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  • Polaris
    So I was playing BTD6, end of the road, alternate Bloons rounds, with a few 2/0/3 banana farms and a few upgraded to 2/0/4. I saved my game and quit out. When I came back, all my 2/0/3 farms had upgraded to 2/0/4 and their sell prices hadn’t changed, giving me upgrades for free.
    In case other towers are related, I had level 20 Quincy, 5/0/2 glue gunner, a 0/2/3 and 3/0/2 super monkey, 5 0/2/4 and 1 0/2/5 monkey buccaneer, 1 0/2/4 1 2/0/4 and 1 5/2/0 Wizard monkey, and a 1/0/4 and 0/3/2 alchemist monkey.
    I am unable to post myself but I feel this glitch may be a little bit unfair.

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  • Ozzem
    When you have the "drop and lock" option enabled, using the support chinook's movement ability resets it back to "drag and drop"

    mostly fixed in 3.0 (in fact I'm sure it happened sooner), but it still changes to drag and drop if you activate the ability then cancel it by pausing
    Last edited by Topper; 23-08-18, 06:44 PM.

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    Hello. I have been playing since launch of the game and I have had the same problem ever since. The problem is that any music I am playing on my phone exterior to the game Is fully turned off after a few seconds when I launch the game. I use the phones default music app, and was wondering if you could help explain or fix this. Thank you.

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  • MonkeyFun
    There's an incredibly annoying bug when trying to press Fast Forward. About 1/5 of the time, the Upgrades list will open instead. This is because slightly below the trigger for Fast Forward, is somehow tied to Upgrades. Hugely annoying. I am trying to go in and out of fast speed and it randomly pauses the game and takes me to the upgrades screen.

    I'm on Android, and this has plagued all versions of the game so far.

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  • cjbor
    1. opening changelog results in a message no internet connection or in this xml (AccessDenied)

    2. Opening a category of Monkey knowledge and returning to the knowledge selection screen results in the Label Enable Monkey knowledge not being translated

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  • CriminalTurkey
    Comanche Defense's rotors are misplaced unless the heli is shooting at bloons

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  • Kookeekwisp
    2/03 Kylie boomer doesn't pop bloons repeatedly like 0/2/3

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  • frds
    The 5/x/x Carrier Flagship's Close targeting is weird.

    At 5/0/0, it works as expected and shoots the bloon closest to the ship.

    At 5/1/0 or 5/2/0, it goes nuts and appears to shoot the bloons farthest from the ship.

    (Tested on Muddy Puddles Sandbox)

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  • CriminalTurkey
    If you exit a game with the powers menu open, then start CHIMPS, there will be a crossed out monkeys button instead of a crossed out powers button.

    edit to confirm this still happens in 4.0
    Last edited by Topper; 13-09-18, 02:36 PM.

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  • k1d5h31d0n
    The pathing on Logs is very iffy, with straight horizontal and vertical lines being angled and off-center from where it appears they should be and having tiny turns partway through.

    The bottom left log on Logs blocks line of sight above it, obstructing a tiny slice of the path from towers' view that it shouldn't obstruct.

    Projectiles can pass through some logs on Logs, but not others.

    On one occasion, when I had the Village's Primary Expertise upgrade, it showed the previous upgrade to be Primary Mentoring, and tapping it even showed that upgrade's description. In case this is track specific (I've heard similar bugs be reported as such), this happened on Logs.
    Last edited by Rohan Sharpe Anforth; 11-07-18, 11:48 PM.

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  • BTD6 Bug Report Thread / Known Issues List

    BTD6 Bug Report Thread / Known Issues List

    You may use this thread to report any issues you may run into.
    Anything generally account related, blocking you from playing or corrupted your save data or anything along these lines, please contact support via email or this form rather than posting here. I will not be able to offer you any support, this is purely for reporting gameplay issues.

    Likewise if you run into an issue that is more exploitable in nature please instead email our support team or use this form to submit a request, for very obvious reasons it is not acceptable to list or discuss these issues. I appreciate all reports but please do try check the list below before making a new report, and try to avoid posting an issue if you are not on the latest version as it may already be resolved, and thus removed from this list.
    Finally please do not make any general comments or discussion or ask any ingame questions in this thread.

    Known Issues List:

    Tower Issues
    1. Ice Monkey Pops made by Ice Shards created from the Ice Shards upgrade don't add to the ice tower's pop count.
    2. Glue Gunner Stronger glues do not replace the asset of weaker glues when their stronger damage takes over
    3. Banana Farm Banana's face the direction they were thrown
    4. Super Monkey 4/#/# Monkey Temple sometimes when a hero is directly next to a Temple as it is created, the hero will be removed and locked from building again that game
    5. Alchemist #/3/# Unstable Concoction explosions don't add to the tower's damage counter
    6. Heli Pilot #/5/# Support Chinook always uses drag and drop placement to move towers
    7. Banana Farm #/4/# You can avoid paying back multiple IMF loans if you use the "Collect All" feature on banks.
    General Gameplay Issues
    1. Sometimes when you place a tower and your placement shifts slightly upon raising your finger, the tower's range acquisition circle does not update to red to display that the tower could not be placed.
    2. Sometimes on android devices the game will 'freeze up' and projectiles will get stuck all over the screen. (This is when the game should have crashed, best to restart the whole game when you see this. It will most likely never be fixed)

    Knowledge/Achievement Issues
    1. --
    Map/UI Issues
    1. Tapping a tower to view its upgrades sometimes doesn't correctly select it and open the upgrades menu
    2. Regrow Bloons clip through the logs on the Logs map
    3. You can't tap on towers directly behind the lives and cash
    4. When you have too much XP for one tower it will overlap with the tower name
    Not a bug
    1. Ceramic Bloons after round 81 have massively increased health
    2. 2+/#/# Alchemist brews do not ever target other alchemists or villages
    3. #/#/5 Bloon Master Alchemist does not give you cash from bloon conversions
    4. The spikes generated by the #/#/5 Spike Factory do not save
    5. Monkey Buccaneer #/#/5 Trade Empire caps with a benefit to 20 Merchantmen

    I will try to clear comments from this thread as they are resolved/logged so there is less clutter to go through when fixing things. Don't worry if your comments are removed, this just means they have been checked and are logged/ reported or they are not actual issues.
    Last edited by Rohan Sharpe Anforth; 13-09-18, 12:25 AM.