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    The last path is all about support and air units, generating a tiny amount of money and detecting camo at low level, the high levels boost aircraft and adds intermittent airstrikes. This path pops camo and eventually becomes the ultimate anti-camo system.
    Self sustaining: The tower grows banana bunches! At the start of every round the tower grants (or perhaps launches?) 20 money. This would be a relatively cheap upgrade compared to money generating upgrades, costing just 200 or 300 to upgrade. The money generation increases to 35 at x-x-2, 45 at x-x-3, 70 at x-x-4 and 200 at x-x-5.
    Optics: Advanced binoculars grant camo detection. Tower-Tower gains camo detection via side mounted scanners, Platform towers grant this ability to their rider.
    Comms tower: This bastion of steel directs airstrikes and air traffic for maximum effect. The tower gains a new attack with no range limitation, every few seconds a single plane (a Navy single rotor craft or perhaps, a Twin mustang?) performs a flyover, flying onscreen and homing on to the strongest bloon/blimp onscreen, rapidly firing two streams of high pierce, 2-damage darts, when it reaches the target it stops homing and swerves offscreen. Also grants a permament +10% attack and move speed bonus to all flying towers (stacks up to five times. Now looks like a steel lookout tower with radar and other detection devices, the tower monkey stands next to the devices and continues his attacks normally.
    Satellite command: Complete camo detection inside it's attack radius! Bloons inside the tower's regular (now much larger) attack radius are visible to all monkeys. Empowers the flyby attack, summoning a black stealth craft to deliver a single furious stream of 2 damage piercing darts and dropping a large pile of cluster bombs when it is within a very short distance of the target, dealing heavy damage over a moderate duration.
    Space command: The might of the monkey space fleet is here to help. This dramatically up-tuned NASA-style optics tower summons green laser strikes from above instead of airstrikes. Each laser strike is a tight grouping of unique laser bolts (akin to what is fired by a 5-x-x heli) fired in a supertight cluster of dozens of energy bolts, each dealing just 1 damage in a tight area, against a stationary victim the beams might look like a single unbroken beam but the seperate bolts would be easier to see if the target is moving. The whole attack would deal 60 damage with a not-terrible attack rate. The tower monkey is still atop the tower, attacking normally.

    Build combinations:
    4-2-0 A powerful lategame defense tower, that at once deals heavy damage and helps slow down advancing bloons, particularly good in maps with limited sight and multiple bloon paths because none of it's attacks depend on angles.
    4-0-2 Sacrifices raw power for camo popping and just a little bit of cash generation.
    2-4-0 The towers's attacks and buffs in combination with it's rider nets a lot of focused strength. The cost-to-power ratio is bad, but the footprint-to-power ratio is amazing. Not to mention the obvious benefits of mounting tier 5 monkeys on towers.
    0-4-2 Sacrifices some firepower to grant Camo detection to the rider.
    2-0-4 Infinite range attack tower, less powerful then a sniper monkey but it grants a little bonus cash, camo detection and empowers aircraft.
    0-2-4 Infinite range tower, More power from the cluster attack.
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      Bring the Jedi Monkey upgrade back from BTD4, but make it its own tower

      Force Monkey:
      x-x-x Base Tower: Uses the force to pop 1 layer of Bloons

      1-x-x Youngling: Grants Monkey Tower with Light Saber
      2-x-x Apprentice: Can pop through 5 layers of Bloons with Lightsaber
      3-x-x Padawan: Increases Range & speed of Lightsaber Monkey
      4-x-x Knight: Larger Lightsaber increases Popping Power
      5-x-x Master: Throws extra lightsabers around at Bloons while also attacking Bloons close and bringing Bloons back to the monkey with the force

      x-1-x Meditation: increases attack speed of the force
      x-2-x Warrior: Increases Attack Speed and popping power
      x-3-x Tactician: Grants a Blaster to Monkey Tower and increases Range
      x-4-x Commander: [Special Ability] Calls for the aid of Monkey Jedi Knights
      x-5-x General: [Special Ability] Calls for the aid of Monkey Jedi Masters

      x-x-1 Servant: Increases Range of the Monkey Tower
      x-x-2 Force Learner: Learns the force and brings bloons back to monkey tower to continue popping
      x-x-3 Bloon Choke: Stuns Bloons and chokes the Bloons layer by layer
      x-x-4 Sith Apprentice: Calls upon a droid army when in most need
      x-x-5 Sith Master: Gains an extra ability to use powerful Electic Force on the Bloons (it is aimed directionally and doesn’t operate the same as the Druid)


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        something like a sentry turret , but its not a helper but a tower that you pay for with the price of... 1000 (has great upgrades)and it can have an upgrade when that when an enginner is in its radius its better (stacks with 3)
        and that it was shotting rockets (but thats just before the champion)
        and maybe that it had an upgrade that would make it have 3 heads (guns)
        and maybe place some upgrade 0-2 that give better range and faster shooting (maybe it starts with 1 gun and gets 2 guns?)


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          I've got an idea for a 4th upgrade path too, it's for the Dart Monkey! 😁

          xxx1: Dart Blasters - Gives the Dart Monkey another dart, and both fire about 10 of the tips that seek out bloons (8-11), he then throws a dart that also seeks out bloons that does double damage.
          (The tips do 1 damage, 2 pierce, and he fires the tips at a speed of 2.64 times per second, and darts do 2 damage, 3 pierce and he throws them at a speed of 1.03 times per second.)

          xxx2: Flaming Tips - Allows the Dart Monkey to shoot flaming tips and throw flaming darts, so the Dart Monkey can pop lead and frozen bloons.
          (It also adds +1 damage to the tips and the darts.)

          xxx3: Dart Guns - Gives the Dart Monkey wooden guns (to match his low levelness) that permanently fire flaming, bloon seeking darts.
          (It also allows the Dart Monkey to fire 50% faster, or 5.28 times per second.)

          xxx4: Dart Minigun - Gives the Dart Monkey an even better gun (wooden minigun) that fires six flaming, bloon seeking darts at tremendously fast speeds.
          (50% faster than Dart Guns, so 100% in total, or 10.56 times per second, counting this and the Dart Guns' speed increase.)

          xxx5: Dart Barrage - Now occasionally shoots a barrage of darts at the strongest bloon on screen.
          (About 50-70 seconds)

          I didn't do prices because I'm bad at them, and these upgrades could use a little balancing, because I think the 5th tier should be slightly stronger but... meh. 😴
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            I think we definitely and desperately need new towers, to spice the game up some. It feels like it gets repetitive and becomes boring, I loved the engineer and the gatling was cool too but I honestly would rather have brand new towers too, the alchemist and druid were cool additions but those have been the only new towers since it cane out, (besides mortar which wasnt new) and new heroes just arent that fun, they’re okay.

            I would like another water tower or 2, or another military tower, it doesnt really matter to me as long as its cool lol.

            Something like an all around, late game monkey, support / good damage / buff monkey. A jack of all trades just not as strong as some more specific towers. I dont like that the only monkey that can really get you super far IS the super monkey, the temple. Sure you can get far with others but not as far.

            Rogue monkey (similar to ninja): base attack swings 2 short swords, and can throw one dagger when bloons are out of range (can see stealth) (swords do 1 damage and 2 pierce) (dagger has 1 damage and 1 pierce)

            upgrade path one:
            1xx - attacks faster (10%) and gains extra pierce +1
            2xx- attacks even faster (+20%) and gains +1 pierce
            3xx - can now poison bloons which removes regen, camo, and lead properties, and also randomly immobilizes bloons, and pops 1 layer every 2 seconds
            4xx - poison is now stronger, dealing 2 layers every 1 second, and can also remove fortified properties, also does twice the damage to moab class bloons, also splashes to 5 bloons
            5xx- poison does 5 layers a second, splashes to 10 bloons, and immobilizes more often, also can immobilize larger moab class bloons. Rogue gets +3 more pierce, and the rogue can now pop all bloon types without the poison, and attacks (20%) faster, popping an additional 4 layers per attack

            path 2:
            x1x - able to throw dagger while bloons are in range towards bloons out of range
            x2x - throwing dagger now able to pierce 5 bloons and moves quicker
            x3x - Each dagger throw has a semtex attatched and blows up a small radius on impact (dagger still pops 5) semtex does 10 damage and 25 pierce, and rogue does 1 more damage
            x4x - now throws bolts instead of daggers which pierce 10, do more damage to moab and ceramic class bloons, and throws much quicker (50%), semtex pierces 50 and does 15 damage, rogue does +1 more damage
            x5x - rogue now wields two bolts that swing quickly and travel down both ways of the track, popping 10 layers and 50 bloons each (20 damage to moabs), that explode near the biggest group of bloons for 20 damage and unlimited pierce. Rogue basic attack does 8 damage and swings at 75% faster speed than base rogue, piercing 4 extra bloons.

            path 3: This is as far as ive gotten, if you have any ideas for path 3 or any change suggestions to the other 2 paths let me know! Just a random idea i thought of
            xx3 -


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              A tower that I think would be cool would be one that provides out of game benefits, similar to how marigolds work in Plants Vs Zombies. It would be really cool to see like an insta-monkey generating tower that doesn’t do anything in-game to benefit the defence but instead generates free insta monkeys every 5 rounds, or maybe as an ability. If you upgrade it, you can specify which insta monkeys to make instead of it being random, and also the tier that it generates.

              Perhaps another idea would be some kind of bloon recycler that recycles Bloons into monkey money slowly, although I’m not sure how useful that would be as the only thing I spend monkey money on is new heroes and their skins.

              I think that having some kind of generator would be cool though, if NK were worried they would get exploited then just make them unable to be used in free play or something, and make them unable to be sold, but it would be a cool thing to put in as some kind of reward for if players have excess cash in the harder difficulties.


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                Thought it would be a fun to further develop some of the ideas here. Please give praise to the original concepts of these ideas. I would also really appreciate feedback from everyone and especially the original creator. Thanks

                I won’t be including many numbers in these developments (like upgrade costs or attack speed increase %’s, etc.) as too much effort and cross-referenceing - feel free to do it if you wish though.

                I’ll also write a short bit on my thoughts on the original idea and the developments I went through to come to the conclusion.


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                  To start with:

                  Originally posted by Simbrian View Post
                  I wouldn't mind a couple more military monkeys. Perhaps a soldier with an assault rifle that occasionally throws a grenade.

                  Soldier Monkey

                  This no nonsense monkey is out on the battlefield to get the job done. He helps command fellow military monkeys, gets some mean gun upgrades and knows his way around explosives.

                  • Hit scan with medium range, high attack speed, 1 damage

                  Top Path

                  • Increased attack speed and pops 2 layers

                  Even More Training
                  • Increased attack speed and pops 3 layers

                  Full Metal Jacket
                  • Pops 4 layers and can pop lead and frozen bloons

                  • Gains attack speed throughout a round as the Soldier pops Bloons

                  Gunnery Sargent
                  • The Soldier starts rounds at maximum Verteran pops and instead gives nearby monkeys increased attack speed as it pops Bloons

                  Middle path

                  Battlefield knowledge
                  • Increases range and can pop camo Bloons

                  Commanding Officer
                  • Nearby monkeys get increased attack speed. Nearby military monkeys get additional attack speed.

                  Most Valued Target
                  • Chooses one of the strongest bloons each round and gives cash when it’s popped

                  Tactical Insight (ability)
                  • Allows nearby monkeys to detect camo Bloons and pop any bloon type. Nearby military monkeys abilities cooldown faster.

                  Updates from command (ability)
                  • Passive: Nearby military monkeys can detect camo Bloons, pop any bloon types and have reduced ability cooldowns.
                  • Activate: Gives the Soldier a large range boost and nearby monkeys get full map range

                  Bottom path

                  • Throws a grenade that deals high damage to multiple bloons (can pop leads and frozen, but not black or zebra)

                  • Bloons destroyed by the grenade spray sharpen shrapnel

                  Land mines
                  • Throws explosive mines onto the track nearby (aren’t triggered by MOAB bloons, but they take the damage if within range)

                  Hunter Popper Drones
                  • Releases drones that circle the map for a MOAB bloon, then dive towards it and explode, dealing high damage to the MOAB

                  Blimp Buster
                  • Land mines can be triggered by MOABs and deal increased damage to them. Hunter Popper Drones fire missiles while they circle and release a cluster of explosions upon impact with MOABs


                  Currently, there isn’t a “normal” attacking military monkey that doesn’t need water. I tried to keep the soldier theme for the top path, while letting the middle path become more of a buffing monkey. I like the dedicated MOAB damager idea in the Master Bomber ninja, so I tried go along similar lines there.


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                    How about a sorcerer monkey.


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                      Can you share your ideas about said Sorcerer Monkey?

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                    Monkey lighthouse (support tower) $800

                    A tower that that can be built on land or water. It has no popping power initially but offers a “balcony” that holds one monkey (like the carrier does) allowing players to utilize this tower to place a monkey where ever they want. This allows the monkey to see over obstacles as well. It has a beam of light that rotates around the tower. Bloons caught in its light are reduced 2 layers.

                    First track: “oracle”
                    1- gains a second light that is 180degrees from the first light and slightly widens the lights to capture more bloons.
                    2- expands the range of the tower and the monkeys placed on the tower, also further expands the width of the lights.
                    3- tower gains enormous range and lights shine the full 360 ring around. Monkey on top also gains increased range.
                    4- bloons caught in the light become blinded and will venture far off the path for a short time before slowly returning.
                    5- all monkeys within the light gain heavily increased effects on all their level upgrades (heavier slow, more popping power, even faster attacks, etc)

                    second track “ascended monkey”
                    1- lighthouse reveals camo bloons caught in its light and will smart target bloons instead of rotating.
                    2- larger balcony allows for a super monkey to fit on top.
                    3- unlocks the ability for the balcony monkey to go to tier 3 in their secondary track and increases their attack speed.
                    4- super boosts the monkey on top to cause popped bloons to explode.
                    5- further boosts the monkey to temporarily give it teir 5 in both its tracks. Track will be chosen randomly if one is not selected.

                    third track “power house”
                    1- lights now reduce all regular bloons to red bloons
                    2- now rapidly pops bloons in its light and slows them. Monkey on top also slows bloons.
                    3- instantly removes lead and fortification from bloons struck by the monkey on the balcony.
                    4- crushes nearby bloons and deals heavy Moab damage to anything that gets too close.
                    5- erases any bloon that remains in the light for .3 seconds. Even Moab’s.

                    I made it impossible for monkeys to gain all the effects that the tower gives so that this tower doesn’t outshine the village. It also focuses more on the single monkey its boosting and stacks with the effects of the village.
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                      To have two more support towers would be ideal, the training camp its a good idea, and we need the jedi monkey and the beekeeper
                      This is written on bloons about the beekeeper

                      Path 1:

                      Sharp Stingers: bees pop bloons twice as fast

                      Barbed Stingers: bees stay on bloons as a DOT

                      Hornet Swarm: fierce hornets pop bloons three time as fast

                      Wasp Swarm: wasps pop bloons the fastest yet

                      Raging Hive: wasps attack all bloons in its radius, up to five wasps per bloon

                      Path 2:

                      Fast Deploy: sends out bees faster

                      Speedy Swarm: sends out bees even faster

                      Active Hive: MUCH larger attack range

                      Bee Cloud: ability sends bees all over the map

                      Perfect Swarm: bee cloud is always out, new ability increases their ferocity

                      Path 3:

                      Honey Toss: throws out honey when no bloons are around, honey slows down bloons

                      Sticky Bees: bloons popped by bees are now honeyed

                      Pollination: nearby banana farms now produce bananas faster

                      Honeyed Bananas: collects bananas automatically, getting increased moeny from it

                      Fruitful Land: all nearby towers have MASSIVLY incread attack/production speed

                      What do you think?


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                        The beekeeper seems pretty cool, and I like how people have put so much thought into it.

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                        I miss the bloon chipper. 😪


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                          I think it would be cool if they brought back the bloon chipper he was one of my faves in TD5


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                            Card Master Monkey as a Magic Monkey!!
                            Base cost: 495 (Easy), 575 (Medium), 650 (Hard!!).
                            Throws card like shuriken until upgraded
                            Path 1 is based on summoning cards, which summon different types of help (but disappear after 7 rounds):
                            - Basic Summoning Card (295, 300, 455.)
                            Summons a spiritual wizard, in which is similar to the 1-x-x.
                            - Energy Summon (595, 650, 800)
                            Summons an eye, which shoots energy at bloons. Energy shoots off 2 layers of bloons.
                            - Super Card (1000, 1250, 1565)
                            Summons a Super Monkey clone of one that is on your screen. If none (Or if only T5 Super Monkeys are on screen!), it creates a 1-x-1 Super Monkey that cannot be upgraded.
                            - Sacrifical Flame (2450, 2585, 3450)
                            Sacrifices 3 of the nearest towers and makes them turn into reoccuring cards, which he/she will pull out once the previous sacrifice is gone again.
                            - T5!! Ultra Summon (4655, 5090, 5695)
                            Summons a god, similar to the 3-0-2 Super Monkey.
                            Path 2 is about using new attacks (Once it has upgraded, it has that attack. If upgraded past T1, it throws different attacks at the same time):
                            -Fire Spit (300, 315, 355)
                            Spits fire at bloons.
                            - Sharp Spear (400, 450, 495.)
                            Throws a spear at bloons.
                            - Double Fire (800, 865, 945)
                            Fires with both hands, and attacks 2x faster!
                            - Dark Monkey (1500, 1625, 1745)
                            Activated Ability: Darkens a random Summoning Card Master (Path 1) (Goes for the strongest ones), so it darkens the summons and makes it do 1.5x faster attack speed and +6 piercing.
                            -Absorbation!! (3455, 3765, 3940)
                            Takes nearby towers' attacks and uses them. The towers are NOT consumed and can still attack! Don't worry!! If you sell the tower though, the attack is gone.
                            Activated Ability: Creates a vortex that bloons are sucked into, popped
                            Path 3 is about using new defenses:
                            -Shield (325, 355, 400)
                            Creates several shields as a Spike Factory creates spikes. These shields stop bloons but do not pop.
                            -Spiked Shields (650, 705, 785)
                            Shields pop bloons now.
                            -Mines (1350, 1595, 1865)
                            Places multiple mines that explode and pop up to 80 bloons and 3 layers.
                            -ACM (Anti-Camo Mines)
                            Mines can remove camo from bloons.
                            - Spike Trap
                            Creates a Depleted Bloontonium Spike Trap, which are infinite and removes 6 layers from bloons. Only Rainbow+ will get out and get to the exit (UNLESS THERE'S MULTIPLE, WHICH THERE IS.)