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Suggestion for Tack Shooter change: #/2/# adds blind fire

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  • Suggestion for Tack Shooter change: #/2/# adds blind fire

    I think that the second upgrade of path 2 Tack Shooter should be changed to include a blind fire mode that constantly spams attacks regardless of whether Bloons are in range, and allows it to hit camo Bloons (as well as Blade Maelstrom gaining this ability too.) Would probably need a price increase to be balanced.

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    Whenever I get path 1 or 3, then have to decide on which other path I can get, a tiny bit of extra range is much inferior to faster shooting or more tacks. A blind fire mode would be good, or maybe have one of the upgrades as extra range, and the second on that path being increased projectile lifespan (so it can hit bloons out of range, so long as other bloons are in range).
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