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    APC/AMC (armored personnel carrier / armored monkey carrier)

    An amphibious vehicle that can be placed on both land and water. Mounted rifle has decent range but is weak compared to the other monkeys. Can hold monkeys inside of it. There are four slots in the 0,0,0 AMC. Different monkeys take up different numbers of slots. Note: all buffs that the bottom path gives also effects the AMC itself.

    Dart Monkey, Boomerang Monkey, Glue Gunner, Alchemist, Druid, and the Ninja Monkey take up one slot.

    Bomb Shooter, Sniper Monkey, and the Wizard Monkey take up two.

    Super Monkey, Quincy, Gwendolin, Obyn, Striker Jones, and Benjamin all take up four. Note: cannot upgrade super monkey to sun temple.

    Any monkeys not listed above will not fit.

    Top Path Upgrades

    Tier 1: 50. Cal

    Causes the rifle to have more pierce and can pop frozen bloons.

    Tier 2: Grenade Launcher

    Equips a grenade launcher that will launch grenades at the bloons. Grenades have a small blast radius but the fragments fly far.

    Tier 3: Faster Reload

    Increases the attack speed of the rifle by 75%.

    Tier 4: Artillery

    Adds a small mortar to the back of the AMC which has infinite range but fires slowly and has a small blast radius. Activated ability: Call in the Cavalry. Calls a bloon rammer AMC. Has the same weapons as a 2-0-0 AMC but drives along the track starting from the exit. Deals 2 layers of damage to any bloon it drives into, stunning them. Also applies knockback to moab classes up to zomg. Bloon rammer AMC is also filled with crossbow monkeys. Long cooldown

    Tier 5: Bloon Neutralizer

    Swaps the rifle with a railgun which gets it more pierce, damage and range and getting a damage increase against moabs and ceramics. Grenade launcher is swapped out for a spike bomb launcher, spike bombs have a larger blast radius and has more fragments that all have increased pierce. Mortar gets an attack speed buff and a larger blast radius. Activated ability: Zone Raiders. Calls in 3 zone raiders. These are the same as 3-2-0 AMCs. When each of them drive into a bloon they will each deal 4 layers of damage, destroying anything below ceramic. Stun duration is longer and moab knockback is stronger and can now effect zomgs. First AMC is filled with 2-2-0 druids. Second is filled with 0-2-3 crossbow monkeys. Third is filled with 2-0-3 sniper monkeys.

    Middle Path Upgrades

    Tier 1: Bigger Area

    two more slots.

    Tier 2: Even Bigger Area

    Another two slots

    Tier 3: Smarter Spacing

    Sniper Monkeys And Bomb Shooters now take up one slot instead of two.

    Tier 4: Optimal Spacing

    Adds two more slots and Wizard Monkeys now take up only one slot.

    Tier 5: Mega AMC

    Adds a second level to the AMC, doubling its capacity and giving a range buff to its weapons and the monkeys on the second level. Also allows snipers to shoot over obstacles.

    Bottom Path Upgrades

    Tier 1: Better Firing Ports

    Gives a 5% range buff to all monkeys inside it.

    Tier 2: Battle Orders

    Monkeys attack 10% faster.

    Tier 3: AMC Support System

    Gives all Monkeys inside AMCs a 5% range buff. Stacks with up to five AMC Support Systems.

    Tier 4: Better Support System

    Gives all Monkeys inside AMCs a 5% attack speed buff. Stacks with up to five Better Support Systems.

    Tier 5: Mobile Base

    Applies Camo detection to all monkeys inside AMCs as well as giving an additional 25% attack speed and range buff. Reduces upgrade costs for all monkeys in AMCs.

    Please suggest upgrade prices and possible tweaks. I want to hear what you guys think.

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    Interesting concept. I don't think it would be a good addition to the game though.

    Basically we have three options:
    1. A pretty good amphibious tower
    2. A tower that is actually a dozen towers taking up a small space
    3. A tower that is actually half a dozen towers taking up a small space with worse Monkey Village buffs

    My thoughts:
    1. I actually really want an amphibious tower in the game.
    2. Would be far too OP. On each map there are a finite number of optimal placement spots. This would remove that core game mechanic. The first thought that came to my mind was what if someone put a dozen tack shooters in each of the optimal positions in Cubism? It would be ridiculous. Additionally, you don't really run out of building space on any map; there's no need to condense towers.
    3. Monkey Village does it better. Notably with the Intelligence Bureau upgrade.


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      An amphibious monkey would be cool since the tribal turtle isnt in btd6
      *super monkey memes*


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        It’s a unique idea but it’s really OP.