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Can we have something to spend Monkey Money on in BTD6?

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  • Can we have something to spend Monkey Money on in BTD6?

    All the power-ups are super unnecessary since you can beat each difficulty with just the towers being placed right and using the right upgrades. The banana farmer is the only one I can think of that has a decent use, but the rest really don't do anything other than potentially change your strategy such as the pool for water towers. Even then, they made pretty much every tower have an alternative route to destroy MOABs now so it's not like that stuff is necessary, it's really easy to build for huge masses of bloons when you need it or massive single target vs MOABs. Once you buy the 2 heroes with Monkey Money, it becomes pretty irrelevant, so you should at least make the good upgrades like double money and double lives purchasable with Monkey Money like you did on the Steam version of BTD5.

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    I think there should be a Lab thing like from BTD 5. It will take a lot of MM, but it will also give some real effects.


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      I think skins could be added from btd 5 for old towers and custom for druid and alchemist for monkey money of course
      *super monkey memes*


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        No matter what the game has in it, you will always eventually run out of money. If you don't use revives or powers (the only things you can spend money infinitely on), then you just work through everything else. If something was added, someone like you would ask for something else in time.
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          Except, for now the game barely has anything to spend our cash on. Like I said, the BTD 5 at the very least had the Lab that used a lot of coins to upgrade. Later on people accumulated lots of coins too, but for a longer while they barely had any of them.

          Same here, if NK would add a Lab, players will have a place to sink money into, and would get something that actually would make their Monkeys better.


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            Maybe $1 minion monkey money for a knowledge point
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              mabye the bloonchiper could be an unlockable tower for 10,000 monkey money. cost: $100,000 only one per game


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                It would be great to be able to upgrade power-ups in-game for monkey money, especially as some of them have the upgrade paths already there (but I just says 'path locked')
                Much like any other tower they can only be upgraded on 2 paths

                For example:

                Banana Farmer
                - Larger collection radius (40mm) 50% wider collection radius
                - Pitchfork throwing (20mm) Farmer throws his pitchfork to damage nearby bloons
                - Bank robber (20mm) Collects money from banks automatically when they are full

                - Bigger raft (20mm) Enough room to add an extra tower or two
                - Offshore tax haven (75mm) Towers' upgrades cost 10% less on the pontoon
                - Tall raft (40mm) Towers on the pontoon have 25% more range and can see over obstacles

                Portable Lake
                - Squid (15mm) Adds an attacking tentacle to pop some nearby bloons
                - Super-portable (20mm) Activated ability: Can move the portable lake, with the towers in, to a new location
                - Calm water (40mm) Increases attack speed of all towers in the lake by 10%

                It's a good way to spend monkey money, and makes the powers a bit more useful too.
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                  I'd use my money to buy random Instant Monkeys if the price was right. That's another infinite money sink that I can get behind since I don't like using powers. Perhaps limit it to only purchasing one instant monkey a day so that people don't gamble it away all in one sitting?