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Tier-3 Banana Farm balance change suggestions

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  • Tier-3 Banana Farm balance change suggestions

    The Tier-3 Farms still are not very balanced in my opinion.

    It appears that the most popular Tier-3 Farm still is the Bank, due to the fact that its value scales immensely each round for such a very cheap price for spamming and that it requires minimal tapping to gain its income. That compound interest is really making the Bank so overvalued. Just one change I suggest is the price bump up to $3500, enough to make it hard to spam but not too much as to prevent it from being obtained early in the game.

    The Marketplace is not nearly as good at scaling income per round compared to the Bank, and it still isn’t as good at gaining income either besides saving your fingers from tapping all day. Besides convenience, there is not very much value in spamming it when compared to spamming Banks, since we’re lacking the compound interest property and it takes only three taps per Bank at any moderate pace to check Bank income progress as opposed to no taps at all to check Marketplace income, which seems little of a difference in value when compared to the Bank. I don’t see people spamming Marketplaces often these days; mostly I see spamming of Banks. So I suppose the reversion of the price nerf back to $2600 would be a little more competition compared to Banks to spam out.

    The Banana Plantation is also still quite inefficient in my opinion, even after the buff to $3000. I don’t see many people spamming in Banana Plantations, mostly because it is horrible at both convenience and income efficiency. If we have the Bank and Plantation of similar Path 1 and 2 upgrades, Banks will certainly win value of income after the third or so round, especially since long-term you’d be saving both fingers and income with Banks than with Plantations. Yet Plantation has nothing to compensate; both Banks and Plantations have similar income generation, but with the convenience of Banks not requiring much tapping means I and many others will still be investing on the Banks more than spamming Plantations. If we drop the price to $2400, that would make it a lot more of a viable option to spam in Plantations, since you can’t simply wait till BRF to spam in as it’s too expensive and will lose income long-run by then. Plus, by setting the price of the Plantation to what I suggested, $2400, the income production would be nearly even to the Greater Production but with saved space and potentially less fingerwork required, which should be something that will be unique to any other upgrade Tier-3 or lower.
    If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.

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    For players who don't live eat and breathe BTD6 a change like this would be disastrous. I have a hard enough time as is.