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Version 1.8 is live.

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  • Version 1.8 is live.

    A small yet important update! Highly recommended to update as soon as you can. Don’t want you missing out on your hard earned $$$.

    Monkey Money:
    - Fixed an issue where if the player completed a game they were not rewarded with the correct amount of Monkey Money.
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    did monkey business/commerce get shadow-nerfed or is it bugged? I bought a plasma monkey for 5.1k when it should've been 4.5k


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      Still having trouble distinguishing between some of the Buccaneer upgrades, especially that REALLY ambiguous Hot Shot compared to Hot Shots of Tack Shooter.
      If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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        Did this update change Budget Cash Drops?
        I've been grinding and spending knowledge points in "Powers" because it said "Cash Drops will cost 80 monkey money" and as of this morning it reads "Cash Drops will cost 20 monkey money less."
        I don't see it in today's or yesterday's patch notes.


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          It is (was) in the bug list

          22. Monkey Knowledge Budget Cash Drops says it reduces cost to '80mm' instead of '180mm'
          which means it probably always reduced by only 20MM but now it's not lying to you.My guess is it was a 1.6 or 1.7 update because there were a bunch of practical tweaks to MK and this is just an aesthetic one.


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            xx4 farm still doesn't give merchantmen 10% more income