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Special Agents in BTD6?

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  • Special Agents in BTD6?

    BTD5 has these unique towers called ‘Special Agents’ that you can buy(I prefer hire) with your Monkey Money.After hiring them,you can place them for free.In addition with the free monkeys obtained by a variety of ways(Daily Quests,Bloonvasion,Totem),you can easily set up a really good defense at the beginning of the round WITHOUT spending your money(though you might use the money to upgrade your free towers).

    Not only that,the Pro versions of the Special Agents gives them a permanent upgrade that improves the agents.For example,Mastery Banana Farmer can drop peels that can make Bloons go back or the Mastery Bloonberry Bush that can create creepers that can pop 3 bloons each(is it true?I haven’t played BTD5 in a while,maybe I might replay it after posting this just to confirm it).

    Just now,after looking at the forum ‘Tower Theories for BTD6’(located at Forum Games) and ‘Specialty Buildings’(In this one),I’ve been thinking:

    What if Special Agents are added into BTD6?

    Sure,combining with the insta-monkeys allow you to have a very strong defense as early as possible without placing new towers.Just put your insta-monkeys and agents and get those money to upgrade your insta-monkeys(Now,has anyone done an Insta-monkey only challenge without upgrading them?).But hey,agents in BTD6 could be useful if you don’t have insta-monkeys but you have an enormous amount of Monkey Money and you need reinforcements that don’t cost cash ASAP.

    And if they were added,I would suggest multiple Pro upgrades where you can choose one out of three Mastery upgrades available for each agent that,of course,requires you to use place a certain number i.e. get Creepers Mastery for Bloonberry Bush after placing them 25 times.Also,how about a new knowledge tree.Agents tree.Maybe two knowledge upgrades for each agent and a few upgrades that affect all of them?Of course adding them might move SMS,Banana Farmer,Pontoon,and Portable lake to the Agents as,well,they were agents in the last one.

    That pretty much concludes my suggestion.If you agree,then cool.You want to suggest about the Pros that each agent might have?Be my guest.Knowledge upgrades?Go ahead.

    So,what do you think about Special Agents in BTD6(I will not respond for a while,2-3 weeks of inactivity).


    Here’s my ideas for the Pro upgrades for the Bloonberry Bush:
    (Copied the BTD5 description of it)Creepers appear every 3 rounds and can grow up to 15 thorns each. Protect them, as Creepers are destroyed if stripped of thorns.

    *Requires 50 uses of the Bloonberry Bush.The next one will have this upgrade if selected*

    2)Lava Bush!
    The monkeys have discovered the fiery variant of the Bloonberry Bush,the Lava Bush.Found mostly in harsh volcanic terrains,these bushes have developed thorns that can pop any Lead Bloon that touches it.This unique bush has also adapted to grow more thorns every round(15 or 20) and can pop up to 300 Bloons!

    *Requires 65 uses.The next Bloonberry Bush will have this upgrade if selected*

    Monkey Science had proven that in the past monkeys tend to enjoy the delicious Bloonberries from the Bloonberry Bush.Unfortunately,due to the constant Bloon assaults,the bush had evolved to become thorny therefore losing its fruit-bearing properties.However,after a cross-breed between the modern bush and the old one,the bush can now produce these sweet Bloonberries at the same time grow thorns to pop the Bloons!

    *Bloonberries give 15$ each and each bush produces 4 Bloonberries per round.Requires 40/45 uses.The next Bloonberry Bush will have this upgrade if selected*

    Now for the knowledge:

    1)Natural Shredders
    Bloonberry Bushes do extra damage to MOAB class Bloons(3 per thorn)

    2)Nature Calls.
    Call the forces of nature to help take down the Bloons.Beekeeper,Bloonberry Bush,and Angry Squirrel join in the fight momentarily(last up to 5 rounds,Beekeeper and Angry Squirrel are placed randomly near the track while Bloonberry Bush is placed at the end of the track)
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    I'm pretty sure the "Powers" are the Special Agents in this. That said, I wouldn't mind seeing Pro versions of them at some point


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      Thanks for the missing info.Forgot to mention that point.

      Back from the ‘dead’ and ‘die’ again.But still NK member
      Nothing to see here,just saying GET MEMED BOI/GAL


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        Yeah, I wish a few more stuck around, especially the turtle one that could be planted on land and water


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          i remember those, now we have insta monkey which arent as fun imo