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The best and worst upgrades in BTD6

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    Well I think perma-spike and super mines are the best upgrades. Why, well they easily aboard every single bloon in game. And I am pretty sure they absorb every single fan made bloon to.


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      I think 0/0/4 heli pilot is seriously underwhelming for the 10k price tag it has. I find it ironic considering the third upgrade of the path is amazing and the 5th upgrade is downright broken. Maybe instead of having the mini commanchies come in like every 40 seconds have one come in permanently. Then I think it would be worth the price tag, and the upgrade to having three would make more sense.


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        Hey, Snowstorm's pretty awesome now. Along with the ability, it also grants the Ice Monkey a largely-increased range that allows for any tower to be placed on top of water, which is very helpful in general and REALLY good in Off The Coast, especially in Co-op.
        I don't really know how much more useful Absolute Zero is, though, but it DOES grant a further range increase.


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          The best upgrades in my opinion. 10. 2-x-5 Icicle Impale: I really love the idea of a ice-zooka, but it kinda bad that it doesn't do area damage (as in ice shattering.)

          9. x-2-5 Elite Defender: So it attacks insanely fast and absorbs most things quickly also helps for DDt's. It is good for supporting your towers.
          Basically it is the most helpful for exp farming.

          8. 5-2-x Primary Expertise: So it can almost take down a bad but it can ricochet across bloons and
          popping any kind of bloon making op.

          7. 5-x-2 Sky Shredder: Well it is that kind of tower that cheats, it automatically pops lead and camo so yeah.

          6. 5-2-x Apache Prime so it can pop anything but it shoots energy things that pop purple.

          5. x-2-5 Flying Fortress: Only because it can take down a bad very fast.

          4. 2-x-5 Tack zone: Basically this is the bane of all ceramics this really helped against the ceramics on those high rounds.

          3. x-2-5 Prince of Darkness: So when you have multiple kings of popping power, this things summons stuff like super sane.

          2. 5-2-x Arch Mage: So this is so strong, not as strong as the flying fortress but it just dominates most things.

          1. x-2-5 Perma-Spike: With homeland defense this is the bane of completely everything, while homeland defense is activated and perma-spike has even faster production, perma-spike produces every half a second. It used to be kinda weak in bloons td 5, but it became a complete god, not gonna lie it is very cheap for something that can take a bad.

          Some honorable mentions: Carpet of spikes, Bloon Master alchemist, Crossbow master, Monkey-Nomics, The Biggest one and The Bloon Solver.


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            Flying Fortress is insane popping power for what it is. That said, Legend of the Night is terrible. Yeah, let me just sacrifice my lives to increase popping power. Oh wait, if I'm sacrificing lives, I'm either already dead or playing a very dangerous game. And if you're on a NLL mode, you just die, so what was the point of making him? Of course, the same can be said for buying monkey economic towers in CHIMPS mode, but at least those aren't putting money towards an instant game over buff.


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              I actually think carrier flagship is pretty bad personally, but maybe I haven't used it properly.


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                Yeah, used privately it can be pretty epic!

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              I played about in sandbox and it seems the Supermonkey combination 2-0-5 is the most damaging towards blimps. A strategy for very late game might be to have lots of these.