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    Well. Personnaly, I don't have "New" Towers idea, but just a 4th path for some Towers. Might think about for the others.

    Tack Shooter :

    xxx1 - (180g) : Every third Shot now pop 2 layers instead of one.

    xxx2 - (400g) : The Tack Shooter now attack Camo Bloons

    xxx3 - (1200g) : The Tack Shooter now does more damage to MOAB-Class Bloons.

    xxx4 - (2000g) : Doesnt Shoot Anymore, instead you can put any Monkey in it except for Super Monkey, allowing it to Shoot the Same projectiles.

    xxx5 - (50.000g) : You can't upgrade to this unless you have Fully upgraded to tier 4 (Does not Accept Upgrades that add a Power (Middle ones.) nor Tier 5 Upgrades) the monkey it contain. Allows you to put another monkey in it, and shoot it projectile It also instantly upgrade it to a Tier 4, but you can't go further. (So, only one "line" of Upgrade.)

    Exemples : You put a 4-2-0 Glue Gunner in it. The Tack will now shoot Splatter Glue Bloons Disolver around it. Then, you can put another Monkey, let's say a Dart Monkey. You'll have to chose from Either a 4-0-0 Dart Monkey, or a 0-0-4 Dart Monkey, and not anything more.

    The Tack Shooter will now Shoot Glue + Either Spiked Ball, or Critical Chance Crossbow Bolts.

    This one might be too powerfull, maybe up the cost of the tier 4 and 5 Tack Shooter.

    Cannon :

    xxx1 : (450g) Change from Bombs to Big Darts, still Popping Leads bloons, but going through 4 Bloons/shots. (1xx1 = Bigger Dart, 6 Bloons. 2xx1 = Even Bigger, 8 Bloons pop. The "Fragment" (xx2-1) just adds it for the first Bloon Hit. Missile Upgrade don't change anything else than the RoF and the speed of the Dart)

    xxx2 : (600g) Darts can Pop 2 layers per Shot.

    xxx3 : (1000g) Double Darts Shot ! But shots a bit slower. (Like 15% ? I dunno.)

    xxx4 : (2500g) Darts does Triple Damage to MOAB !

    xxx5 : (10.000g) Darts now Ignore Fortifications of Bloons. Allowing them to do full damage to fortified Bloons (Don't destroy the Fortification for the other Towers.)

    Dart Monkey :

    xxx1 : (300g) Every Three shot now explode on impact, allowing the Dart Monkey to Pop a Single Lead Bloons, or 5 Bloons around the impact.

    xxx2 : (500g) Throws darts upward. Can shoot behind building. Infinite Range, but can't shoot close to Him. Every Dart Explode. (No more piercing Shot.) The darts now have a travel time. Might Miss.

    Explain : Take the basic range. He can't shoot when Bloons are in it. But what's out of it can be shot.

    xxx3 : (700g) Popped Bloons now explode, blowing one layer of the 3 closests Bloons. (Bloons Popped by That don't explode again.)

    xxx4 : (2000g) Dart Monkey become a Master of Dart Throwing. His shots never miss, as he shots in front of the bloons, allowing the dart to hit exactly where the bloons is when it touch the Ground.

    xxx5 : (16.000g) The Dart Monkey trained for this Moment. He's now able to throw his Incredibly Fast, with a Deadly Precision. The Darts now pops 3 layers when exploding, the Bloons popped by explosion lost 2 layers and explode again, popping one layer of up to 8 bloons close to them.

    Monkey Ace :

    xxx1 : (150g) Unlock a 4 points Patrol. Just click on 4 points, and the Monkey Ace will follow this Path.

    xxx2 : (300g) Radially Mounted Dart Machine Guns allows the Monkey Ace to shoot 2 darts in front of Him instead of around him, at a fast rate.

    xxx3 : (600g) The Dart Machine Guns now become High Caliber Machine Guns, allowing the Monkey Ace to shoots Lead and Frozen Bloons.

    xxx4 : (14.000g) No more fun. The Monkey Ace is upgraded, allowing him to have 4 Machine Guns in front, and one Mounted Turret. The Turret shots independently of the Front Mounted MG, and directly at the Bloons.

    xxx5 : (60.000g) The Front Mounted MG now shots a constant Laser Beam, popping anything that comes in front of them. The Turret now shoots Penetrating Ammo, doing boosted Damages to MOAB, Ceramic, and Fortified Bloons. It now also automatically Aim for the Highest class Bloons on the Screen.

    Mortar Monkey :

    xxx1 : (800g) Allow the Mortar Monkey to aims at Last / First / Stronger bloons.

    xxx2 400g) The Mortar Monkey charge his Bombs with a special virus. Popped Bloons now get slowed for a short time after getting hit. (25% slow.)

    xxx3 : (1000g) The Virus is stronger. Bloons become Slowed for the rest of their poor life.

    xxx4 : (8.000g) The Virus now slowly Spread over the Bloons that are close to each other.

    xxx5 : (20.000g) Perfect Bloon Virus now slow bloons by 50%, spread really fast and makes MOAB Class Bloons below a B.A.D losing health over time as long as they're on the screen.

    Spike Factory :

    xxx1 : (600g) Every second shots now shoot a second spike pile at the opposite side of the first one. If it's not possible, it'll simply shots 2 at the same emplacement.

    xxx2 : (3000g) Spikes are now economic, giving you 1g for each unused spike pile at the end of the round. Can't goes further than 50 gold.

    xxx3 : (1500g) The Spike Factory now change it's intern working to be able put a spiked kart on the road along with the spikes. The Kart follow the path and pop bloons in his way. Can pop up to 20 bloons or layers before breaking. When broke, gives 10 gold. Only 5 Spike Kart on the Track at the same time.

    xxx4 : (8.700g) The Spike Kart now got a Drill, attaching to the first Ceramic or MOAB it encounters and only break when the Ceramic Layer or Moab is popped. Deal damage over time.

    xxx5 : (48.000g) Kart.Enhanced.Rolling.Terror (K.A.R.T) Dispenser now constantly Deploy Karts instead of Spikes. The K.A.R.T Dispenser's Karts are Faster (1.5x) , gives 50gold on break, Explode when broken and deals 3 times damages to Ceramic / MOAB they're attached to. Up the Spiked Kart limite from 5 to 10 at the Same Time.

    I'm not the best at Balancing, so some (if not all) might be really Over Powered. Let me knows.


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      Originally posted by pikminbiomaster View Post
      i realize how hard it must be to think of other support towers with how general monkey village is but I really feel they need to add 2 more of them to make it 5/5/5/5 across the board instead of 5/5/5/3. But ye ideas are slim from me, but if we were looking for more towers I'd start there
      I really like the idea or rounding out the support tower category.

      One thought I have along those lines is a support tower where each path buffs a certain category of monkey (Primary, Military, Magic), and each path is works in a slightly different way that compliments the strengths and weaknesses of that category.

      I didn't put in prices or specific values for most of the buffs, I figure to leave figuring that out to someone who knows how the mechanics are weighted and balanced than I do, and other tweaks might be needed for balance too, but this is an example of how that might look:

      Training Camp

      All monkeys in radius get +1 pierce

      1/x/x - Practice Range: All Primary monkeys in radius get extra range
      2/x/x - Monkey Reach: All Primary monkeys in radius get slightly longer projectile lifespan
      3/x/x - Primal Heat: All Primary monkeys in radius can pop frozen and lead bloons
      4/x/x - Special Effects: Duration of crowd control effects from Primary monkeys in radius extended slightly
      5/x/x - Poptimus Prime: All Primary monkeys in range pop an extra layer and do extra damage to M.O.A.B. class bloons

      x/1/x - Boot Camp: All Military monkeys in range get extra attack speed
      x/2/x - Defense Budget: All Military monkeys in radius get extra cash per pop
      x/3/x - Better Bombing: All Military monkeys in radius can pop black bloons
      x/4/x - Gorilla Warfare: Activated Ability Resets cooldowns of all Military monkeys in radius
      x/5/x - Tactical Coordination: Activated Ability Bonuses from this tower apply to all Military monkeys on screen for 10 seconds

      x/x/1 - Monkey Magic: All magic monkeys in range get extra pierce
      x/x/2 - Why Not Both?: All magic monkeys in range that can strip either camo or regrow properties from bloons now strip both
      x/x/3 - Force Of Will: All Magic monkeys in radius can pop purple bloons
      x/x/4 - Unlimited Power: Doubles pierce of all Magic monkeys in range
      x/x/5 - Energy Beacon: It's baaaaaaaack!
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        Relay Station
        0-0-0 Increase range of other support towers in range.
        1-x-x Deploy a substation.
        2-x-x Deploy a substation.
        3-x-x Boost range of substations.
        4-x-x Deploy a substation.
        5-x-x Retransmit all support towers through all substations.

        ​​​​​​x-1-x Increase frequency of production.
        x-2-x Increase production by 1 banana or spike.
        x-3-x Increase frequency of production.
        x-4-x Produce 5 additional units at the start of the round.
        x-5-x Hide Spike Factories in Banana Farms and help crate bananas in your Spike Factories.

        x-x-1 Reduce cost to build Support Towers in range.
        x-x-2 Reduce size of Support Towers in range.
        x-x-3 Reduce cost to upgrade Support Towers in range.
        x-x-4 Reduce cooldowns of Support Towers in range.
        x-x-5 Generate a 3-3-3 Support Tower of your choice within range. (Depending on balance, may be able to upgrade one path of this, or have to be a 2-2-2 tower and then upgrade one path)

        The idea behind this tower is to make other support towers stronger by replicating the power of a monkey town in multiple areas, feeding the powers of several monkey towns into many areas of the map to layer their effects, increase the rate and amount gained by farms and spike factories, and increasing the efficiency of building and updating support towers.


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          Since the Monkey Village covers primary towers in one of its paths, how about a support tower for the other three categories?

          Research Academy: "Allows the monkeys to use the power of science to aid in defending against all kinds of Bloons."
          (without upgrades it gives +1 pierce to military towers, +5% range to magic towers and +5% productivity to support towers)

          Path 1 (Military support path)
          Tier 1 -> Cooling Liquid -> Provides military towers in range with a cooling liquid to prevent overheat for higher firerate.
          Tier 2 -> Reinforced Weaponry -> Military towers in range pop 1 more layer of Bloon per shot with all their weapons.
          Tier 3 -> SMART Chips -> Systemic Mark And Reroute Tech Chips make projectiles from military towers home in on Bloons.
          Tier 4 -> Bloontonium Injection -> Adds a radioactive property to the weapons of military towers, damaging Bloons over time.
          Tier 5 -> Central Armory -> Previous upgrades become more potent, the more military towers are in its range for huge power.

          Path 2 (Magic support path)
          Tier 1 -> Extrasensory Lesson -> Magic towers gain extra range. Can stack with up to 2 other Laboratories.
          Tier 2 -> Mental Empowerment -> Increases pierce by 50% for all magic towers in range.
          Tier 3 -> Spiritual Enlightenment -> Powers up magic towers, allowing homing and longer projectile lifespan.
          Tier 4 -> Mana Pool -> Grants Mana Pool ability, which doubles firerate and damage of magic towers in range temporarily.
          Tier 5 -> Ethereal Pool -> Improved Mana Pool, that works on all magic towers on screen and even better on those in range.

          Path 3 (pure Support path)
          Tier 1 -> 50/50 Productivity -> Spike Factories produce 50% bigger spike stacks 50% faster.
          Tier 2 -> Village Silage -> Doubles benefits from upgrading Monkey Villages and Banana Farms up to tier 2 in range.*
          Tier 3 -> Grange Interchange -> Greatly increases range and adds 1 Banana per Banana Farm affected by the Laboratory.
          Tier 4 -> Focal Local -> 50/50 Productivity doubles and Village Silage works up to tier 3, greatly improving the Laboratory.**
          Tier 5 -> Court Support -> Increases power of abilities everywhere by 20% and Village Silage works better than ever before.***

          *Village Silage
          Bigger Radius, Jungle Drums, Monkey Business and Monkey Commerce are affected.
          Banana Plantation, Monkey Bank and Marketplace or any higher are not affected.
          **Focal Local
          Primary Training and Monkey Town are affected.
          Banana Research Facility, IMF Loan and Central Market or any higher are not affected.
          ***Court Support
          Primary Training and Primary Mentoring affect military or magic towers with Reinforced Weaponry or Mental Empowerment.
          Call To Arms Ability: Gives all nearby Monkeys +100% attack speed and pops for 20 seconds.
          Monkey City: Gives you two free Dart Monkeys every round.
          Banana Central, Monkey-Nomics and Monkey Wall Street retain productivity increases given by the Laboratory before purchase.
          Monkey-Nomics ability retains the 20% power increase. (tier 2 crosspathing before tier 5 purchase recommended for all farms)

          tl;dr: can't do anything on its own, but leads to either op military, lethal magic or turns into an unbeatable support supporter.


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            So, as you guys wanted 2 "Support" Towers so it can be a 5/5/5/5, I got 1 more.

            Shock Maker

            Hit the ground with huge velocity, stunning (1s stun) all the bloons in its radius. (Range of a 0/0/1 Ice tower, 1 hit every 3s.)

            First Path : Damaging

            1/0/0 : (260g) Hit the ground more often (2s instead of 3s betweens His.)
            2/0/0 : (200g) Smash one layer of the bloons hit by the shock wave.
            3/0/0 : (300g) Smash Leads and Ice Bloons.
            4/0/0 : (1000g) Huge Smash destroy 2 layers of bloons, and briefly stun Moabs. (0.5s Stun MOABS below a ZOMG)
            5/0/0 : (15.000g) Super.Tremendous.Obliterating.Power (S.T.O.P) Stuns bloons for 2s (Perma Stun), Smash 3 layers and Stun MOABS for a full Second. (Still below a ZOMG.)

            Second Path : Support

            1/0/0 : (250g) Smashing power stop regrows bloons capacity for the duration of the Stun.
            2/0/0 : (650g) Can Hit camo bloons, smash the camo out of them for the Duration of the Stun.
            3/0/0 : (2.000g) Completely Smash out Regrow and Camo capability of Bloons hits.
            4/0/0 : (13.000g) Brittle Fortication of the bloons, making them tank 50% less than before. (Can't hit MOABS class Bloons.)
            5/0/0 : (40.000g) Active Ability : Huge Shock obliterate any special ability of Bloons on the map, Camo, Regrow, Lead, Fortification (Below BAD) and Purple. (90s Cooldown.)

            Third Path : Range and utility

            1/0/0 : (100g) Increase the range of the Shock Maker. (15% range increase.)
            2/0/0 : (300g) Shocked Bloons get slowed for 2s after stun. (10% slow)
            3/0/0 : (600g) Even longer range. (Double the basic range.)
            4/0/0 : (5.4000g) The shock blows away from the exit the lightest bloons. (Everything below Ceramic / Lead / MOABS.)
            5/0/0 : (25.000g) The shock become so violent it hit stuns every bloons on the map below a MOAB. (Still attack only if there's bloons in range)


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              Place on track. Pops a number of bloons then opens and let’s others through. Closes with all pops back at end of each round. Can’t pop leads, but can pop camos; MOAB-class bloons travel over without taking are dealing damage. (Works almost like a regenerating spike pile)

              Top Path

              Can pop more bloons before opening

              Spiked Doors
              Can pop lead bloons and a few more bloons

              Can pop lots more bloons and deals extra damage to ceramic bloons

              Unbreaking Strength
              Briefly stuns bloons after they’re popped

              Master Forgery
              Deals extra damage to all types of bloons, including MOAB-class bloons (this stacks with any other extra damage upgrades). Also gets a few extra pops before opening.

              Middle Path

              Arcane Ward
              Creates an explosion in front of it periodically when it pops bloons (this can pop leads, but not blacks/ zebras)

              Magical Reach
              Can hit MOAB-class bloons and deals extra damage to purple bloons

              Regenerating Oak
              Gate will close during a round after with half of its previous number of pops it can make after a period. This resets at the start of each round.

              Ability: Shadow Gate
              Creates a gate with all of the same upgrades at a selected point for a round.

              Gates of Oblivion
              When a gate is opened, reduces the cool down of Shadow Gate. (This works when a regenerated gate opens again and when a shadow gate is opened)

              Bottom Path

              Burning Oils
              When the gate is opened, creates a patch of oils underneath it the set a number of bloons on fire equal to the number of pops the gate can make. (This fire can pop leads, blacks and zebras, but not purple and will not effect MOAB-class bloons)

              Towers nearby get +1 piece and slightly faster attack speed

              Guard Post
              Puts two dart monkeys (one 3-2-2 and one 2-2-3 equivalent piece, speed and range) on top of the gate; they and nearby towers can pop camo

              Creates a patch of water along the lane in front of the gate that dramatically slows bloons down (but not MOAB-class bloons)

              Upgrades guards to 4-2-2 and 2-2-4 equivalent dart monkeys. When the gate opens, all towers nearby get a huge attack speed and piece boost for a period and then a smaller boost until the end of the round.


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                This isn't a new tower idea as much as a tower tweak but here I go.

                x/4/x Dart Monkey (Super Monkey Fan Club): Possible to upgrade Super Monkeys that were transformed from Dart Monkeys. Max tier for Super Monkeys is Tier 1.
                x/5/x Dart Monkey (Plasma Monkey Fan Club): Possible to upgrade Super Monkeys that were transformed from Dart Monkeys. Max tier for Super Monkeys is Tier 3.


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                  What about bringing powers to sandbox mode (and unlimited of them for free) without having to test it out in a normal game spending monkey money. This is because the descriptions dont tell you everything about the power (example the cash drop - before spending 250 monkey money i want to know how much cash it actually drops.)


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                    In terms of Support monkeys, I think we need more. Hopefully they add the engineer as a support monkey. He would fit that role pretty well. I just wonder what his new third tier would be?


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                      Is there a text cap? I cannot post some ideas i've worked on for while.


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                        Figured it out Here are some tower ideas. All of the numbers are just suggestions obviously. I hope somebody reads this since I worked on it for a while

                        Raft monkey!
                        A lone monkey stuck on a shabby raft made from logs and planks, poor guy. Its a rather simple tower that starts out weak and cheap and must be placed on water, it's 3 upgrade paths vary wildly in cost. The basic raft monkey is very comparable to a Dart monkey in initial cost and abilities, it attacks slower but the base dart pops 2 layers at a time and the range is a bit longer. This is a magic tower and it occupies very little space, perhaps it's greatest strength would be squeezing 2 or 3 of them into the space occupied by a lone Buccaneer and helping you get a little more firepower into a pond corner or pontoon.

                        The first path makes it do the simple job of dart throwing more and more efficiently, the path is comparatively cheap and nets you an early Anti-MOAB tower. The interesting thing is placement, a high level "Kayak monkey" likes being off to one side where it can be set on "strong" and nail some blimps. No native lead or camo. Upper levels pop frozen.
                        Survival training: Increased range and attack speed. (10% each, slightly less range then Crossbow).
                        Fishbone darts: Sometimes throws piercing fish darts. Every 3rd basic attack has +3 pierce and +1 damage (Total 4 pierce, 3 damage). (Mermonkey gets bonus AoE size and the bolt turns red).
                        Kayak monkey: Now confidently sailing a much nicer Kayak and attacks with spears instead of darts. Greatly increased range (20%, much larger then basic crossbow) and +1 pierce, can pop frozen bloons.
                        Titanium harpoons: Hits MOABs with crazy force! +3 Pierce. When basic attacks hit a blimp they expend all their remaining pierce dealing all of their damage to that lone blimp (I.E, a fresh Fishbone at this rank has 7 Pierce and deals 3 damage, thus it'd deal 21 damage to a MOAB, normal attacks (4 Pierce, 2 damage) would deal 8). (Bonuses to Damage are applied post-multiplication, pierce bonuses however are included in the multiplication).
                        Harpoonmaster: Why hunt whales when you can hunt Z.O.M.G's! Every spear is Fishbone and deals even more damage with 4 more pierce, totaling 11 x 3 damage to a blimp. Gains tremendous projectile duration (20-30 seconds) and weak tracking, I.E a Spearmaster spear that misses might fly off-screen only to return several seconds later and nail a hapless bloon. (This last bit is mostly a rule-of-cool thing, the tower attacks slowly so the in-flight shots shouldn't pose a threat to performance).


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                          The second path grants an extra attack cheaply, the higher level upgrades are quite expensive and supercharge the tower to deal great mix of AoE and focused damage. Upper levels pop leads.
                          Water splash: Pop a heap of bloons with a magic water blast. A separate cooldown AoE attack, popping 1 layer in a small radius and just 6 or so pierce, it does not pop lead bloons. The splash gets slightly bigger with every upgrade (regardless of path) and gains ever greater pierce (but only ever 1 damage unless buffed by an allied tower).
                          Piranha pool: Loaded with bitey fish! The water splash now stays in place where it lands, forming a pool full of piranhas. The pool pops each bloon that passes over it once (to a maximum of 20 pops) and every 1 second the pool inflicts an extra pop on all bloons atop it (no limit). The pool lasts 5 seconds (and starts popping at the end of the first second).
                          Mermonkey: Command the sea and the sky. New look: no more raft, fins for feet, seashell helmet and funky looking spear. Replaced basic attack that's slower: lightning strike. Lightning strikes come from the sky and have massive range (halfway up or down the map). Lightning strikes have a very small area damage radius and deal 5 layers of damage to every bloon in the area, at middling attack speed. Can pop lead. Piranha pools double their pop limit, size and pop speed.
                          Crackling storm: Lightning bolts crackle. Lightning strikes attack faster (10% faster), 6 random bloons (far) outside the blast radius are hit by chain lightning that arcs 2 times to new targets, victims of chain lightning suffer 1 damage. New ability: Thunder storm. Lightning rains from the sky, randomly striking 10 times per second for 15 seconds dealing 3 damage to any random bloon on the screen.
                          Monktune: A lesser god of the sea. Disney-Neptune looking dude. All attacks and ability substantially improved, faster and stronger attacks, bigger pool with higher pop limit and pop speed (and sharks instead of piranhas), ability strikes more often per second.
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                            The final path is centered on a "lost at sea" theme, the initial upgrades give generic buffs and the higher tiers actually grant extra passengers. The whole upgrade path is extreemely cheap, a fully upgraded x-x-4 tower being one of the cheapest 4-level towers in the game. A specialized tower for surviving the earlygame. Upper level camo.
                            Flotsam ammo: Extra pierce (+1). (Mermonkey gains +1 primary attack damage instead)
                            Hunger pangs: Every 9 seconds gain a buff, the next time Raft monkey attacks it gains a 170% attack speed boost for 1 second. (cooldown begins when the buff ends, additive stacking).
                            Four eyes are better than two: Another monkey mans the raft. Both monkeys gain +30% attack speed and +1 pierce, -1 damage. Each monkey acts separately, this includes tracking ranges and the buff from Hunger Pangs. Camo detection. Visually the monkeys and darts shrink a bit.
                            Eight eyes are better than four: Two more monkies join the fray. Raft gains a little pole that one monkey hangs onto.
                            Fourteen eyes are better than eight!: You guessed it, 3 more monkeys! A ramshackle structure is added with 3 more monkeys atop it (with the rest clinging tightly to it on the sides or on the pole). Total: 7 Monkeys throwing 1 Damage 3-pierce darts at moderate speed with intermittent speed boosts.

                            Build combinations:
                            4-2-0 Nets you a comparatively cheap blimp-hunter that can also handle batches of weak bloons.
                            4-0-2 Empowers the blimp hunting role at the cost at being cost-ineffective at everything else.
                            2-4-0 A costly but strong all-rounder, contributes well to everything.
                            0-4-2 All rounder with good focus damage.
                            2-0-4 Cheap bloon-rush slaughterer. The range is too short to seriously threaten a blimp without some control support from other monkeys.
                            0-2-4 Same as above.
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                              Another tower:

                              A military tower that leans into a support role but has one attack path. The basic tower occupies slightly more space then an average boomerang monkey (but less than super monkey) and totes a grenade-throwing monkey atop with decent range. The tower is more expensive then a bomb tower with greater range, more attack speed but half the AoE. Pops lead. The Tower-Tower ignores line of sight.

                              This is the attack path, the first upgrades give the monkey more guns and the latter half turn him into a raised weapons platform bedecked with different gear. This path is relatively expensive at all ranks.
                              Battle rifle: Monkey gunner. Monkey now totes a rifle that deals 2 damage per shot (insta-hits like a sniper). Attack ratio is roughly 5 Rifle shots per 2 grenades. Grenades have less range then rifle and target/fire inderpendently.
                              Veteran monkey: He served in the second bloon war. All attacks gain 20% attack speed. Grenades and rifle replaced with a combined assault weapon (visual change only).
                              Battle turret: Area denial deluxe. An expensive upgrade. Combined weapon replaced with a large machine gun and shoulder mounted bazooka. Gun fires several times faster but looses the damage, only dealing 1 damage per shot (but shooting lots of times per second), bazooka fires much further with greater damage (4 damage per shot) but fires a bit slower. Whenever a bloon (Even blimps, but not B.A.D's) is targetted by the gun attack it suffers a short (non stacking) 10% slow debuff. Monkey is visually beefed up and dressed in tac-gear. Note that this isn't actually a turret, just a severely overburdened monkey. Tower gains a look of rugged steel plates and dark battered wood.
                              No-bloon-zone: Bloon-B-gone. A very expensive upgrade.(5000, 6000, something like that). Greatly increased attack speed with the gun (now a chaingun). Bazooka replaced with a quad cylinder missile pod that fires 4 missiles per shot, the 3 extra missiles scatter a bit and seek out random targets in range to hit, dealing 3 damage each. Monkey beefs up further with armor and muscles.
                              Monkey fortress: EVERYTHING DOUBLE! Finally an actual turret with dual rapid-firing chainguns and side mounted missile pods that fire a ridiculous amount of missiles at the intended target and several random ones. Cost might be around 60.000. If the monkey is visible it should look disgustingly relaxed now that it is'nt trying to operate a ton of guns anymore.


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                                The second path is the attack multiplier tower, it starts by adding a few new tricks to the tower and then grows a spot on top to place a new monkey and the ability to give it boosts.
                                Coupled explosive: Double the fun. The tower's explosive attacks explode a second time for 1 damage.
                                Tack blaster: Automatic bloon defense. Adds side mounted tack launchers that automatically launch clusters of 3-4 tacks from the bottom of the tower at bloons that come close. Other upgrades only boost these launchers marginally, not gaining the full amount of attack speed or range and not benefitting from temporary buffs.
                                Platform of power: A raised platform for monkeys to show off their skills. The tower becomes slightly larger (more natural looking) with a prominent, empty platform on top. The tower retains it's attacks and upgrades in the form of an autogun that juts out from the platforms's underside. The platform is big enough to fit just one non-super monkey. Any monkey atop the tower gains a dramatic range boost and the tower gains the activated ability to grant it's resident a large, temporary, attack speed buff (150-200%). You cannot put a Tower-tower on top of a Tower-tower. This upgrade is very expensive yet grants absolutely no new benefits without placing a new monkey on top.
                                Platform of adoration: Praise be the champions of the sun god! The resident monkey gains a static boost to pierce and attack speed, every time the monkey has done a certain amount of damage (200 or so) another nearby monkey is granted a small and brief boost to range and attack speed (10% for 2 seconds). A very expensive upgrade.
                                Tower of the sun god: Smite the bloons with rays of the sun! Tower becomes a temple. Tack launchers replaced with a circle of energy that hovers encircling the tower and slowly fires a laser at bloons that explodes to deal 50 damage to the primary target and 5 damage in a moderate radius around the primary target. Tower monkey returns (a bit smaller) to replace the undermounted turret, skinned as a temple guardian.
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