250
                - Doesn't really show his face on the game, it just looks like a snorkel and blowgun coming out of the water.

                Shoots an air propelled dart with a blowgun.
                - These darts travel faster than Dart Monkey's.
                - Darts deal 1 damage.
                - Darts have 3 pierce.
                - Tower has small range (Smaller than Dart Monkey).
                - Tower has medium Attack speed (Faster than Dart Monkey).

                Upgrade path 1. (Z/x/x)
                Quick Shots: Snorkel Monkey will shoot 20% faster.

                Quicker Shots: Snorkel Monkey will shoot 40% faster.

                Poison Tipped Darts: Darts are now covered in deadly poison which will deal DoT to bloons.

                Toxic Mixture: Darts will be covered in toxins, dealing even more DoT to bloons hit; toxins last for less time but deal way more DoT. If a bloon is popped by a toxin dart (initial hit, not DoT), it will release a toxic explosion capable of poisoning nearby bloons.

                Liquid Death: Toxins are now replaced with a liquid death mixture that can pierce through lead, and deal even more damage to bloons in even less time. Liquid Death also hijacks bloons' central nervous system, paralyzing them for some time, or slowing them in case of MOAB class bloons. Slight range increase. (Budget tier 5).

                Upgrade path 2. (x/Z/x)
                Clear Snorkel: Snorkel Monkey range increased by 33%.

                Extra Barrel: Snorkel Monkey will attach a second barrel to their blowgun, to gain twice as much popping power.

                Weakspot Target: Snorkel Monkey can pop through 3 extra layers of bloons.

                Monkey Supplier: Snorkel Monkeys nearby will gain +2 extra pierce, +1 extra damage and +5% attack speed. Stacks up to 8 times. (Buffs self).

                Leader of the Bunch: [ Ability ] When used, all nearby Snorkel Monkeys will get +20% range, +5 extra pierce, +5 damage and +50% attack speed for 20 seconds. || When purchased, Leader of the Bunch also gains permanent +4 pierce, +2 damage and +10% attack speed for himself (Cheap tier 5)

                Upgrade path 3: (x/x/Z)
                Enhanced Lungs: Darts will now pierce through 2 more bloons.

                Bionic Lungs: Darts will now pierce through 3 more bloons.

                Gunpowder Filling: Every 4 darts shot, Snorkel Monkey will shoot an explosive dart which will deal AoE damage to all bloons near the explosion (explosion doesn't affect black bloons).

                Cannon Pellets: Snorkel Monkey is now armed with only explosive pellets, which have a bigger blast radius and deal extra damage to bloons. All pierce is now transformed into raw explosion damage (1 pierce = 2 damage).

                Magma Titan: Snorkel Monkey will become a bloon popping machine, by filling his pellets with magma. These new pellets, upon exploding will release a flurry of magma near the source of the explosion, lighting bloons on fire and dealing high DoT. Explosion range and damage is increased significantly. Base range for Snorkel Monkey is also increased. Magma shot from the explosion can pop black bloons. (Expensive tier 5).

                ------= Notes =------
                + I'm really bad with balancing prices, so I just came up with the upgrade trees, even if a bit OP on paper.
                + I know the idea kinda devolved from a water monkey into just a solid blowgun monkey. But I just want a water primary, even if it means super nerfing a lot of my ideas (though I'm sure they'd need to get nerfed either way, lol).
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                  I like this! Though I need to point one thing out, the "Ability" path is always in the middle, that is, whatever upgrade path unlocks an ability for the tower. Also, it'd be a good idea to, maybe, think of what the estimated priced for these upgrades would be? Just a suggestion, though frankly a tad hypocritical of me, since I don't even have that much for my "Lab Monkey" idea... Though I DO have that down for the Dartling Gun one...

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                Athlete monkey: each upgrade branch is for a different sport.

                Music monkey: support tower, 3 different instruments

                Swordsman monkey: Spartan branch with phalanx, Samurai branch with fast attack speed, William Wallace branch with claymore?

                Chef monkey: has a knife, throws broth and ingredients

                Policeman monkey: speed traps, revenue from tickets

                Mafia monkey: tommy gun, stronger in numbers, makes money from lives lost?

                Racecar monkey: drives around the track popping as he passes bloons. Smoke cloud could slow?

                Office monkey: shoots staples and splashes coffee

                Cowboy monkey: revolver and lasso

                Alien monkey: ray gun and lasers. UFO abilities

                Zombie monkey: turns the bloons it hits into the zombie bloons

                Nerd monkey: "Star wars" fan branch, "start trek" fan branch, or "marvel" comic branch

                Cheerleader monkey: support. Mascot, megaphone, and different signs to hold up. "Speed" sign, "offense", "defense" knock back


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                  Sorry if I'm doing this wrong. I'm new

                  Painter Monkey

                  Description: Magic monkey who knows how to use magic paint.

                  1xx Transfiguration Paint: has a chance to turn balloons a layer down

                  2xx Yellow Paint: Splatters yellow colour on balloons making pink balloons pop for 2 layers.

                  3xx Green Paint: Splatters green colour on balloons making yellow balloons pop for 2 layers.

                  4xx Blue Paint: Splatters blue colour on balloons making green balloons pop for 2 layers.

                  5xx Red Paint: Turns any balloons into red balloons except for MOAB class balloons.

                  x1x Leak: Leaks paint onto the track.

                  x2x Spill: Leaks more often.

                  x3x Bigger Mess: Makes puddles of colour that last longer.

                  x4x Rainbow Rain: (Ability) Rains all coloured paint, but red, down that colour balloons except MOAB class balloons.

                  x5x Red Rain: (Ability) Rains only red which changes all balloons but MOAB class balloons.

                  xx1 Bigger Brush: Can splatter paint on 2 balloons at a time.

                  xx2 Even Bigger Brush: Can cover whole balloons turning them the colour of the paint.

                  xx3 Flat Head Brush: Paints up to 5 balloons at a time.

                  xx4 B.F.B. (Big Friendly Brush): A brush so big it can splatter paint passed it's use by date on MOABs and BFBs. (Could be renamed for less confusion + past it's used by date basically means like acidic paint)

                  xx5 Ultimate Brush: This monkey keeps it in his back pocket just in case. (Very large range + can paint maybe 15 bloons, give or take some.)
                  That's my idea
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                    This SOUNDS a tad... niche, though that may be the word usage.

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                    you also don't say what the base tower does... at all.
                    Also the 4th tier top path sounds extremely weak

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                  Basic idea. A fusion gimmick tower with 2 paths, life and death, that should still be good even without the gimmick part. Once you get maybe a monkey knowledge or something you can get both paths to a debuffed tier 3, 4 and 5 and then it can fuse the two paths into one to make a yin yang prototype tier 6 sort of thing and to compensate for the overpowered-ness of it, it can only get an ability at the "tier 6" + it will cost more than maybe 150,000 making it the most expensive upgrade.


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                    Monkey Power Grid (whatever fancy name someone can think of)
                    Either Primary or Support

                    100 : Plug In - [Electrical Discharge] Monkeys near by get speed boost of 2%, Slows Bloons x1.5
                    200 : Broken Wire - [Electrical Discharge] Slows Bloons +x1.5 + Pops Layer +1 (Includes Camo & Steel)
                    300 : Generator - Slows Bloons +x2, Stuns Bloons 1s every 8s, Pops Layer +2, (Increase cash per pop x2)
                    400 : Power Co - Increase Stun -3s, Pops Layer +2, Monkeys near by get speed boost of 2% (Increase cash per pop +x3)
                    500 : Monkey Coil - Increase Stun -2s, Pops Layer +2, Monkeys near by get speed boost of 6%
                    Ability - Overload - On screen Bloons Stuns for 5s, Pops Layer +10 (recharge timer 30s) Tower Off Line for 10s
                    010 : More - Increase Range & Speed (x2)
                    020 : Even More - Increase Range & Speed (+x4)
                    030 : It's a Fan - (Increase cash per pop x2) Monkeys Near by Gain Frost**
                    Abilities - Targeting (Forward) Blows bloons away (Slows Bloons x1.5, Pops Layer +2)
                    (Reverse) Sucks them in & Shreds (Speeds up bloons x2 + Pops +5 Layer)
                    040 : Monkey Fan - (Increase cash per pop +x3)
                    Abilities - Targeting (Forward) Blows bloons away (Slows Bloons +x1.5, Pops Layer +3)
                    (Reverse) Sucks them in & Shreds (Speeds up bloons +x2 + Pops +5 Layer)
                    050 : Monkeyerbine - (Turns into Wind Turbine)
                    Abilities - Targeting (Forward) Blows bloons away (Slows Bloons +x2, Pops Layer +5)
                    (Reverse) Sucks them in & Shreds (Speeds up bloons +x6 + Pops +10 Layer)
                    001 : Fire it up - Track heats up - Speeds up Bloons x1, Burns Layer +1 (includes Camo)
                    002 : Turn it up - Adds Popping Power to near by Monkeys +1 & Flame
                    003 : Churn the Coals - Track heats up more - Speeds up Bloons +x2, Burns Layer +4 (Increase cash per pop x2)
                    004 : Furnace - Track is on fire (Radius) Speeds up Bloons +x7, Burns layer +5 (Increase cash per pop +x3)
                    Ability - FIRE! - [Increased Flame] Burns Layer +10 (recharge timer 20s)
                    005 : Mega Furnace - Burns Layer +5, Speeds up Bloons +x5 (Radius)
                    Ability - Scortched Earth - Sets whole track on fire (duration 5s - recharge timer 30s) Tower shuts down for 10s

                    ** Frost: Gives Tower ability slow Bloon x1.5

                    All Prices, Times, Pluses & Additions subject to anyone with a better understanding to how its all done, cause i'm just shooting from the hip.
                    You should get what i'm aiming for.

                    Side Note: i like how they added Flame. i'd like to see other elements be added in the future.


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                      Very interesting! I especially like the use of color text, though I'm curious about the fact that ALL paths for this idea have Activated Abilities, since that's normally a thing dedicated to whatever is used for the middle path of the tower in-game.

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                    NEW HERO TYPE: Astrochimp (or Space Monkey)

                    What I'd like to see is a new chimp type based on the idea that the first Chimpanzees sent into space were exposed to gamma radiation and became hyper-intelligent, possibly living amongst the stars beyond a black hole for hundreds of years before returning to our space-time.

                    Appearance: cute, plump NASA white spacesuit with the usual adorable monkey face peering out, as he levels up he could attach improvised spacey tech to his suit, example a scanning device at Level 5 (see image example attached - actually nevermind, massively restrictive forums, can't create new posts or attach images .. but you probably get the concept anyways)

                    Alternate Skin: Full anomaly - glowing eyes, eerie radiance, lose the helmet, hair flying weightlessly, make him levitate ideally

                    Name Possibilities: Astrochimp (my preference), Anomaly, Ham, Ham the Astrochimp, Space Monkey

                    Game Play: let him detect camo (scanning device) at Level 5, balance him generally against the other heroes, maybe *dont* make him a buffer or moneymaker, but give him powerful laser attacks so he can be a choice as a direct damage and utility hero

                    Personal Comment: I'd be my kid's greatest hero of all time if you went with this concept, so please do it. I surrender all rights, IP and whatnot to the owners of Bloons TD6 and seek no current or future remuneration if you did deploy a completely awesome space monkey


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                      We ARE yet to see a FLYING Hero, so it COULD be a possibility as an application to fit said role...

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                    I want the druid to have a good friend in tune with nature. Garden Monkey that grows venus flytraps that HATE balloons. Make it so that if one is in range of the other they both do slightly better. A synergy tower combo would be fun to have and if both are 050s they unlock an ability called Natures Poppage. Basically the spikes become flytraps and launch off doing damage. Not really good at prices or upgrades but if I do post a better version I'll try my best.


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                      Perhaps the Garden Monkey could be a fusion of concepts of Spike Factory and Druid? Like it utilizes track placements top pop bloons and this can have synergy with the Druid in some way, like boosting thorn damage or something?