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Bloons Td 6 fanmade towers

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  • Bloons Td 6 fanmade towers

    This topic is for people in the community to post their tower suggestions so possibly ninja kiwi can see.

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    Well noice lol


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      Construction Monkey: Builds things to pop and stop bloons. Like the engineer but more versatile. Builds popping traps, something to buff towers, and something to push bloons back, depending on the path.


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        Also i have my own idea with Thedinosaurgeek714 but we need to change some things.


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          Path 1
          Tier 1: Grilled Pineapples
          Description: Explosions become much bigger
          Cost: $450

          Tier 2: Burnt Pineapples
          Description: Makes the track on fire once exploded
          Cost: $685

          Tier 3: Nuclear Pineapples
          Description: Does damage to bloons over time
          Cost: $705

          Tier 4: Anti-Moab Pineapples
          Description: Does extra damage to moab class bloons and pops up to 4 layers of bloon
          Cost: $1100

          Tier 5: Hydrogen Pineapples
          Description: Causes even bigger explosions and can damage all bloon types
          Cost: $10060

          Path 2:
          Tier 1: Lighter Pineapples
          Description: Grenadier throws pineapples faster
          Cost: $250

          Tier 2: Even Lighter Pineapples
          Description: Throws pineapples even more faster
          Cost: $347

          Tier 3: Pineapple Barrel
          Description: Throws barrels of pineapples at bloons
          Cost: $589

          Tier 4: Fruit Missile
          Description: Throws a missile in the air that tagets the largest bloon on screen
          Cost: $3,950

          Tier 5: Cluster Rockets
          Description: Now throws out three missiles that cause cluster explosions once hitting targets; hits up to 3 largest bloons on screen
          Cost: $40823

          Path 3:
          Tier 1: Smart Pineapples
          Description: Pineapples explode 2 times
          Cost: $310

          Tier 2: Pineapple Fragments
          Description: Shoots out tiny fragment that seek out bloons
          Cost: $732

          Tier 3: Grenade Marksmen
          Description: Targets bloons and explodes 3 times
          Cost: $1,320

          Tier 4: Grenade Launcher
          Description: Pineapples go longer distances and have better acuracy
          Cost: $4,160

          Tier 5: Bloon Exterminator
          Description: Throws out mines that can be placed on water; Has infinite range and rips straight throw ceramics
          Cost: 25996
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            I think it's better for people to put their own separate topics for their towers so they can get direct feedback and it would be easier to see their suggestions


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              Originally posted by Zario777 View Post
              I think it's better for people to put their own separate topics for their towers so they can get direct feedback and it would be easier to see their suggestions
              No its much better when they are all in one and allis together as its much more likely that 1 reads an topic with stuff from different people than many topics from different persons. Its easier to check in if there is new stuff from time to time as in many and an combined one gets new posts more often too.

              Direct Feedback can be given in an combined topic easily too with quote function or when an post is too long to quote by add an "@" with the usersname behind it above their feedback text.

              To make it easier to see their suggestions the topic starter can edit his post an add links (1 can get an link to an specific post at the right top side of an post from that number with the # before it) to each new suggestion post