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[Suggestion] Cleansing bloon

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  • [Suggestion] Cleansing bloon

    The cleansing bloon is a property similar to camo and regrow in the sense that it can be applied to any bloon.

    The cleansing bloon will strip glue, alchemist effects, hot grapes, skimmer, etc. from itself after 1 second of the effect being on it (it would also be resistant to regrow jammer if it is regrow, timed bomb if it is MOAB class, and submerge if it is camo).

    I feel that this would add a unique challenge to the game, making it so that pops made over the length of the track do not work on this bloon, and you must pop it directly.

    I believe this should come after fortified bloons as a cleansing ceramic. Later on, camo and regrow could be added to the mix, and more bloons could be sent.
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    I suppose this is technically a way of saying 'immune to damage-over-time effects'. It would certainly add a new difficulty to the game, especially when most bloons' immunities are quite easily avoidable. Although, it may make some towers (like the glue gunner) even more underused.

    Maybe a bloon that can only be damaged by these long-lasting effects, as oppose to immune, will be quite the challenge...
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      Maybe this bloon could be added as part of entirely new mode, since the original version already has a good structure of rounds. Nice bloon idea though.
      If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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        I kind of like the idea that a bloon might be "squeaky clean" and be immune from popping until it gets made dirty by glue, explosions etc while the cleansing bloon is immune to those same things. The cleansing bloon cleans bloons of a smaller RBE it passes, so rather than nerfing certain towers with this by making them less effective you make them essential but also require alternate strategies to handle the new bloon type, only problem I see is MIBs still make both types redundant.


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          How about MOAB type that can stunt monkeys?


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            I would love to see this in Btd 6, it would give me a challenge and have to prepare for these types of bloons. I would probably suck at popping them though...


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                Will boss bloons ever appear in BTD6?
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