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Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 2.0

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  • Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 2.0

    Awesome new features!
    • Captain Churchill has been added to the game
    • Firing Range has been added to the game
    • Patch notes have been added to the game
    • News/Events popup has been added to the game
    • Half Starting Cash mode has been changed to Half Cash mode
    • Monkey Knowledge can now be toggled on and off
    • All of the medals! All sub game modes now have their own sub-medals, and special borders for the true masters of each map!
    • Apopalypse now awards a victory medal for round 70
    • Freeplay updated for 2.0, now much more interesting!
    • Removable objects now have nice animations
    Tower Bug Fixes/Changes
    Bomb Shooter
    • Bomb Shooter #/5/# description now correctly says “6x damage” rather than “quadruple”
    • Bomb Shooter #/#/5 description now correctly says that it can “destroy every bloon below a ZOMG”
    Tack Shooter
    • Tack Shooter 4+/#/# will now be able to pop purple bloons while under an MIB
    • Tack Shooter #/3/# description lists the correct pierce number
    • Tack Shooter #/#/5 projectile lifespan now correctly increases with range buffs
    Ice Monkey
    • Ice Monkey attack radius now always uses the correct range
    • Ice Monkey #/3/# Arctic Wind should no longer crash or randomly sell other towers upon being upgraded
    • Ice Monkey #/3/# Arctic Wind should correctly remove its frozen water & towers on top of this when sold itself
    • Ice Monkey 2+/0/2 no longer displays 'larger radius' on the bottom path when it should say re-freeze
    • Ice Monkey #/#/5 Icicle Impale can no longer pop lead without the Metal Freeze crosspath
    Glue Gunner
    • Glue Gunner 2/#/# Corrosive Glue upgrade will now last the correct duration on MOABs
    • Glue Gunner #/2/5 Super Glue will now correctly hit 6 targets instead of 5
    Monkey Sub
    • Monkey Sub darts will now always home even without Advanced Intel
    • Monkey Sub 2/#/# advanced intel has been reworked considerably
    • Monkey Sub #/3/# ballistic missile now gains camo detection from advanced intel
    • Monkey Sub 2/#/2 Airburst Darts now mostly hit camo bloons when they should
    • Monkey Sub missiles should no longer hit sub if original target is destroyed
    Monkey Buccaneer
    • Buccaneer 4/#/# planes will now correctly be buffed by villages in all cases
    • Buccaneer 5/#/# Carrier Flagship will now correctly fit all the right tower sizes on top of it
    • Buccaneer #/5/# Pirate Lord now generates bonus cash correctly, and should hook the correct targets & number of targets
    Heli Pilot
    • Heli Pilot 0/4/0 Support Chinook Redeploy will show correct rotation of Buccaneer
    • Heli Pilot #/5/# Marine will no longer block the War Monkeys achievement from counting
    • Heli Pilot #/5/# Marine is now not weakened by crosspathing
    • Heli Pilot #/#/4 Comanche Defense will now activate in sandbox
    Wizard Monkey
    • Wizard #/2/# can no longer throw Walls of Fire outside its radius
    • Wizard #/2/# Wall of Fire infinite pierce bug has been resolved
    • Wizard #/4/# Phoenix will no longer stop attacking when buffed by an alchemist
    • Wizard #/5/# Wizard Lord can no longer be purchased again while the Wizard Lord Phoenix is active
    Super Monkey
    • Super Monkey 4+/#/# Monkey Temple save issues have been resolved
    • Super Monkey 5/#/# will no longer earn half cash from pops with support sacrifices
    Ninja Monkey
    • Ninja Monkey #/#/1 Shuriken seeking targets too far away has been fixed
    • Alchemist 2/#/# Acidic Mixture Dip will no longer target Obyn's Totems
    • Alchemist 2/#/# Acidic Mixture Dip will now allow towers to damage DDTs
    • Alchemist #/#/2 Acid pool will now place pools when the main attack misses
    • Since the #/#/5 Alchemist cannot damage BADs, it will now not attempt to target them
    • Alchemist #/#/5 can no longer softlock the game by converting bloons which have been blown off-screen
    Banana Farm
    • Banana Farm 5/1/0 Banana Central now has green bananas in its model
    • Banana Farm #/4/# IMF loan debt will correctly carry between saves when bank is sold
    • Banana Farm #/3/# Monkey Bank no longer increases its cash generation with a nearby Jungle Drums
    • Banana Farm #/#/3 Marketplace will no longer cause the game to sometimes crash
    • Banana Farm #/#/5 Monkeyopolis Village no longer produces income when it’s not supposed to
    Spike Factory
    • Spike Factory #/#/2 'Far' targeting will no longer crash the game when the factory cannot reach the track
    Monkey Village
    • Monkey Village path 1 & 2 can no longer cancel out bonuses from path 3 villages
    • Monkey Village now always counts towards the correct Temple sacrifice
    • Monkey Village #/#/5 Monkeyopolis will now function correctly between saves
    • Bloontonium Reactor, Inferno Ring and Arctic Wind effects should now scale correctly with range buffs
    • Obyn Greenfoot now has all of his voice lines implemented
    • Banana Farm Insta Monkeys can no longer be placed in deflation or CHIMPS modes, since they cannot generate cash anyway
    • Monkey Farmers now collect easier, & buffs radius correctly from all external sources
    • Supersize Glue Trap will now ignore BADs instead of wasting pierce
    • Projectiles will now correctly earn money when their parent tower is sold before they pop a Bloon
    Big General Bug Fixes
    • The powers menu on widescreen devices will no longer block a portion of the map
    • Several UI overlap bugs and menu text issues have been ironed out
    • Considerable reworking of the aspect ratio to fit better across more devices; flipping rotation issues fixes are still in progress and will patch soon
    • Switching back and forth between languages will no longer break text in the game
    • The game should now always correctly pause in autoplay mode when a popup triggers
    • Pressing home button as you lose will no longer show the defeat overlay on next game
    • The 'Perfect Week' achievement has been reworked to fail at the daily challenge changeover rather than 24 hours after your last daily challenge completion
    • Apopalypse will no longer end the round when you level up, causing towers to stop attacking while bloons are still on screen
    • Insta Monkeys that are banned from a Daily Challenge are now greyed out
    • Powers icons no longer disappear from the menu sometimes
    • DDTs now have a 'no camo' texture when their camo is removed
    • Per round ability caps have been corrected for Heli, Banana Farm & Druid
    Small General Bug Fixes
    • Hero Boosters now warn "Applies for this game only"
    • Unlock All for a tower now warns "*Applies to this Monkey only"
    • You can no longer 'Unlock All' for a tower with all upgrades unlocked
    • Water Towers can no longer be placed on the land in Town Center (*cries*)
    • Sandbox lives now start at a lower value so there is less overlap (you can still increase this value by tapping it)
    • Clearing all monkeys in sandbox will no longer cause a crash with Obyn’s Totems
    • Active Abilities no longer have capped uses in sandbox
    • Closing the active abilities menu will now correctly hide all abilities when you have every ability icon available
    • Daily Challenges will now display that reward is collected instead of listing no rewards
    • Grasshopper achievement description fixed
    • Monkey Knowledge Empowered Heroes no longer causes the Epic Hero achievement to become unobtainable
    • Master Double Cross knowledge will now work when loading a save game which previously did not have the knowledge active
    • 5/#/# Bomb shooter now has a stun animation
    • One More Spike knowledge will correctly show 1 more spike in spike piles
    • Flying Fortress will no longer aim at camo bloons it cannot hit
    • A number of texture and color issues have been fixed
    • Many localization issues fixed
    • Alchemists #/5/# Total Transformation ability will now correctly pause between rounds
    • Alchemist #/5/# total transformation displays an animation when the effect expires
    • Wizard #/#/5 will now play an animation when it attacks
    • Monkey Village #/4/# Call to arms will now continue to animate for the full time after having its duration increased by monkey knowledge
    • Buccaneer #/2/# grapes are now alight in their container on the boat
    • Fixed some issues with placing towers on Logs map
    Balance Changes
    Dart Monkey
    • #/4/# Dart Monkeys can now be converted into the Super Monkey Fan Club
    • Boomerang Monkey #/#/4 MOAB Press no longer has infinite range and will not knock back higher tier MOABs as much
    • Boomerang Monkey #/#/5 MOAB Domination is now more expensive and deals more damage with faster attacks, but retains the infinite range on its special MOAB attack with a longer cooldown
    • Boomerang Monkey #/5/# Perma Charge now deals much more damage during its ability
    Ice Monkey
    • Ice Monkey base pierce increased
    • Ice Monkey 3/#/# Ice Shards pierce increased
    • Ice Monkey #/3/# Arctic Wind main attack pierce greatly increased
    • Ice Monkey #/#/3 Cryo Cannon pierce greatly increased
    • Ice Monkey #/4/# Snowstorm freeze duration increased
    • Ice Monkey #/5/# Absolute Zero base pierce greatly increased and base + ability freeze duration greatly increased with a weaker effect to MOABs
    Glue Gunner
    • Glue Gunner #/5/# Glue Storm will now last longer, slow by more and has a smaller cooldown
    • Sniper #/#/5 Elite Defender now attacks much faster
    • Sniper #/5/# Elite Sniper also attacks faster, and does something extra
    Monkey Sub
    • Monkey Sub 4/#/# Bloontonium Reactor pierce greatly increased
    • Monkey Sub 5/#/# Energizer pierce massively increased
    • Monkey Sub 5/#/# Energizer now gives a cooldown bonus to all towers on screen, along with a higher bonus to any water towers within radius
    • Monkey Sub #/4/# First Strike Capability price decreased
    • Buccaneer 4+/#/# Aircraft Carrier planes have more pierce
    • Buccaneer 5/#/# Carrier Flagship now allows towers placed on top to ignore blocking objects
    Heli Pilot
    • Heli pilot 5/#/# Apache Prime now moves faster
    • Wizard 3/#/# Arcane Mastery now adds pierce
    • Wizard 5/#/# Archmage now adds pierce
    • Wizard #/5/# Phoenix projectile speed greatly increased, and shoots more large fireballs
    • Wizard #/#/5 Soulbind upgrade has been re-designed into the Prince of Darkness
    • Ninja #/4/# Bloon Sabotage is now more expensive
    • Alchemist's Acidic Mixture Dip & Berserker Brew upgrades will now target the 5/#/# Village
    • Druid #/4/# Jungle’s Bounty now produces much more cash with a bigger range
    Banana Farm
    • Banana Farm 4+/#/# path has been buffed
    • Banana Farm #/3/# price slightly increased
    • Banana Farm #/#/3 price slightly increased
    Spike Factory
    • Spike Factory #/#/5 Permaspike now attacks slower and costs slightly more
    Obyn Greenfoot
    • Obyn’s level 3 Brambles ability has much more base pierce
    • Obyn’s level 3 Brambles ability now increases in pierce as he reaches higher levels
    Striker Jones
    • Striker Jones' Concussive Shell now cools down faster
    • Striker Jones' attack rate has been improved at many levels
    • Continues start off cheaper and scale up in price, but give more of a cash boost as this happens
    • Road Spikes now have 2x the spikes
    • MOAB Mine now has 10 pierce, and will hit 10 different MOABs before expiring
    • Camo Trap & Glue trap now have double the price, but massively increased pierce
    • Removable object on the Rake map is now more expensive
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  • #2
    Absolute Zero in the game is still really trash.
    If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


    • #3
      It has a pretty significantly long duration and 300 pierce now, I wouldn't call it garbage.


      • #4
        Originally posted by PTpirahna View Post
        It has a pretty significantly long duration and 300 pierce now, I wouldn't call it garbage.
        The ability still doesn't seem to be really good though. I haven't actually tried it in this game, but I have the feeling that others say it's trash.
        If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


        • #5
          Oooo Striker Jones buffs. Gimme.


          • #6
            Does that mean that now Jones won't struggle at killing a single Moab?


            • #7
              The app store shows the update, but it doesn't let me update the app. I have opened the app, and it says v1.8.773
              I needed a new signature and profile picture because the bloonchipper is not in the game anymore. The new tower:

              It’s a corrosive glue gunning layer stripping road spiking buff giving MOAB exploding transforming bloon shrinking tower dependent fairly cheap banana farm. It's... The Alchemist!

              RIP Bloonchipper. You were a good tower


              • #8
                Thank you thank you so so much NK!!!!!!!!

                Not sure if the perma spike nerf will be enough, but we'll see. As for super mines, were they buffed at all (maybe a price decrease)?


                • #9
                  Originally posted by Ptolemy2002 View Post
                  The app store shows the update, but it doesn't let me update the app. I have opened the app, and it says v1.8.773
                  Refresh the App Store. Pull the update screen of the App Store as high as you can, and then it'll refresh the updates.
                  If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by qwertyxp2000 View Post
                    Refresh the App Store. Pull the update screen of the App Store as high as you can, and then it'll refresh the updates.
                    If the store already shows the update, that probably won't fix it.

                    Also, I've been having a similar problem. If I tap the update button, it turns into a circle for a second and then cancels itself and turns back into the update button.


                    • #11
                      Overall, the buffs are kind of eh to me. I like a bunch of buffs there, but some of the nerfs there are pretty disappointing, not as good types of nerfs as I expected. There needs improvements though, because there are a ton of upgrades that need serious buffs, as well as some that need some buff or nerf here and there. My list is the following, in order of tower:

                      Dart Monkey:
                      • Spike-O-Pult should increase pierce to 30 to 22. Still a rather weak tower for what you buy. Similar story to why the Spike-O-Pult in Battles was buffed to 40 pops.

                      Bomb Shooter:
                      • Bomb Blitz should also have always tertiary clusters. The Bomb Blitz ability sounds cool, with full utter destruction of all bloons below ZOMG, but still rather weak overall. The ability does helpful in later-game, but it's still just a bit too weak overall for the price. Not very urgent, but I may as well add it in.

                      Ice Monkey:
                      • Cryo Cannon should cost is $1350. $2000 is still too expensive for an upgrade that doesn't really have much popping power or ice explosive coverage. It's like a measly 0/0/0 Bomb Shooter explosion. Perhaps also make Enhanced Freeze alter the Cryo Cannon to add a Bigger Bombs effect.
                      • Absolute Zero freezes bloons including MOAB-class for longer. Still too expensive for its value.

                      Heli Pilot:
                      • Apache should cost $17500 or Apache missiles pop Blacks and Zebras. Horribly unreliable when compared to Spectre, which can pop Blacks and Zebras pretty fine, and even DDTs. Apache sucks at both unless expensive MIB added.

                      Super Monkey:
                      • Sun Temple and True Sun God should now have camo detection if any camo detecting tower with price at $1000 or higher is sacrificed. Because it sucks much against DDTs without Radar Scanner.

                      • Permanent Brew should cost $55,000 instead of $80,000. Still filthily expensive and not worthwhile unless there's tonnes of powerful towers around him, but by the time he is affordable, you'd get better worthwhile towers than that.

                      Spike Factory:
                      • Super Mines needs any of the following:
                        • Price drop to $100,000. Really expensive for something that sucks heckloads against DDTs or even normal Blacks and Zebras.
                        • Make explosions pop Blacks/Zebras/DDTs. Similar reason, and I'll still shell out $175,000 for this upgrade if it can do that, and plus those explosions are like The Big One, which I'd totally expect to pop Blacks/Zebras.
                        • Infinite popping power from explosions. Compensating lack of popping power of Blacks/Zebras/DDTs could be compensated with this, and why shouldn't it have infinite popping power if its description says "wipe out"?
                        • Removal of the speed nerf. Again, similar story to all of the above. And that will also make the $175,000 more affordable.
                      • Perma-Spike returns its normal speed but with the Path 2 upgrades having decreased effect. It is now a lot less ridiculously powerful, but it's now on the path of being a bit weak, especially because those Path 2 upgrades are just a bit too worthwhile compared to the Path 1 upgrades.
                      • Carpet of Spikes should have at least one of the following:
                        • Double the spikes in the spike carpet before the round starts. It's a carpet of spikes, so it should be nice and thick, right?
                        • Have that carpet of spikes work indefinitely until they are popped. You don't have more than one Carpet of Spikes, so why can't those spikes be lasting for the entire round?
                        • Make an automatic Spike Storm every 30 seconds after the round starts. It'd help late-game a bunch, especially against DDTs if White Hot Spikes is bought.

                      Monkey Village:
                      • Monkey City instead of free Dart Monkeys per round should discount also Tier-4 and Tier-5 upgrades, but at the cost of the increased price of $12000-$16000. These wouldn't really do much to the saving of Tier-4 and Tier-5 upgrades, but it's still useful overall. Plus, you'll get the nice Monkey Town bonus too. And nobody SIMPLY buys this upgrade straight from Monkey Commerce, with a heft of $13000 for something that will only save a small amount of money, especially when you'd only really get the current Monkey City by past Round 40.

                      If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


                      • Rohan Sharpe Anforth
                        Rohan Sharpe Anforth commented
                        Editing a comment
                        FYI Carpet of spikes does last until the end of the round.
                        Lotta people don't seem to realize this

                    • #12
                      Tested out Captain Churchill on firing range, and I think I've found my new favorite hero!


                      • #13
                        Churchills pretty cool, expensive but well worth it for this powerhouse of a hero.
                        Loving the Prince of Darkness. Acts like a Bottom Path 5th tier Druid where the more it attacks, the more Necromanced bloons show up. The new Necromanced MOABS and BFBs have amazing art.
                        Super Mines buff? 🧐
                        Finally can do proper testing now that I can toggle Monkey Knowledge off and on.
                        Perma-Spike nerf, pretty cool and a good baby step to test out the waters.
                        Finally Middle Path 4+ tiers will have a useful ability.
                        The new effect that the Elite Sniper has is that it applies a buff to attack speed on all Snipers on the map. Pretty useful if combined with the Cripple Moab and some MAIM Moab’s.


                        • #14
                          Wow, well done NK. All these changes are great! Nice to see you've listened to your fans and made the game even more amazing. Can't wait to see what the future holds
                          Test your knowledge with the !


                          • #15
                            Yo the ice tower buff to the x-x-3 isn’t working properly. It’s still the measly 30, even less than a base ice monkey.