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Should we add some classics to the game?

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    I really miss the bloonchipper and the auto-farm capability it had in TD5. Wide mouth for MOABs, triple barrel for lots of bloons, it was one of my favorite towers by far.


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      Monkey Engineer (BTD5/BMC)
      Cost: $450
      Description: Fires at the Bloons with a nail gun, as well as makes sentry guns and other machines to help take out the bloons
      Objective Range: Medium
      Path 1 Upgrades:
      Tier 1:
      Name: Sentry Gun
      Cost: $425
      Description: Builds sentry guns within his range that attack the Bloons.
      Tier 2:
      Name: Fast Engineering
      Cost: $350
      Description: The Engineer builds his machines faster, allowing more to be deployed at once.
      Tier 3:
      Name: Foam Factory
      Cost: $675
      Description: Some sentry guns are now engineered to shoot foam that removes Lead, Camo or Regrow properties off a Bloon
      Tier 4:
      Name: Super Sentries
      Cost: $2500
      Description: Sentries now shoot faster, last longer, and pop lead Bloons.
      Tier 5:
      Name: Plasma Sentries
      Cost: $25700
      Description: Sentries now shoot extremely powerful plasma extremely fast. (Basically a 2-0-0 Super Monkey)

      Path 2 Upgrades:
      Tier 1:
      Name: Larger Service Area
      Cost: $250
      Description: Increased Range.
      Tier 2:
      Name: Monkey Booster
      Cost: $650
      Description: Builds machines that emit energy, increasing the attack speed and range of nearby monkeys
      Tier 3:
      Name: Bloon Trap
      Cost: $1000
      Description: Puts a machine onto the track that sucks up Bloons that go across it.
      Tier 4:
      Name: Overclock
      Cost: $7000
      Description: Increases attack speed, pierce and range of a selected monkey greatly.
      Cooldown Time:
      Tier 5:
      Name: Super Trap
      Cost: $55600
      Description: Bloon traps can now trap up to FBFBs, including DDTs.

      Path 3 Upgrades:
      Tier 1:
      Name: 9 Inch Nails
      Cost: $450
      Description: Engineer's nail gun can now pop up to 9 Bloons at once, including frozen Bloons.
      Tier 2
      Name: Hot Nails
      Cost: $500
      Description: Nails now can pop leads and set Bloons on fire.
      Tier 3:
      Name: Dual Guns
      Cost: $2000
      Description: Engineer uses a second nail gun, doubling his attack speed.
      Tier 4:
      Name: Rapid Fire guns
      Cost: $5000
      Description: Engineer now shoots 4x as fast.
      Tier 5:
      Name: M.R.M (Moab Removal Mech)
      Cost: $100000
      Description: Pilots a huge mech, one arm firing super fast and powerful lasers, the other occasionally shooting super condensed energy, that makes a huge explosion once it his a Bloon.


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        I'd really love to see some of the old difficult maps return.


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          Pretty much same stats to start out as in BTD5


          Path 1: The Ugly Route
          1. $400 Bigger Chamber: Can hold more bloons at a time.
          2. $400 Faster Shred: shreds faster
          3. $800 Dual-Layered Blades: strips 2x layers off of each bloon.
          4. $6,000 Super Wide Funnel: Funnel can fit MOABs, BFBs and DDTs. (Still can’t see camo)
          5. $25,000 Moab Muncher: Grinds moabs 3x as fast and can fit ZOMGs.
          Path 2: The Cool Route
          1. $350: Long Range Suck: Range increases by 20%
          2. $500 Heavy Duty: Can suck up Lead and Frozen Bloons.
          3. $2,500 Laser Grill: Shreds Bloons very quickly and demolishes Ceramic and Fortified Bloons.
          4. $4,000 Vacuum Reversal: Ability: Blows everything in range back to the beginning of the track.
          5. $50,000 Pneumatic Overdrive: Sucks in bloons at lightning speeds over increased range and shreds 4 layers at a time. Ability blows for 4 whole seconds and can affect MOAB Class Bloons.
          Path 3: The Sci-Fi Route
          1. $300 Ejector Chute: Ejected bloons fly out further and take longer to get back on track.
          2. $800 Sling Chute: Ejected bloons are sent back further towards the start of the track.
          3. $1,600 Tumbling Chamber: Holds more bloons at once and sends them back stunned.
          4. $7,200 Gravity Well: Pulls all bloon types in from every direction at once and holds them out in the open for a short time while they are shredded.
          5. $100,000 Singularity: Nothing escapes the pull of the Singularity, and the more bloons it pulls in, the faster it pulls. With enough power it might even pull in MOAB class.
          Path 1 is obviously good for MOABs, and that’s about it. Super Wide Funnel needed a decent price increase since it was quite exploitable in BTD5.
          Path 2 is meant to be crowd-control/damage dealer type, replacing the triple funnel path which was not very exciting.
          Path 3 is also crowd-control but more of a support type. It maximizes the ability of the bloonchipper to hold bloons down for other close-range towers to do the real damage.