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  • Super Monkey Bug: stops shooting / freezes. Android v11.0.1804, tried on both Pixel 3 and Samsung Tablet running Android Pie.

    The Super Monkey often gets into a state where he stops attacking, and just watches all types of non-camo bloons float by. I've only ever played Monkey Meadow on Medium / Standard. And I usually start Super with the first row of power ups (Laser Blast), but I don't think that matters, as I've definitely seen this bug occur the same way with different combinations and levels of powers (including Supers with ultravision).

    I'm not sure exactly what the steps are to get in and out of this state. But it happens pretty frequently (like every other level maybe after level 40 or so). I think it may get into the state by attacking one group of bloons until that group makes it past him, and then he fails to target the next pack of bloons or anything that follows. Once he gets into that state, he never gets out until the next level.

    This is really annoying since it occurs so frequently, and renders that tower useless. And since that's arguably the most important tower in the game, it makes the whole game much less playable in higher levels.


    • I've noticed an issue on mobile during the Easter and now July 4th collection events. If I've gotten 90 fireworks, the collection screen shows that I have 10 of 20 toward the current collection. If I get 10 more, it will say that I have 20 of 30. So instead of 5 collections for each 20 fireworks from 0-100, there are 4 collections for 20 each and then as soon as you hit 100 it moves up to the 30-per-collection level. It's like there's a check that says >= 100 instead of just > 100. The same thing seems to happen at each of the breaks between levels during the collection event


      • So i was in co op and got a 0-4-1 banana farm, my next game was an impopable so i decided to drop it first round. Around round 35 game was replacing all towers after each round. at round 40, every tower other than the starting dart monkeys was deleted.


        • For the fourth of July boxes it says I have -419 points out of 70 to open my next prize


          • Monkeys disappear near the end of a co-op game

            This has happened to me twice now. This time I managed to capture it:


            TD6 Android version 11.1 running on Bluestacks 4.80


            • Hello, and thank you to the Ninja Kiwi team for this very good game.

              I don’t know if it is the right place to ask for new features, but since I have no posts I cannot create a topic (actually I posted a few times a few months ago on this very topic to report some bugs, but I think the posts were deleted after the bugs were corrected…). So please accept my apologies for this, and if it is not the right place, maybe a moderator could move this to a new topic instead, as it would be more convenient ?

              Well, as for my suggestion, it is to change the way the difficulty « road » works.
              Currently you have to unlock each difficulty mode in the same order for each map, which is not very flexible and makes the game artificially more repetitive.
              It forces you to either play the same map again and again to get different variations of the difficulty (for example I have to play a given map in Hard mode, then in Magic Monkeys Only mode, then in Double HP MOABs mode, etc.), or, if you want to experiment different maps, you always have to start with the same difficulty (Hard mode in this example), which is also repetitive (and may not be very challenging either, depending on the map).
              In the long run, this feels quite repetitive, and I find myself playing almost only the Daily challenges for variety.

              So the change I suggest is to make the different difficulty modes unlockable globally instead of per map : for example, once you have finished any map in Hard mode at least once, then you have access to Magic Monkeys only mode and Alternate Bloons Rounds mode for every map, and if you then finish another map in ABR mode, then you unlock Impoppable for every map as well, etc.
              This way you still have to unlock the difficulty modes, but once you have done that you can play them in the order you want for each map.
              This will not diminish the value of the game for completionists, who can still get all the medals, but it could greatly improve the variety of it for more « casual » players.

              Thank you in advance.


              • So I noticed a bug playing 4 player co-op involving monkey aces and help pilots (I think). So I have a 3/0/2 monkey ace and another player bought a 2/2/0 heli pilot. Then after every round, my monkey ace would vanish. The runway would still be there but the plane was nowhere to be seen and the pop count wasn’t going up. I’m not sure if this is a glitch with the centered path upgrade or just that two different flying towers can’t share the same airspace, but I use the fighter plane monkey ace a lot in coop and I’ve never experienced this before. Also after every round there was a strange piece of dialogue from Benjamin (I cant remember the line but it wasn’t related to anything that was happening, may have something to do with it)


                • On a Moto G6 play - after update to android 9, BTD6 crashes phone while in the loading screen after choosing a map or starting a challange/race. Full-on OS restart every time. Tried reinstalling, clearing chache, enabling and/or disabling developer options. Not sure if it's an isolated case or something others are having problems with. BTD6 most recent version from play store
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