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How I Think Dartling Gun Would Work (If it is added)

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    i will share my thought and idea of what the dartling gun would works on btd6 in my opinion

    first path:
    focused firing: dart are more accurate (cheap)
    powerful darts: +2 pierce (cheap)
    laser cannon: +15 pierce, can't shoot purples, can pop frozens (pretty expensive)
    crystal powered lasers: shoot big high pierce lasers (+50 pierce) that can go through any obstacle (map obstacles) and pop any bloon type (+ 1 moab/fortified dmg if you have bloonstonium darts) fire rate increased (around +15000 $)
    ray of doom: just a big permanent laser that destroy anything (100000+ $)

    second path:
    aim strategic: add two aim modes for the dartling gun: static and automatic. static allow you to make the dartling gun shoot in only one direction, automatic will try to shoot the first bloon. (cheap)
    bloontonium darts: can pop any bloon type, and add extra ceramic dmg (medium cost)
    hydra rocket pods: fire explosives rockets unstead of darts, they can pop blaxk bloons and DDTs (expensive)
    areal denial: fire 3 rockets at once, add an ability that shoot 5 barrage of multiple rockets overtime. (very expensive, 15000+ $)
    explosive heavy weaponery: areal denial is now permanent, the ability now increase damage, moab damage, blast radius and shoot non stop barrages of rockets at once for 20 seconds. (extremely expensive)

    third path:
    faster firing: increased fire rate (cheap)
    dual shoot: shoot two dart at once unstead of 1 (medium/expensive cost)
    shredder darts: fire dart that can deal extra damage to MOABS, fire rate increased (3200 $)
    dart barrage: quikly fire 5 darts at onces for several seconds. dartling gun will have to rest for a few seconds between each dart barrage (expensive, around 5000$)
    monkey siege: dartling gun fire even more quickly and no longer have the need to rest. (27000$, cheapest 5th tier of the 3)