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  • Any New Tower Ideas?

    Post any new tower ideas here. If we get enough here we might be able to get one in the game (doubtful though).

    Elemental Monkey: ($650)
    Shoots a colorless ball of air that can pop four bloons each and do one damage. (attack speed 0-1-0 Dart Monkey) Can see camo but cannot pop leads or purples.

    1-x-x: ($850) Earth Shots -
    (Now shoots balls of earth) Attacks split into four mini earth balls, each piercing two Bloons and doing one damage. (Frag Bombs style)

    2-x-x: ($1250) Gem Fragments -
    (Dirt ball frags are now gems) Frags do double damage and can pierce five Bloons each! (Can now pop purples)

    3-x-x: ($1950) Earth Elemental -
    (Shoots 25% faster) (All attacks have double pierce) Now summons pillars of earth on the track every ten seconds, able to pop 250 Bloons before fading. (Pillars can pop lead)

    4-x-x: ($6500) Stone Shaman -
    (Shoots 25% faster) (Earth Pillars can now pop 500 Bloons) (Gem Frags now do double damage and explode with a 1-0-0 Bomb Shooter radius, splitting into 2 more frags each, which each have 2 pierce and do one damage) (Normal shots are now lava [pops lead, does triple damage, has 20 Bloon pierce]) A master of controlling the earth, able to will rocks to do its bidding.

    5-x-x: ($78000) Master of Earth -
    (Shoots 100% faster) (Earth Pillars can now pop 5000 Bloons [Even MOAB-Class, which take up 200 each]) (All attacks excluding Earth Pillars get 8x pierce and 4x damage, gem frags and mini gem frags now seek bloons) Conjures a boulder every 8 seconds that smashes into the ground, stunning all Bloons and MOABS (except BADS) in its size/range (0-0-0 Dart Monkey) for 5 seconds and dealing 25 damage.

    x-1-x: ($450) Water Beam -
    Shoots water instead of air. (Has double pierce)

    x-2-x: ($950) Aqua Push -
    Water has a 50% chance to push back Bloons for 2s.

    x-3-x: ($6200) Water Elemental -
    Creates a thin line of water over the entire track that slows all (Non-MOAB) Bloons by 20%. (DOES NOT STACK) (Cannot slow camos)

    x-4-x: ($16500) Stream Slide -
    (Stream becomes a bit higher, with glass walls around it) Now slows bloons by 40% and attacks twice as fast. (Chance to push back Bloons is now 60% and lasts for 3s) (Attacks get +200% pierce) (DOES NOT STACK) (Rivers can now slow Camos) [Ability: River doubles in size (visual change) and slows Bloons by an extra 20% for 10s. Cooldown 60s]

    x-5-x: ($155000) Riptide River -
    (Stream becomes half as tall as a red Bloon) Stream now slows Bloons by 80%. (Every second has a 20% chance to push bloons back for 3s [does not stack]) (Attacks 5x as fast) (DOES NOT STACK) (Can slow MOAB-Class) [Ability: River rises to be able to completely submerge a Rainbow Bloon (visual change) and stops Bloons completely for 10s. Cooldown 150s) (projectiles can now pop any Bloon type)

    x-x-1: ($900) Spiritual Shots -
    (Projectiles turn into purple ghostlike tacks) Spirit Projectiles do double damage.

    x-x-2: ($1850) Strong Spirits -
    Shoots three spirits at once! (Gwendolyn style)

    x-x-3: ($3200) Spiritual Elemental -
    (Shoots twice as fast and gets triple pierce and seeking) Spirits now suck up the strongest Bloon (Up to Ceramic) at the end of their pierce within the range of a 0-0-0 Heli Pad (The pad itself). (Normal attacks now do 3x damage to MOABS)

    x-x-4: ($6500) Spirit Shackle -
    Every third attack releases a super spirit that deals 20 damage, has quadruple pierce, and travels twice as fast as other spirits. (Adds, does not replace)

    x-x-5: (23000) Supreme Spirit -
    Super Spirits do double damage and are released on all shots.

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    I wouldn't mind a couple more military monkeys. Perhaps a soldier with an assault rifle that occasionally throws a grenade.


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      Maybe this is along the line of if the wizard monkey had more elemental attacks
      *super monkey memes*


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        I have an idea for a support tower, I’m not sure if this is a good idea but like a “prototype” concept.
        It’s called a “Bloons-Gate” (Like Tesla gate har har)
        Basically, Instead of placing it next to a track, you can put one on top of a track. I haven’t thought about any upgrades just yet, but my thinking is that for every few Bloons that enter, one gets zapped and can trap multiple Bloons. For the upgrades it may go along as to zap more frequently, have more intense zaps that shread more layers, extensions to stun Moab’s, and so on.
        Again, I don’t really see this as a possibility, but it’s kind of a nifty idea, which reminds me of the engineers Bloon trap.
        RIP Monkey Engie
        How am I gonna stop some big mean MOAB from tearing through my defense? The answer: Use a Ninja, and if that don’t work, use more Ninja.


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          i realize how hard it must be to think of other support towers with how general monkey village is but I really feel they need to add 2 more of them to make it 5/5/5/5 across the board instead of 5/5/5/3. But ye ideas are slim from me, but if we were looking for more towers I'd start there


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            I’m thinking some some sort of Fighter Monkey, who attacks whith his fists. I have a rough sketch of the upgrades, One path being fast attacking w/ lightning, Another with shadow fists, and one with Elemental abilities and more damage.


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              Another idea is a Hunter monkey, who sets down bear traps or attacks with a hunting rifle.


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                Why doesn't ninja kiwi just reuse some towers from btd5? Like the bloonchipper or the one that makes the sentry turrets and upgrade their stats a bit.


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                  Originally posted by DashingShado View Post
                  Why doesn't ninja kiwi just reuse some towers from btd5? Like the bloonchipper or the one that makes the sentry turrets and upgrade their stats a bit.
                  1st, you can't make 2d bloons go into a 3d tower.
                  2nd, they might add engineer eventually.
                  3rd, we have to wait. BTD6 has not had enough time to develop as BTD5 has.
                  (Yes, I just made this my flair)
                  Last edited by MechStar101; 06-11-18, 03:13 PM.
                  My opinion on BTD5-->BTD6
                  1st, you can't make 2d bloons go into a 3d tower.
                  2nd, they might add those towers eventually.
                  3rd, we have to wait. BTD6 has not had enough time to develop as BTD5 has.


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                    Originally posted by MechStar101 View Post

                    1st, you can't make 2d bloons go into a 3d tower.
                    2nd, they might add engineer eventually.
                    3rd, we have to wait. BTD6 has not had enough time to develop as BTD5 has.
                    (Yes, I just made this my flair)
                    I completely agree it does take time especially for 2d-3d graphics I just wasn't quite sure if they were actually going to do it so I made a suggestion. Granted a poorly worded suggestion.


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                      The Melee Monkey (Tell me if you have a better name)

                      - Used mid-game and late game

                      - Unique from other towers because it doesn't use ranged weapons as it's primary popping power (there is an upgrade for it)

                      - Limited range

                      - Can be sacrificed for sun temples or true sun gods, will add a passive ability that spawns in 5th tier top path melee monkeys

                      - Can miss on some attacks

                      Okay, time to start talking about the upgrades

                      If this was put in the game, I would request that only the most important changes would be listed in the description of the upgrade

                      I'll remind about the 000 tower stats every time I switch to a new path

                      Also, remember that the insane pierce on this tower is suppressed by the tiny range

                      000(no upgrades) $600

                      3 pierce

                      1 damage

                      attacks once every .5 seconds

                      20% chance to miss on every attack

                      very small range

                      uses a sword


                      Improved technique $300

                      - now attacks once every .4 seconds

                      - missing chance reduced to 15%


                      Higher quality gear $400

                      - pierce increased to 5

                      - small range increase


                      Self-Discipline $1200

                      - attacks once every .35 seconds

                      - pierce increased to 7

                      - only misses 9% of the time

                      - small range increase

                      - damage increased to 2


                      Way of the Samurai $4000

                      - pierce increased to 10

                      - does not miss anymore

                      - small range increase

                      - damage increased to 3

                      - has a chance to light bloons on fire when hit, this attack needs .5 seconds to recharge, this fire does not stop burning and burns through one layer every .5 seconds. A blue bloon has a 5% chance to be lit on fire, every rank beyond that is +5%. This fire deals 20 damage every second to moab-class bloons, it cannot burn the BAD.

                      - a new stabbing attack that activates every 7 attacks and pierces through 50bloons and does one layer of damage to each one, takes 5 layers off of full-health ceramics. If the ceramic is not full health, it will do the normal 1 damage.

                      - If the tower is in range of a ninja, it will attack once every .3 seconds. If it is in range of a ninja with the shinobi tactics upgrade, it will have a bonus boost of 3pierce.

                      - has a new "assassain's arrow" ability that activates once every round, it deals 8,000 to the first moab on the screen, it cannot activate on rounds where there is only 1-5 moab-class bloons. There can only be up to 5 assassian's arrows each round


                      Shogun $35,000

                      - pierce increased to 40

                      - double range

                      - attacks once every .1 seconds

                      - burning ability affects all bloons that are hit

                      - base damage increased to 6

                      - shinobi tactics bonus now increases attack speed by 10%, pierce by 10, and damage by 1

                      -assassain"s arrow now activates for the 5 strongest moabs in each round


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                        Time for the second path upgrades. Feel free to go back and see what the stats of the 000 tower are so you can better understand these upgrades. Also, please leave me feedback in the comments and/or the poll, no matter if it's negative or positive it will help me create better threads in the future. Thanks in advance!!!

                        000(no upgrades) $600

                        3 pierce

                        1 damage

                        attacks once every .5 seconds

                        20% chance to miss on every attack

                        very small range

                        uses a sword


                        Sense of Honor $200

                        - attack speed reduced by .1 seconds, it is now .6

                        - pierce increased by 2

                        - missing chance reduced to 15%


                        Schooling $400

                        - learns a new downward cut move that that has a pierce of 1 but damages through 10 layers of bloon. This activates every 6 attacks


                        Nobleman $900

                        - has a guard that stands at the end of the map and strikes down any leaking bloons. This guard is a 000 melee monkey

                        - pierce increased by 1

                        - attack speed increased by .05 seconds

                        - missing chance reduced to 5%

                        - slightly longer range

                        - maximum of 5 nobleman can have guards at the end of the map


                        Knighted $7000

                        - a new active ability: Relief Army. Arrows and Nobleman will storm the screen destroying many bloons. Cooldown of 30 seconds

                        - now has 2 guards that are 010 melee monkeys, maximum of 10 guards

                        - rides a horse that that kicks up to 5 bloons and permanently stuns them. This activates every 4 seconds

                        - switches to a lance as a weapon


                        A True King $25,000

                        - 3 040 melee monkeys will chase the bloons like a heli pilot

                        - the Relief Army ability now calls in knights instead of noblemen

                        Thanks for getting this far, now for the final upgrade path.


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                          000(no upgrades) $600

                          3 pierce

                          1 damage

                          attacks once every .5 seconds

                          20% chance to miss on every attack

                          very small range


                          Fitness $200

                          - attack speed bonus of 20%, this bonus will become more potent as you pair it with more powerful upgrades


                          Nutrition $500

                          - pierce increased to 4

                          - missing chance reduced to 10%

                          - small range increase


                          Gruntman $1500

                          - uses a battle axe instead of sword

                          - base attack speed reduces to once every .6 seconds, this is not accounting for the 001 attack speed boost. I don't want to do the math.

                          - damage increased to 2

                          - pierce increased to 6

                          - "intimates" all bloons in a radius 4 times the tower's base attack radius every 3 seconds and stuns them for 2 seconds


                          Viking $5500

                          - uses 2 smaller axes

                          - base attack speed increased to once every .45 seconds

                          - every other attack the monkey double attacks and deals x2 damage to bloons that are hit

                          - pierce reduces to 5

                          - intimidation ability now activates every 2.5 seconds and stuns bloons for 3 seconds

                          - a new "battle horn" ability that activates when "most needed"(talk to whoever made the commanche commander to learn more). The ability gives a .5 attack speed and pierce bonus to all towers on the screen, this does not stack with other 004 melee monkeys. The cooldown is once every round


                          Lawbringer $30,000

                          - uses 2 very large axes

                          - massive range increase

                          - Double attacks cause a small earthquake that stuns and damages 6 layers of bloon to bloons around the affected area

                          - 2 selected towers will be granted double attack speed, pierce, and 1.5x damage that rounds up. These selected towers may be changed at any time, including intense micro sessions

                          - if no bloon has come in its range for 8 seconds, it will throw its axes at the nearest bloons and cause great damage

                          That's all I have for now, sorry for bad grammar, I don't have time to edit this, please just try to use common sense to understand what I'm trying to tell you. Thanks for listening to my ideas, especially if you got this far. Please be critical when commenting on my work. Be sure to give suggestions. No bad ideas!!!


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                            I had to post multiple because NK didn't let me post one big one


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                              Command Post : Support Tower
                              0-0-0 Provides +1 pierce within range.

                              1-x-x Reduces cooldown times. (5%)
                              2-x-x Reduces cooldown times further. (10%)
                              3-x-x Grants a chance to have a slightly shorter cooldown time. (20% chance, 5 second shorter cooldown)
                              4-x-x Increase chance of shorter cooldown. (40% chance)
                              5-x-x Cooldown reductions stack with other abilities and monkey knowledge, cooldown reduction increases. (20%, applies after, not added together, so you can't reach zero cooldown)

                              x-1-x Increase pierce by +1
                              x-2-x Increase pierce by +1 and increase the max Bloons hit by area effects by 5%.
                              x-3-x Increase pierce by +1 and increase size of explosions or radius effects by 5%.
                              x-4-x Increase max Bloons hit and size of area effects further. (10% each)
                              x-5-x Chance of a perfect explosion. (10% chance the area effect doubles in radius and affects 50% more Bloons)

                              x-x-1 Deals 1 more damage to MOAB and Ceramic Bloons.
                              x-x-2 Grants additional range to target MOABs. (30% more range, projectile ignores Bloons outside of normal range but within this second range to reach the MOAB)
                              x-x-3 Deals 2 more damage to MOAB and Ceramic Bloons, these Bloons don't count against projectile limits.
                              x-x-4 Can target all MOAB and Ceramic class Bloons, ignoring Camo, lead, fortified, frozen, purple, or zebra properties.
                              x-x-5 Can target MOABs anywhere on the screen, and deals 2 more damage to MOAB and Ceramic targets.

                              This tower has a fairly small range without any upgrades, affecting only a few towers. It can compliment a play style by modifying a particular aspect of other towers in a manner similar to the monkey town, but using other aspects than those augmented by monkey town. Pricing is subject to balance, especially when considering what towers will best benefit from each effect. Super Monkeys will likely do great things late game on path x-x-5, while getting a few high tier tack throwers and an ice monkey next to an x-5-x will be great. Meanwhile, I imagine the best use for 5-x-x will be a monkey town and a banana farm on their cooldown paths, for impressive popping and wealth at the tap of a thumb.

                              Higher end prices will definitely be required for second tier and above abilities.