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Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 3.0

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  • Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 3.0

    Awesome new features!!

    New Hero:
    • Benjamin - a wickedly powerful and fantastically attractive code monkey
    New Advanced Map:
    • High Finance - build to win on this advanced map that will leave you broke if you’re not careful
    Advanced Challenges and New Standard Challenge Features:
    • Tough, puzzly, and creative advanced challenges - not for the faint hearted!
    • Friday Stinger Advanced Challenges - for our most dedicated and most creative players; be the first to win these and share your strats here
    • Additional standard daily challenge options - per tower caps and total monkeys caps
    There can be only one:

    General Changes & Balances
    • Each sub-mode will now display the correct medals & monkey money rewards
    • Starting round 101 will now display your insta-monkey reward
    • The Daily Challenges date format has been changed to follow different regions
    • Daily Challenges will now specify “Continue Previous” when your daily challenge save is from a previous challenge
    • Running out of lives in sandbox will no longer stop your towers from attacking
    • Apopalypse will no longer remove spike factory spike piles at the end of the round
    • If a removable object costs more than you can afford, the tickbox will now be greyed out
    • Banana Farmers will now record how much cash they have collected
    • Druid #/#/5 ‘Poplust’ description updated to better explain the upgrade
    • Sniper Monkey #/5/# ‘Elite Sniper’ will now automatically change itself to Elite targeting when upgraded
    • Monkey Buccaneer #/4/# Moab Takedown ability will now display a cash popup as it hooks MOABs
    • Monkey Sub #/#/2+ Airburst darts will now receive benefits from all external sources including the #/#/5 Sub Commander and top path Alchemist buffs
    • Alchemist 5/#/# Permanent Brew’s buff will now save on all applied towers between games
    • Alchemist #/#/4 can now apply Rubber to Gold to all MOAB class bloons below BAD
    • Spike Factory projectiles should now always fade away as their lifespan ends rather than blinking out of existence
    • Striker Jones’ Concussive Shell ability will no longer target BADs as the “strongest” target since it cannot stun them
    • Bloon spawns will now always come out the correct paths, and reloading a save game will not break this flow anymore
    • Mute Hero Option available.
    General Bug Fixes
    • A large number of performance improvements have been made to the game in all areas
    • Several translation fixes for various languages and/or currency symbols (Portuguese, Indian, Israeli, Danish, Chinese & German)
    • Android back button will now allow you to quit from the main menu
    • Auto-start now works correctly in the tutorial
    • Several UI issues with widescreen devices resolved
    • Several abilities will no longer break when a continue is used while they are still active
    • Medals for Facebook highscores now line up correctly in the maps menu
    • Achievement percentages will now always round down, so you will not see an achievement at 100% which you cannot collect
    • Minor issues preventing completion of the Decorated Hero achievement in some situations are now resolved
    • CHIMPS sub-mode black medal and border can no longer be lost after obtaining them
    • Apopalypse sub-mode will now progress properly through rounds, with this the medal requirement has been lowered to 60
    • Apopalypse will now disable round hints as the round spawns are different and general game hints don’t make sense anymore
    • Savegame & Options will now correctly display “Magic Monkeys Only” and “Double HP Moabs” instead of “MagicOnly” and “DoubleMoabHealth”
    • Title of “AnotherBrick” has been corrected to “Another Brick”
    • Reloading your save game should no longer ever reduce your cash by $1
    • You can no longer receive a defeat screen at the start of a game after having restarted a previous round right before you’re about to lose
    • Bloons should not fail to show a pop animation when they are popped
    • DDT’s now play the correct sound effect when hit by sharp projectiles
    • DDT damage states are now in the correct order
    Tower/Item Bug Fixes

    • Camo Trap will now cause DDTs to spawn non-camo children after having their own camo removed
    • Cancelling the use of a cash drop will no longer break it leaving the cash drop stuck on screen
    • Portable Lakes will now remove submerged subs inside them when they are sold
    • Insta Monkeys will now have a special effect when placed
    • Insta Monkeys can no longer be placed when their type is banned from a game mode
    • Insta Monkeys, 4+/#/# temples will no longer sacrifice every time they are crosspathed
    Monkey Knowledge
    • Monkey Knowledge will now save correctly in all cases
    • Mana Shield should now work correctly in Apopalypse mode
    • Mega Mauler will no longer benefit non-mauler bomb variations
    • Trade Agreements is now halved in Half Cash Mode
    • Master Double Cross should no longer occasionally fail to allow a second crossbow master
    Dart Monkey
    • Dart Monkey will no longer ‘miss’ bloons directly in front of it when placed too close to the track
    • Dart Monkey 4/#/# Juggernaut projectiles will now ricochet off obstacles even when crosspathed
    Boomerang Monkey
    • Boomerang Monkey 5/#/# Glaive lord’s rotating glaives will no longer break after using a continue or pick up nearby game assets
    Ice Monkey
    • Ice Monkey 4/1/0 and 4/0/1 models are no longer identical
    • Ice Monkey 4/#/# Embrittlement will now correctly allow frozen bloons to be popped by sharp attacks
    • Ice Monkey 2/4/0 Snowstorm can no longer apply permafrost to MOABs
    • Ice Monkey 2/0/5 can now pop White and Zebra Bloons
    Glue Gunner
    • Glue Gunner will now display a glue asset on BADs
    • Glue Gunner’s targeting priorities should now list in the correct order
    • Glue Gunner 2+/#/# Corrosive Glue will now correctly apply Glue Soak to bloons when replacing a weaker glue that is already on a bloon
    Monkey Sub
    • Monkey Sub #/#/2 Airburst darts will no longer split into the incorrect number of projectiles when the main dart expires because of the round ending
    Monkey Buccaneer
    • Monkey Buccaneer 4+/#/# Aircraft Carrier planes should now benefit from village camo detection in all cases
    • Monkey Buccaneer 4+/#/# Aircraft Carrier performance has been considerably improved
    • Monkey Buccaneer 5/#/# Carrier Flagship can no longer hold Banana Farm, Heli Pilot or Monkey Ace
    • Monkey Buccaneer 5/#/# Carrier Flagship will now correctly allow towers redeployed by #/4/# heli on top of it to see over all obstacles on the map
    • Monkey Buccaneer #/4/# Moab Takedown ability will now draw the chain on top of all objects rather than through them
    Heli Pilot
    • Heli Pilot’s blinking lights on the helipads have returned
    • Heli Pilot #/4+/# Support Chinook should no longer remove towers from existence if something is placed in the target location just before the Heli finishes moving a tower
    • Heli Pilot #/#/4+ Comanche Defense should now benefit from Monkey Village’s camo detection in all cases
    • Heli Pilot #/#/4+ Comanche Defense should no longer call in 2 or less Comanche in any cases
    Wizard Monkey
    • Wizard Monkey 1+/#/# Guided Magic will now allow the main attack to pass through obstacles
    • Wizard Monkey #/5/# Wizard Lord Phoenix should no longer lock itself from being purchased again if sold under certain situations
    • Wizard Monkey #/5/# Wizard Lord Phoenix will no longer crash the game if redeployed while the ability is active
    • Wizard Monkey #/5/# Wizard Lord Phoenix’s ability icon should no longer disappear until the ability wears off
    • Wizard Monkey #/#/4+ Unpopped Army will now spawn zombie bloons correctly in all cases as long as it can reach the track
    Super Monkey
    • Super Monkey 4+/#/# minor performance improvements made to golden spectres
    • Super Monkey 4+/#/# Sun Temple can no longer prevent your hero from being placed again after it is removed
    Ninja Monkey
    • Ninja Monkey #/4+/# Bloon Sabotage will now carry over through the end of the round
    • Ninja Monkey #/#/4 Sticky Bomb will no longer be removed from MOABs whenever a glue effect expires
    • Alchemist 2/#/# Acidic Mixture Dip will no longer target Obyn’s Totems or any placeable powers
    • Alchemist 2/#/# Acidic Mixture Dip benefits subtowers by buffing their parent, so will no longer target sub towers.
    • Alchemist 2/#/# Acidic Mixture Dip now applies to the next 10 attacks rather than 9
    • Alchemist #/3/# Unstable Concoction will no longer cause MOABs to damage their own children bloons
    • Alchemist 0/0/1 and 0/0/2 now use the correct game models
    • Alchemist #/#/1+ Acid Pools performance issues have been resolved
    • Druid 5/#/# Superstorm now has the correct pierce
    • Druid #/4/# Jungle’s Bounty should no longer work in modes with cash disabled
    • Druid #/5/# Spirit of the Forest on track vines will no longer layer above towers
    Banana Farm
    • Banana Farm #/3/1 Glow animation has been fully implemented for the correct upgrades
    • Banana Farm #/#/3 Marketplace should no longer crash the game in any cases
    • Banana Farm #/#/4 Central Market should correctly give a bonus to merchantmen
    Spike Factory
    • Spike Factory can no longer throw spikes further outside of the track than the actual bloon exit point when placed too close to the exit of the track
    • Spike Factory can now attack if it is placed too far from the track and upgraded to reach it
    • Spike Factory 2/3/0 and 2/4/0 now use the correct models
    • Spike Factory #/5/# Spike Storm should no longer cause save games to crash upon loading
    Monkey Village
    • Monkey Village #/3/# Monkey Intelligence Bureau will no longer remove crushing damage from your towers within radius
    • Gwendolin’s Cocktail of Fire will now pop purple bloons at level 16
    Striker Jones
    • Striker Jones’ level 9 passive will now allow all explosives to work on all Black Bloons
    • Striker Jones’ level 15 description now correctly lists 11 seconds instead of 15
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    Wow, looks amazing.

    FYI your daily challenge link is to the suggestions thread - I think it should be the entire forum?


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      Thanks for that

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    What’s crushing damage again?
    I saw a button that said edit post signature so I did.

    I forgot I have a Youtube channel:


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      Welp. Now I gotta update my Heroes Guide!

      Love bloons and want a chill server to Kongregate in? Join Bloons World! Over one THOUSAND members strong and growing strong!!


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        Make sure to share it once your done It's great!

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      Has it released?


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        Aww man. I loved seeing Unstable Concoction wreck DDTs from BADs. But I guess it’s not that OP now.
        If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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          what does exactly ''there can only be one''


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            What is the new Monkey Knowledge added? Google Play says something was added.

            And thanks for the update!


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              I'm happy that we're seeing new maps(something that the game very much needs) and I'm happy to see the updates coming out as promised. However, several issues have risen for me, not necessarily as criticisms, but suggestions. I know the game is very recent, and I'm not saying NinjaKiwi will never add these things, I just don't know. As a minor note to begin with, I would, as I'm sure many people have expressed, love to be able to change monkey knowledge. I was a BTD 5 fanatic, and my favorite thing about the game was how the specialty buildings for each tower made it possible to use every tower effectively, and this allowed for an incredible range of playstyles and ways to mix up the game. Overall, that feature is why I kept coming back to play BTD 5, even though I long since completed the game. Having fixed monkey knowledge greatly restricts the ability of players to be creative, and just have fun and mess around. My next big issue is towers. I like the new heroes, and I enjoy playing with them. However, I honestly would rather NinjaKiwi add TOWERS instead of heroes. In particular, the mortar and dartling gun from BTD 5. These towers were very fun to use and actually took some skill and practice to use effectively. I think it would be easy to come up with some very fun and unique upgrades to add to them to create the third upgrade path, or mix into the previous upgrades. Heroes are not as fun or flexible to play with as towers in my opinion. They are powerful, but they follow the same series of upgrades every game automatically, so once they are built, they don't really stimulate much fun gameplay. This brings me to my third and final point. WATER TOWERS. Currently only three towers can be built in water. This makes water maps less entertaining as they offer much fewer ways to play the game. It also leaves an enormous potential of ways that NinjaKiwi could go about implementing new towers. Off the top of my head, I can think of multiple water-based tower concepts, such as a scuba diver monkey, some kind of monkey that works similar to either the monkey ace or heli pilot in that it follows a path in the water or pursues the balloons along the path or something similar. Perhaps even more easy to design would be a water-based hero. I think that this is a necessity, as we now have 6 heroes that only operate on land. Perhaps some kind of amphibian tower or hero. It's up to NinjaKiwi to design, although I do not think this would pose a very great challenge. I'm doubtful that this post will be read by NinjaKiwi faculty or such, but I hope if it is, my suggestions are taken into consideration. I know other players would enjoy the updates I have presented, and it would make the game much more replayable than it is now.


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                The DDT should count as stronger than the MOAB, BFB, and ZOMG because it has properties that make it more dangerous.
                I needed a new signature and profile picture because the bloonchipper is not in the game anymore. The new tower:

                It’s a corrosive glue gunning layer stripping road spiking buff giving MOAB exploding transforming bloon shrinking tower dependent fairly cheap banana farm. It's... The Alchemist!

                RIP Bloonchipper. You were a good tower


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                  It is stronger than a MOAB and BFB, however towers will prioritize a ZOMG over the DDT.

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                Amazing update! I'm excited for the advanced challenges!


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                  Originally posted by Ptolemy2002 View Post
                  The DDT should count as stronger than the MOAB, BFB, and ZOMG because it has properties that make it more dangerous.
                  I agree. I wish there was some kind of a way to customize which is strong and which is less strong though.
                  If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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                    What rank is needed to unlock High Finance? (And Underground, for that matter. I still don't have those unlocked.)


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                      I really like those advanced challenges. Made BTD6 a lot better.
                      I'm Rocketicewave on the new site, 41920 AP.
                      BTD5 Rank: 99. Cities: 40/40. Knowledge: all Maxed
                      f you need help testing DCs, send me a PM and I'll help you.


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                        Originally posted by TarnNK View Post
                        • Druid #/#/5 ‘Poplust’ description updated to better explain the upgrade
                        Uhh... guys?
                        Originally posted by Trump Monkey
                        Look at what you've done NK! You may say that Flash is dying, but I assure you that it won't actually die. You're just cutting slack on these games, and I seek the need to change that.