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  • Balance Farm Path 1?

    The Banana Farm Path 1 at the current state is really inefficient, especially when compared to the much more reliable Path 2 Monkey Bank upgrade spam, especially when tapping on the screen so often or using Banana Farmer is not required. So I decided there should be more efficient income gain on Path 1 to compensate the value of Path 2. Especially when at the current moment it disgusts me when the best efficient Path 1 Farm until 4/2/0 is the 1/0/0.
    • $1250 for 0/0/0 Farm - $80 income payoff in 15.63 rounds by 4 $20 Bananas
    • $1750 - 1/0/0 Farm - $120 income payoff in 14.58 rounds by 6 $20 Bananas
    • $2350 - 2/0/0 Farm - $180 income payoff in 13.05 rounds by 9 $20 Bananas
    • $5750 - 3/0/0 Farm - $480 income payoff in 11.98 rounds by 24 $20 Bananas
    • $24750 - 4/0/0 Farm - $2500 income payoff in 9.9 rounds by 5 $500 Crates
    • $25850 - 4/2/0 Farm - $3150 income payoff in 8.27 rounds by 5 $625 Crates
    • $134750 - 5/0/0 Farm - $12000 income payoff in 11.23 rounds by 6 $2000 Crates
    • $135850 - 5/2/0 Farm - $15000 income payoff in 9.06 rounds by 6 $2500 Crates.
    The main reasons for the change in Greater Production is to make it better than the Increased Production in value.

    The Banana Plantation change is so that it is competition to the Bank.

    The change to Banana Research Facility is to make it nearly as valuable as the original Banana Research Facility

    The change to the Banana Central is to increase its independent income source to make it more of a useful choice without requiring like 20 or more Banana Research Facilities to make it worthwhile.
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    What really disappoints me about the banana farm upgrade tree in general is the lack of variation. If each upgrade path had maybe one more individually unique feature to it, we would be able to avoid the dilemma of one path always being inherently more efficient and more worthwhile than another.

    The monkey bank is unique enough in that you need to be pretty safe to invest in it, knowing you’ll get no money back for a few rounds.

    Paths 1 and 3 however are practically identical except for the fact that one is more annoying because you need to collect bananas. The main difference is that upgrade 4 is the most efficient on path 1 and upgrade 3 is the most efficient on path 3, so you may choose differently depending on how much you plan to invest in income. Perhaps if banana plantations or marketplaces had some other side benefits, there would be more interesting strategies to choosing between them. Some examples might be:
    • this tower reimburses you with $50 every time a tower or upgrade is purchased within range.
    • this tower produces more money the more bloons are in range
    • this tower regenerates lives every round
    • this tower makes nearby farms produce one more banana


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      I actually think that the existing banana farm is too op tbh


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        Honestly, I think it's path 3 that needs a buff. I have no idea why they got nerfed, when they're mathematically the worst. I think superjombombo did a video on this, and IIRC path 3 takes ~19 rounds to pay off, compared to ~14 for path 1 and ~9 for path 2 (although you don't want to collect until 12).

        Banana farms are tricky to balance. Because they have the potential to grow exponentially, a small change can turn BTD6 farms (where the payoff is almost pitiful) into BTD5 farms (where it can snowball into ridiculous amounts way too easily). As it is now though, I hardly use banana farms.


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          The top path is the path I use the most. I never ever get the bottom path (unless I'm filling the screen with path 3's to boost merchantmen).

          Perhaps it depends on your device, but I never have a problem with collecting bananas. Placing 4 farms in a 2-by-2 square and simply holding a finger in the middle (on the hand which isn't being used to place towers) means you can keep gathering bananas and quickly swap to your other hand to place towers, before replacing the banana-collecting finger. Additionally, if the farms are a bit more spread out, a simple swipe of the finger from one side to the other will collect them all, and long-life bananas should last a while. The x-x-1 and x-x-2 upgrades are effectively useless in comparison to the other paths.

          I always start by getting two or three 2-0-0 farms and then upgrade them to 2-2-0 before getting them 3-2-0. When compared to marketplaces, this path can give both high quantity and value. Path three can only give one of the two, value or quantity. Banks are good, however I usually need the money sometime before they can max out their stored cash and end up losing lives, although on easy/medium difficulties they're quite useful.

          Compared to BTD5 though, Banana farms actually have a bit of tactics to them with more than the 'either this or that' which came from only two upgrade paths.
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            I suppose snowballing is probably the most unfortunate reason why the Farm got overalls nerfed on all but Banks, which are now the best choice in my opinion.
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              I wish Path 1 had better income efficiency in that the number of bananas spawned is extra. That way there is a dilemma between gaining the lots of income short-term and doing annoying tapping all the time, unless Banana Farmer is equipped of course.

              As for Path 3, how about Marketplace revert back to $2600, Central Market give $30 value bananas and give $1500 at the end of each round, and make Monkey Wall Street produce 10 $250 bananas (12 or 15 with respective Path 1 upgrades) and produce $6000 at the end of each round plus $30 per Marketplace on screen? That way, it’d be more of a dilemma as to pick Path 1 or Path 2, whether to make all income of that Banana Farm 25% more valuable or to increase the number of bananas produced. Right now, Path 3 plus Path 2 crosspath is a joke.
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              If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.